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  1. Hi, does anyone know how to upload GPS track and create a 3d route? All I seem to get is to create a 2d track I dont even know if Ive meant to do it from the app or the web page
  2. Im battling to put the word bullie with a 60 kg bloke. I weight 90 plus (i.e. fat ish) but fit-ish If you want to bullie me, please do I only ask that you do it in the fist 30 km of my ride just so that I can still deal out a VO2 max PK.
  3. I tried Cycle lab, Cajees, Linden cycles, Northcliff cycles - they don't have
  4. Its only once I started doing road cycling with mtb that I realised how vulnerable road cyclist are...and now keep special attention and space. You can see in the hood who drives like dicks - young people who do not have kids so just don't get it, and people who don't cycle.
  5. Hi Mine needs to go in for repairs Is there anyone who is not using theirs currently and willing to lease/lend me the unit for a while whilst mine gets repaired? Ill help with logistics to try and make it painless to help. Thanx Lukas
  6. It was my first 947 road. As a matter of fact Ive never been in a road race. Putting way too many donuts and training apathy aside - I really enjoyed it. Can you just imagine the organising and admin mammoth task to get this done. Well done!! I did feel sorry for the crampers and fatties (it takes one to spot one) pushing their bikes the last 5 km. I mean - almost there but not quite. Must be such a damper but hopefully motivation for next year. I also could not believe how many huffers and puffers there were after just 5 km. This route is quite tought, you need to train. I cant imagine those guys making it through town. My absolute best moment was when my 4 year old daughter spotted me on Witkoppen. Shame started crying wanted to go fetch her bike and come with. Guess who will be carting a trailer next year? Overall loved it, great ride, went way too conservatively for a good time but I was not broken at the end.
  7. So training peaks gives me histograms for time spend in zones for HR and Power. Great...except that it does not tell me if i spend the righ proportion of time in the zones. I read somewhere that 10 % should be at vo2 max, 10 % at LT and 80 % below LT. So what does this 80 % look like? Does someone have a ideal curve for base and a curve for race training?
  8. I did the marathon. Fantastic ride...barring the humour failure at the 60 km mark.
  9. Ive had the ikons. Probably fastest tyres ive had but I did not like the lack of grip. Especially upfront. Ive find that I have the start braking earlier. I think its a great tyre for the back when its dry but you need more skills. Its skinny and slide out easy on hard brake. Ive switched to Ardent race upfront...awesome grip. And Racing Ralph on the back.
  10. and before i get left for last....what kind of watts can you guys sustain on climbs? im bargaining here that my fat arse wont count agsinst me in the virtual world.
  11. do i need both gps and multi user licences? or only multi user if you host the ride?
  12. 1000 post rule? Im on 400 something in 3 years. I really dont have a desire to post more nonsense than I already do
  13. Sometimes the tyres just run down on the first fit. I find that its only after the first ride that they seal 100% ...I had a similar problem and the issue I had was that the rim tape was damaged (a hole I made when I remove the tyre). As for tyres. Your first set should not be Racing Ralphs or ICONS. Make your first set a set with proper traction and then as your skills grow you can go for a less grippy tyre. Aim for something like a Maix crossmark back and front. Rocket Rons and Maxis Argents also grip good but maybe a 2nd time tyre?
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