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  1. Shall I add that those Zipps feel really fast and responsive?! ...I'm running do they have ceramic bearings?
  2. i originally thought that it was you and that's why I checked.
  3. agh man, I'd love to see you do your little angry-ballerina dance now
  4. depends on your agreement. worst case would be you send him the money and he sends you a box of magazines!
  5. MUMMYYYYYYY DADDDYYY is bigger at my house But MUMMYYYYYYY has ... uuhhmm.... is softer is your mummy fat? Haha I can't remember' date=' it has been a while since I was a children. And now, now she is in a far far away province where the sea water is cold as ice[/quote'] is SwissVan your mummy?
  6. good to see that everything is in order at your home! lekker aand!
  7. MUMMYYYYYYY DADDDYYY is bigger at my house But MUMMYYYYYYY has ... uuhhmm.... is softer is your mummy fat?
  8. MUMMYYYYYYY TheLegend2009-04-15 12:01:15
  9. Wtf?!.. she's riding my bike! oh... now that I've had a closer look' date=' it's not mine... but will be one day when I'm big [/quote'] well, tannie, you better give that bike a proper work out then!
  10. I never noticed Mind the gutters gents!! there are gutters in MTB ?ng too first I 've heard of it
  11. you got x-ray vision? I can only see the indicators of where they are located. well, a blind man would see that
  12. Sadly if this does it for the BOYZ' date=' then you okes need some serious help!!![/quote'] yeah, help or a swimwear calendar! the girls at stellenbosch university go to lecture wiht less clothes!
  13. When you "break" a brake it probably would scream. If it screams when you brake' date=' then the advice above is probably good. [/quote'] thanx for backing me up - use J?germeister!
  14. J?germeister! But I just now finished mine... will red label work? No' date=' wait, what am I saying...? [/quote'] you comparing sh*t with good quality german beverages? shame on you! well, quick then - if it's finished go and drive to the liquor stor and get some new! TheLegend2009-04-10 12:18:31
  15. noisiest new brake on the market. cover it with a bit of coke. makes it sticky. beds it in quicker. seriously. I beleive you, sir!
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