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  1. Frohan

    Attakwas 2016

    That's cool and perfect, thanks Karma!!
  2. Frohan

    Attakwas 2016

    Is there a lube station somewhere during the race, or must one take a small lube bottle with???
  3. Frohan

    Attakwas 2016

    He..he...I've seen in the past...the harder you train the harder you ride on race day...so theres never an easy ride!!! Thanks for the route...Holy Moses...I thought its a straight or shortest route from start to finish....looks like a sightseeing one......now I understand why the easterly wind will make it difficult towards the end....!! I've learnt that lesson with mud in the crack long ago....!!!!! Ok, some more training then...holy shacks...now all of a sudden the training time is getting less and less!!!
  4. Frohan

    Attakwas 2016

    Going to be my first one also, been putting in a lot of hard mtb rides, BUT must still do a lot, I dont like to suffer tooo much on race day. I'm looking for the route, not profile, thats on their website, would be nice to check it out on google earth. If someone have a link or gps coordinates from pervious years. Thanks and keep up with the hours of training!!!
  5. Flip...Im not sure, best is, take youre rim with you and check that the tube will be more or less half of the rim width at least, so after been cutted it will be wider than the rim. The 19" sits nice and tight around the rim, I first tried a 21" tube, but it was to loose on the rim. Most motorbike tubes will be big/wide enough for our application. Check my post at #741 on this thread, what I forgot, put two strips of high density foam both sides of the rim if youre tires fits very loose on the rim, that helps the tire to seat even with a hand floor pump, no compressor needed, then you put your motorbike tube over that with your motorbike valve going throuht the normal valve hole. Hope it make sense, check on you tube, plenty of short videos showing how to do it.
  6. I bought 19" motorbike tubes that I cutted on the outside seam and then used as for rimtape to make my fat rims tubeless, cut the extra bit off afterwards. The only disadvantage of this method is that whenever you wanna change tires, you'll have to use another motorbike tube, cause you will never be able to get the tube in the perfect spot again. Somewhere on this thread I explained and showed photos of how I did it.
  7. Check on the Wannabee website where you can get the permit and also, check the routes, theres plenty, one can ride close to 100km if you link everything up. http://wannabteam.com/ Club rides start Saturday and Sundays from the Lord Charles Hotel at 6 in the morning now for Summer.
  8. Its paradise with sea and mountain views!!
  9. We are so fortunate to live here and been able to ride in such a beautiful area!! These photos are nothing special and were taken with my phone…mostly that we can again see how lucky we are to be able to live and ride here. I only did a small section of the Wannabees Club trails….
  10. Thanks Patensie, I renewed mine the week before the fire...!!!
  11. I've still got a yearly permit that’s valid until April next year, will we just have to pay up or only when you renew next year?
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