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  1. I went from Guide RSC to G2 noticed a big difference in feel and stopping power. G2 use a new type of brake pad as well which has worked well. Id recommend the G2s
  2. Thanks so much. Really appreciate the offer. Still VERY early days but if I decide to go this route then I will definitely make contact.
  3. Awesome. Some excellent advice there. thanks for the input!!
  4. That’s what’s great about the collective wisdom of The Hub - getting all the perspectives both positive and negative.
  5. There are plenty of B lines. We rode with guys who were novices and they handled it fine. Wherever you ride you’ll have fun! enjoy!
  6. I have the business acumen and marketing ability to run the shop and fair amount of technical expertise. But I’m looking at going into partnership with a mate who is a qualified mechanic. So he would oversee the workshop
  7. Yip. That looks like you’re getting most of the fun stuff. Look out for a Black route called The Beast (top left of route map). It’s SUPER FUN.
  8. MTO at Cairnbrogie is better than GRTP in my opinion. Super flowy trails for dayzzzzz
  9. So great to hear you're making it work!! Good luck going forward!
  10. Thanks 🙏 nice to have some positive feedback. looking at a small (affluent) town with great trails around it that only has one (albeit well established) bike shop in it that stocks well know but limited brands. Surrounding towns all have at least 3-4 shops. So believe there is some opportunity. And not looking to get rich out of it, just work in an environment that I enjoy. I believe supply issues will be an issue as well as getting an account with the “big boys”. But what I’d really like to know is how the owners feel about the lifestyle, work hours, etc. Does your passion for bikes outweigh the negatives? im not naive about these “Cinderella” industries- I’m in one at the moment. Would just like to hear some real world feedback.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Yes nice to hear something positive and you sound like you enjoy what you do, which for me makes ALL the difference. Profit is important but it’s not everything.
  12. So mid-life crisis looms and career change is in the air. Owning a Bike shop has always been a dream but the reality is very different I hear! So, the question is for those of you who are “living the dream” and own a small bike shop, would you do it again if you know what you know now? what is the reality REALLY like? Rough hours, stress levels, difficult customers? Would love to hear you war stories.
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