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  1. Best to check with his family first. Emotional times...
  2. Know exactly what you mean. When I look at all the old Hubbers back on here today I am just amazed how he managed to crawl into the hearts of so many people and personally mean so much to people that he often had very little contact with (and often loads of contact with!) Colours just aren't as bright as they were yesterday. It's like we lost a shade of Barry today. Like something is gone and just can't be replaced. Numb...
  3. I know. I just want to post it somewhere where he will see it! I am just waiting for him to reply...
  4. I have not been on The Hub, sorry bikehub, for more than 5 years, but I can't think of a better way to say goodbye to my friend Holy, sorry Tumbles, no bugger it; Barry.... the sweetest soul, the kindest heart, the biggest kid on the block. You made me log on here when I said I never would! It's all your fault! The Internet seems a lot smaller today, a lot less happy and filled with less dogs, bikes and skateboards. So long my friend, and thanks for all the laughs... Willehond
  5. Gummi. How you doing in the land of no-longer-lay-oh-pard-trek?! I find a 2.25 Nobby Nic on the front perfect for muddy stuff here in the Benelux. Rear wheel is not that impostant and I run a Racing Ralph and only get slideouts over roots and slippy corners. If it's too muddy for the Nobby's, it's probably time to get off and push!
  6. Wow, a mackem condoning stealing. Now there's a surprise! You can take the Mackem out of Sunderland, but you cannit take the tackem out of a mackem, right?! If you get stuff stolen from your home or business, insured or not, I assure you it's not victimless at all. This is what I get for logging on to the Hub after ages. The same ole spitefull crap. Have fun guys ....and lastly: have fun in the relegation zone. Toooooooonaaaaaarmy!!!!!!
  7. Just ask Big H, he knows all about the highway codes. No wait, you can't.... It's dejavu all over again. So long and thanks for all the (now very scarce) fish
  8. Is it legal in SA to have a strap obscuring the numberplate like that? You could get a fine from the fine people at the traffic department...
  9. That gravel section isn't even enough to shake a filling loose. The real cobbles are much, much worse and will have the average PPA member write novels of complaint if they aver were to endure anything similar. Bikes are meant to be ridden. Hard. One little dirtroad don't make it a Classic
  10. The ONLY way that bike could look any hotter is if it had 404's on instead of 303's, but hey, it's Cape Town! You will be the envy of the whole peloton. Go kick some butt!
  11. Why don't you just train harder and go faster?! Ever seen a pro riding around on a heavy bike? Nope. The only reason you will train heavy is if you are going to race heavy (like mtb stage race with loads of spares on your back. Mate of mine trained with a bag of golfballs on his back!). Rather just ride a harder. Extra weight will just make you slower and enjoy the ride less.
  12. My dad is a Grey-boytjie, so I'll have to phone him to congratulate him and listen to him gloating. Then I'll phone my cousins who went to PRG and commiserate. Don't know which one will be the most embarrassing! BTW You know how you can identify an old Grey/PR boytjie? You don't have to, they will tell you!!!!
  13. Bwahahaha, this is so funny! You clearly have never ridden on Belgian roads as they are truely aweful and filled with potholes and other bad patches. Why do you think Belgian mechanics are so good? Because they get to work on bikes so often! When I go to Belgium I take my strongest trainingwheels and my mean raceface along. You girls wouldn't last 10 minutes in Belgium (well, TNT might last 15, but he's from the East)
  14. Man, if you guys don't buy it soon, I'll export it to Europe soon! Wow...
  15. You are kidding right? You must be confusing this site with a serious cycling news site. Unless mr Davids has lots of things to sell or complain about I don't think he will crack a headline here! (Though it IS quite impressive that he was signed!)
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