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  1. HI All, GoPro Hero 6 Fame - any where in Durban and surrounds to buy in-store?? (or, maybe you have one to sell?) Thanks in advance
  2. HERO9 Black Features:New Image Sensor Video: 5K30, 4K60, 2.7K120, 1440p120, 1080p240 and more Photo: 20MP New 1.4" front color display with live preview and status modes Larger 2.27" rear touch display with touch zoom 30% more battery life than HERO8 Black with improved cold weather performance Removable, rechargeable battery HyperSmooth 3.0 with in-camera horizon leveling TimeWarp 3.0 featuring Real Speed and Half Speed 1080p Live Streaming 1080p Webcam mode Power Tools: HindSight, LiveBurst, Scheduled Capture and Duration Capture SuperPhoto + HDR Night lapse video RAW photos Digital lenses Voice control with 14 commands in 11 languages + 6 accents 3 microphones with advanced wind-noise reduction Stereo + RAW audio Larger speaker for improved audio playback Removable lens cover Built-in folding mounting fingers Rugged + waterproof to 33ft (10m) Compatible with Max Lens Mod, Light Mod, Display Mod and Media Mod for HERO9 Black HERO9 Black is available globally for an MSRP of $449.99. Introducing the All-New Max Lens Mod for HERO9 Black The all-new Max Lens Mod ($99.99) brings unbreakable Max HyperSmooth video stabilization and low-distortion, ultra-wide Max SuperView to HERO9 Black at up to 2.7K60 resolution. Max Lens Mod also allows for horizon lock even when the camera is rotated a full 360°.The all-new Max Lens Mod ($99.99) brings unbreakable Max HyperSmooth video stabilization and low-distortion, ultra-wide Max SuperView to HERO9 Black at up to 2.7K60 resolution. Max Lens Mod also allows for horizon lock even when the camera is rotated a full 360°. This enables mind blowing creative versatility for social media producers, film and television professionals and weekend warriors, alike. HERO9 Black-compatible Mods also include the Media Mod for HERO9 Black ($79.99), now with a removable foam windscreen; Display Mod ($79.99); and Light Mod ($49.99). HERO9 Black—featuring “more everything”—including a new sensor that delivers 5K video and 20 megapixel photos, next-generation HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization with in-camera horizon leveling, a new front-facing display, a larger rear display, 30% more battery life, and a Max Lens Mod accessory that brings Max HyperSmooth video stabilization and Max SuperView ultra wide-angle photo and video to HERO9 Black.
  3. Press Release GoPro today announced its new camera, HERO9 Black—featuring "more everything"—including a new sensor that delivers 5K video and 20 megapixel photos, next-generation HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization with in-camera horizon leveling, a new front-facing display, a larger rear display, 30% more battery life, and a Max Lens Mod accessory that brings Max HyperSmooth video stabilization and Max SuperView ultra wide-angle photo and video to HERO9 Black. Click here to view the article
  4. Have you guys heard of Xtreme Xcessories? They are an awesome online store selling some really high-end after-market accessories for Drones, Action Cameras and DSLR's. They started out making Kite Line Mounts for Action Cams and then moved onto their awesome GDome housings for Phones & GoPro's. They sell some really nifty product to improve your photos & video footage. Here's my link so they know that I referred you: https://xtremexccessories.co.za?sca_ref=14825.RPFEsntQ63
  5. GoPro’s founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, introduced a new line of HERO5 cameras, cloud-based software, and drone, Karma, to international press at the base of Squaw Valley, CA, near Lake Tahoe. The event was broadcast live and can be seen HERE. “With these new products, we’re delivering on our promise to make it easy to capture and share engaging stories,” said Woodman. “HERO5’s ability to auto-upload photos and videos to a GoPro Plus account dramatically simplifies mobile, on-the-go editing, sharing and enjoyment. This is a game-changing experience that we will continue to build upon.” Woodman adds, “We’re stoked to launch Karma and show how much more it is than a drone. Karma packs Hollywood-caliber aerial, handheld and gear-mounted image stabilization into a backpack. It’s so easy to use, a beginner can have fun straight away.” In addition to significant gains in performance and convenience, GoPro’s all-new HERO5 line of cameras can auto-upload photos and videos to GoPro Plus, a cloud-based subscription service that makes it easy to access, edit and share GoPro content anytime, anywhere using a phone or computer. HERO5 Cameras – Cloud-Connected and Simplified. HERO5 Black – The Best GoPro, Ever. HERO5 Black is the most powerful, easy-to-use GoPro, ever. Exciting features include:2-inch Touch Display + Simplified Controls Video Resolutions up to 4K at 30 Frames per Second Professional Quality 12MP Photos Auto-Upload of Photos and Video to Cloud when Camera is Charging* Voice Control with Support for 7 Languages (additional languages coming) Simple 1-Button Control Waterproof Without a Housing to 33 Feet (10m) Compatible with Existing GoPro Mounts, Including Karma Stereo Audio Recording and Advanced Wind Noise Reduction Professional-Grade Electronic Video Stabilization Distortion-Free Wide Angle Video and Photos with New Linear-View Setting RAW and WDR Photo Modes GPS HERO5 Black will be available October 2nd. OARP is R7999. Learn more HERE. HERO5 Session – The Best, Only Smaller. HERO5 Session shares the same small design and brilliant convenience of the original HERO Session camera, but benefits from significant performance upgrades: Video Resolutions up to 4K at 30 Frames per Second Professional Quality 10MP Photos Auto-Upload of Photos and Video to Cloud when Camera is Charging* Voice Control with Support for 7 Languages (additional languages coming) Simple 1-Button Control Waterproof Without a Housing to 33 Feet (10m) Compatible with Existing GoPro, Mounts Including Karma Professional-Grade Electronic Video Stabilization Distortion-Free Wide Angle Video and Photos with new Linear-View Setting HERO5 Session will be available in November. OARP is R5999. Learn more HERE. KARMA – Much More Than a Drone. Karma features a compact, fits-in-a-small-backpack design and includes an image-stabilization grip that can be handheld or mounted to vehicles, gear and more. Karma makes it easy for anyone to capture amazingly smooth, stabilized video during almost any activity. Karma features a painless out-of-the-box experience unlike any other drone in the market: Compact and foldable, the entire system fits into the included backpack that’s so comfortable to wear during any activity, users will forget they’ve got it on. A game-style controller features an integrated touch display, making it fun, fast and easy to fly without the need for a separate phone or tablet to see what your drone sees. The 3-axis camera stabilizer can be removed from the drone and attached to the included Karma Grip for capturing ultra-smooth handheld and gear-mounted footage. Karma will be available in South Africa but release dates and pricing are still to be confirmed for the following bundles:Karma without a GoPro camera Karma bundled with HERO5 Black Karma bundled with HERO5 Session Learn more about Karma HERE. GoPro Plus and Quik Apps – Access, Edit and Share Anytime, Anywhere.GoPro Plus – Game-Changing Convenience. Offloading and enjoying footage from a GoPro is now as easy as plugging it in to charge. When a HERO5 camera is charging, it can auto-upload photos and videos to GoPro Plus, a cloud-based subscription service that makes it easy to access, edit and share GoPro content anytime, anywhere. Editing and sharing has never been easier with this game-changing experience. A GoPro Plus subscription also unlocks additional premium benefits: Access to an Expansive Library of Music Soundtracks for Editing 20% off Mounts and Accessories at GoPro.com Exclusive Access to GoPro Apparel Premium Support GoPro Plus supports all camera models* and costs $4.99 per month after a free trial. It will be available in the United States on October 2nd and in additional markets beginning January, 2017. Learn more HERE. Quik App – Mobile and Desktop Editing Made Awesome. Editing and sharing content is easy thanks to the Quik app for mobile and desktop. As the name implies, Quik enables users to quickly produce high-quality videos that are fun to create and easy to share. Using Quik for desktop is simple. Import your videos, pick your favorite moments, choose a soundtrack from a library of songs, and Quik will automatically edit your video to the beat of the music. The Quik Mobile App – with more than 17 million downloads -- is a fast, easy way to create awesome videos. In just seconds, Quik analyzes your photos and video clips to find the best moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music. Learn more about Quik for mobile and desktop HERE. Additional New Products GoPro is also launching several new accessories later this year: Quik Key, a key-chain, micro-USB card reader that plugs into your phone to quickly transfer photos and videos from your GoPro. REMO, a voice-activated remote that extends the voice control range of HERO5 cameras while providing one-button remote control. Learn more about GoPro’s new mounts and accessories HERE.
  6. GoPro, Inc. today unveiled new products and services that dramatically simplify the process of capturing, editing and sharing engaging content, establishing GoPro as an end-to-end storytelling solution. Click here to view the article
  7. HyperSmooth is the best in-camera video stabilization ever featured in a camera. It makes it easy to capture professional-looking, gimbal-like stabilized video without the expense or hassle of a motorized gimbal. And HyperSmooth works underwater and in high-shock and wind situations where gimbals fail. HERO7 Black with HyperSmooth video stabilization – With HERO7 Black, GoPro is also introducing a radical new form of video called TimeWarp. TimeWarp Video applies a high-speed, 'magic-carpet-ride' effect to your videos. Imagine a scenic drive, ocean dive or walk through the city compressed into a super-stabilized, sped-up version of itself, with the entire experience playing out in seconds. TimeWarp Video transforms longer experiences into short, flowing videos that are compelling to watch and easy to share.And when it comes to sharing, there's no faster way to do it than live. HERO7 Black is the first GoPro to live stream, enabling users to automatically share in real time to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms internationally. The result is an exciting and convenient way to share life's more interesting, on-the-go moments. "HERO7 Black is the GoPro we've all been waiting for," said GoPro founder, Nick Woodman. "With HyperSmooth video stabilization, HERO7 Black is a camera anyone can use to capture amazingly smooth, professional looking shots of their favourite activities. And they can do it live." $399 HERO7 Black Features: HyperSmooth Stabilization - Gimbal-like stabilization without the gimbal Live Stream – automatic sharing as you live it while saving your streamed videos to your SD card in high definition TimeWarp Video – Super-stabilized time lapse 'magic carpet ride' videos of your experiences, up to 30x speed SuperPhoto – Intelligent scene analyzation for professional-looking photos via automatically applied HDR, Local Tone Mapping and Multi-Frame Noise Reduction Portrait Mode – Native vertical-capture for easy sharing to Instagram Stories, Snapchat and more Enhanced Audio – Re-engineered audio captures increased dynamic range, new microphone membrane reduces unwanted vibrations during mounted situations Intuitive Touch Interface – 2-inch touch display with simplified user interface enables native vertical (portrait) use of camera Face, Smile + Scene Detection – HERO7 Black recognizes faces, expressions and scene-types to enhance automatic QuikStory edits on the GoPro app Short Clips – Restricts video recording to 15- or 30-second clips for faster transfer to phone, editing and sharing. Great for new users and kids. Photo Timer – Countdown timer for convenient selfies and group shots Stunning Image Quality – 4K60 video and 12MP photos Ultra Slo-Mo – 8x slow motion in 1080p240 Rugged and Waterproof – Waterproof without a housing to 33ft (10m), goes everywhere your phone can't Voice Control – Verbal commands let you go hands-free in 14 languages Auto Transfer to Phone – Your photos and videos move automatically from camera when connected to the GoPro app for on-the-go sharing GPS Performance Stickers – Track speed, distance and elevation, then highlight them by adding stickers to videos in the GoPro app Touch Zoom – Frame your photos and videos with just a touch HERO7 Silver + HERO7 White – Meet the Rest of the Lineup GoPro has a new HERO camera for everyone this fall, including newbies, active go-getters and social sharers of all ages. Joining HERO7 Black to round out the lineup are HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White – the perfect active-lifestyle cameras for entry and mid-level users. The 4K $299 HERO7 Silver and 1080p $199 HERO7 White are tough, tiny and waterproof to 33 feet. Tell them what to do using voice commands, or just tap the shutter button, and the camera will turn on and capture the moment automatically. And of course, it wouldn't be a GoPro without the stunning video and photo quality that's made GoPro the best-selling camera in North America for more than four-and-a-half years straight. Both HERO7 Silver and White feature significantly improved video stabilization, making it easier to get great looking shots on-the-go.
  8. GoPro's founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, introduced the HERO6 Black and Fusion cameras to an international audience at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California. Watch a replay of the live event HERE. "HERO6's next-level image quality, video stabilization and three times faster QuikStories performance makes it a powerful storytelling extension of your smartphone," said Woodman. "It's never been easier to live it, then share it...using a GoPro." HERO6 BLACK – $499.99 With stunning 4K60 and 1080p240 video packed into a rugged, waterproof, go-anywhere design, HERO6 Black and the GoPro App automatically transform your adventures into cinematic QuikStory videos you can share with the world. HERO6 also has dramatically improved dynamic range and low-light performance to really make things pop, and an added digital zoom just to get crazy. Powered by GoPro's Custom-Designed GP1 Processor 4K60 and 1080p240 Video QuikStories Enabled, GoPro App Compatible Most Advanced Stabilization of any HERO camera All-New Touch Zoom 3x Faster Offload Speeds via 5GHz Wi-Fi Waterproof to 33 Feet (10m) Compatible with Karma and Existing GoPro Mounts Improved Dynamic Range and Low-Light Performance RAW and HDR Photo Modes Voice Control in 10 Languages GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope WiFi + Bluetooth Developed from the ground up to maximize a GoPro's capabilities, GP1 enables twice the video frame rates, improved image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance and dramatically improved video stabilization over previous HERO camera generations. Importantly, GP1 automates all of these benefits, allowing users to capture vibrant videos and stunning photos without messing around with complex image settings. GP1 also advances GoPro's capabilities in computer vision and machine learning, enabling HERO6 to analyze visual scenes and sensor data for improved automated QuikStories. QUIKSTORIES QuikStories is an app feature that makes it easy to share short videos of your adventures. HERO6 is optimized for QuikStories with 3X faster Wi-Fi. This means your footage will rapidly transfer from your GoPro to your phone where the GoPro App will automatically create QuikStory videos for you. FUSION – $699.99 With its ability to capture immersive 5.2K spherical content, GoPro Fusion marks the beginning of a new creative era. Fusion captures everything around you so you'll never miss the shot, and gimbal-like stabilization makes it all shockingly smooth. Use the GoPro App to play back and share your footage as VR content or use the app's OverCapture™ feature to recapture and share your spherical shot as a traditional fixed perspective video. 5.2K30 and 3K60 Spherical Video 18MP Spherical Photo GoPro App Compatible OverCapture Allows for Traditional Video Creation from 360 Footage Advanced Stabilization 360 Audio Waterproof to 16ft (5m) Time Lapse Video + Photo, Night Lapse and Burst Modes Works with Most GoPro Mounts Includes Fusion Grip Mount Voice Control in 10 Languages GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass Wi-Fi + Bluetooth GoPro Fusion is currently available for pre-order on GoPro.com for USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union, shipping in November. Create stunning edits using the bundled Fusion Studio desktop software available when product ships. The OverCapture mobile experience will be part of a new version of the GoPro App available for iOS and Android in early 2018. KARMA – Take the Lead. Karma will tag along Karma is ready for HERO6 Black and features two new auto-shot paths: Follow and Watch. Using GPS, Karma can now automatically follow the Karma Controller while you're on the go, keeping you framed in the shot. The Watch auto-shot path will keep Karma hovering in place while it rotates, keeping the Karma Controller in frame wherever it goes. Other new Karma updates include an expanded Cable-Cam auto-shot path and "Look Up" camera tilt capability. Now HERO6 Black compatible: Follow - Follows the Karma Controller, framing you in the shot Watch – Automatically keeps the Karma Controller in frame while hovering in place Cable Cam – Set up to 10 waypoints for more complex shots Look Up Tilt – Allows camera to tilt upwards to look above the horizon Current Karma owners may unlock new features via firmware update, available today. Local pricing and availability The Hero 6 will be available in stores from Monday 2 October. The Fusion is expected to be available in South Africa during the first quarter of 2018, pricing is still be confirmed.Pricing: Hero6 - R8,499 Hero5 - R6,999 Session 5 - R4,999 Karma - R14,999 (with gimbal and backpack)
  9. Hi, So I treated myself to a GoPro Hero 5 for Christmas for various sports & adventures. Any tips/tricks/advice to get the best out of it for mountain biking? Thanks.
  10. I'm keen on getting a new GoPro 5, my Hero 2 has served me well for the last 4 and a half years but it's really dated in terms of size and function. But the 5 is a fair bit of Randelas... for those who've taken the plunge....is it worth it?
  11. Here’s how it (sorta) workshttps://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/11/gopro-data-speed-overlays-hero5.html
  12. La Palma is the steepest island of the World; its highest peak is 2426 m high: Roque de los Muchachos. Its eastern ascent starts at oceanlevel I climbed it twice: once its eastern, once its western side. I recorded GoPro video on its descents: it shows stunning scenery, views to the volcano, caldera, onto the clouds above the ocean, etc... The video shows a part of why La Palma is called: la isla bonita = beautiful island. Thanks for watching and hope You like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6APrQ3uzFI Gabor http://www.facebook.com/cycling.high
  13. If you'll be at this year's Absa Cape Epic, as a participant or a spectator, be sure to grab your GoPro and share your experience. You'll stand a chance to win a GoPro prize valued at R 5,000. Click here to view the article
  14. All you need to do is snap a shot using your GoPro at the event and post it to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag ‪#‎SHOTONMYGOPRO‬. Get crazy, get bold and capture that perfect untamed african MTB shot and you can stand a chance to win a GoPro prize to the value of R5000.00 Competition details Take a look at the World Of Heroes FaceBook page where you will also find the T's & C's regarding the competition rules.The competition closes on Monday 20 March, 2016.
  15. Howzit all, I have 2 sticky mounts for my GoPro Hero 3+ (1 flat and 1 curved) but I dont have enough surface area on my Bell Volt to safely hold the camera to my head, A handlebar mount is just noisy and gives horrible footage, Has anyone found a good way to mount it on your pip? Many thanks
  16. Hello, I am looking for a Garmin Virb adaptor to fit onto Go pro accessories. Does anyone knows where I can buy one? Thanks.
  17. GoPro, Inc., enabler of some of today's most engaging content, is making capturing and sharing immersive, on-the-go content more accessible than ever with the release of its new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® enabled HERO+ camera. At R3,900.00 manufactured sales retail price (MSRP), the HERO+ is waterproof and mountable as well as compatible with GoPro's vast array of mounts and accessories. It captures stunning 1080p60 and 720p60 video and 8MP single, Time Lapse and Burst photos with the same impressive image quality that GoPro has become famous for. HERO+ most notably features Wi-Fi which allows it to connect with GoPro's mobile app and benefit from convenient tools such as a Trim & Share feature that allows the user to quickly create and share short video clips across leading social media channels. HERO+ rounds out an exciting 2015 GoPro lineup that now boasts the new and impossibly small and simple to use HERO4 Session at a more accessible price of R5,300 MSRP. These two exciting devices complement the industry leading HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver to provide a wide array of options for those looking to GoPro this holiday season: HERO4 Black – R8,500.00 HERO4 Silver – R6,900.00 HERO4 Session – R5,300.00 HERO+LCD – R5,300.00 HERO+ – R3,900.00 HERO – R2,250.00 HERO+ is integrated into an ultra-durable waterproof housing that delivers GoPro's legendary durability and versatility. "Whether mounted to a weather balloon floating 100,000 feet above the earth to capture a sunrise across the stratosphere or in the hands of a child recording their backyard tree house adventures, HERO+ is built to capture your imagination wherever it takes you," said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro's founder and CEO. "Even as we continue to raise the bar for our highest performing cameras like HERO4 Black, Silver and Session, we remain committed to developing simplified products like HERO+ that make GoPro life-capture accessible to everyone." The new HERO+ will be available for purchase early October in South Africa at leading stores including: Cape Union Mart, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Outdoor Warehouse and Incredible Connection, as well as many independent stockists. Key features include: Stunning and immersive 1080p60 and 720p60 video 8MP photos with Single, Time Lapse and 5 Photos-per-Second Burst modes Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connect to GoPro App and Smart Remote Rugged, durable and waterproof to 40m (131ft) Integrated camera + housing design QuikCapture enables power-up and recording start with the press of a single button HiLight Tag lets you mark key moments while recording SuperView™ captures the world's most immersive wide-angle field of view Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rates for optimal low-light performance Built-in microphone Wearable and Mountable, Compatible with GoPro's vast array of mounts and accessories
  18. New lower-cost GoPro makes capturing and sharing engaging life-content more accessible. Click here to view the article
  19. Can Norbs save MTB with the sickest edit ever? Click here to view the article
  20. Thule Sport and Cargo SA is excited to launch three product range updates this month, which may be familiar to the market but they incorporate some practical product changes and in some instances, great feature upgrades. Click here to view the article
  21. The launch to market includes daypacks, smartphone covers and the ever-impressive action camera bags. The trusted and revered Thule brand reinforces itself as a leading sports and outdoor goods company and continues to deliver quality, durability and design innovation to the action and outdoor market, for people with an active lifestyle. The brand just never stands still and is always considering enhancements to products that make usage easier for the customer. Thule EnRoute 2 Daypack range The EnRoute 2 Daypack range appeals to the outdoor lifestyle and has the safety of all your weekday equipment top of mind. The three products in this range are the Escort 2, Blur 2 and Triumph 2, offering a stowage space of 27 litres, 24 litres and 21 litres respectively. What you will find in each of the Thule EnRoute 2 Daypacks is the SafeEdge construction laptop compartment to offer superior protection for all sides of your laptop, plus a padded tablet slip pocket for the optimal safety of your electronic gear. The compartmentalised sections keep all of your smaller items in their place and the improved Crushproof SafeZone compartment for sunglasses and fragile gear includes a dedicated phone pocket, which keeps them safe from damage. New to the Daypack 2 range and keeping in line with the Thule brand’s motto – Active Life, Simplified – is the laptop compartment, which doubles as storage for a hydration reservoir offering fantastic versatility with this product. The ever-present airflow channels on back panel provide adequate ventilation when carrying the bag, promoting multifunctional use of the same bag. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/daypacks-and-messengers/thule-enroute-daypacks THULE EnRoute 2 Escort (27L) Daypack R2 199 THULE EnRoute 2 Blur (24L) R1 899 THULE EnRoute 2 Triumph (21L) R1 699 The Blur is available in the following colours: Black, Bordeaux and Drab The Triumph is available in the following colours: Black, Bordeaux, Drab, Dark Shadow, Blue Grass Thule Legend GoPro backpack and slingThe feature-rich Legend GoPro backpacks, now available as a Backpack and Sling, are packed with smart features for safe camera storage and quick access, which is equally important for those on the move. Customisable spaces adequately store essential items and accessories in a unique die-cut foam organiser while protecting the camera itself. The streamlined Legend GoPro Backpack features integrated mounts that allow for two GoPro cameras to attach so that you can capture your adventure from multiple angles whilst on the move. The state-of-the-art CrushProof padded compartment holds up to three GoPro cameras, LCD backpack, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. The die-cut foam pad is removable for easy cleaning to keep the interior of the bag free of dust, mud, sand and build up. The conveniently placed lid pocket stores additional items like chargers and cables, while the easy-to-reach pockets positioned on the waist belt keep your phone or multitool secure and handy. The sleek shape of the Legend GoPro Sling coupled with the lightweight construction keeps the bag in its place during activities. The padded compartment holds up to two GoPro cameras as well as LCD backpacks, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. The front compartment has adequate space for the stowage of mounts and personal gear. Small gear can be easily located in low-light conditions thanks to the unique high-visibility interior lining and the novel separate, nylex-lined pocket protects a phone or sunglasses. The conveniently placed shoulder strap pocket provides quick access storage for a remote control or phone. Convenience comes in the form of oversized zipper pulls, which provide easy access even when you are wearing gloves, and is found on both the Backpack and the Sling. These products are truly well advanced, making life for the active GoPro user easier but safer when it comes to looking after costly equipment. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/camera-bags-and-cases/camera-action-cases THULE Legend GoPro Sling R1 299 THULE Legend GoPro Backpack R2 999 Whether your valued possessions are small or large, you can trust the THULE brand to safely protect your goods ranging from smartphone covers to luggage bicycles carriers. Thule Atmos X4 iPhone case Thule’s Atmos X4 iPhone Case offers extreme drop and screen-impact protection, a state-of-the-art enhancement, which has been expertly engineered into an ultra slim case. The patent-pending “Bi-Component Armor” provides superior protection while maintaining its slim line appearance. New to this product is the inclusion of protection for the iPhone screen, which comes in the form of the StratoShield. This shield delivers five times the impact protection compared to the standard screen alone. The StratoShield not only guards against impact, but also scratches and fingerprints as well as minimising glare without losing the phone’s touch screen responsiveness. The innovative design and construction materials provide shock-stop corners, offering exceptional protection from damage and cracking even when dropped from a height of two metres. The FunctionPlus metal volume buttons are functional and easy to use for enhanced performance. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/phone-and-tablet-cases THULE Atmos X4 iPhone 6 Case R1 299 THULE Atmos X4 iPhone 6 Plus Case R1 299
  22. Excuse the blatant punt but this is pretty cool... Check out this link to the GoPro MTB "Build a Bundle" where you can pick and choose the best accessories for your GoPro for MTB as recommended by John-Michael du Preez (ex-pro). The more extras you choose, the more you save. http://www.actiongear.co.za/gopro-hero-4-mtb-bundle Or call 011 781 1323 / email sales@actiongear.co.za Cool.
  23. What awaits your team on Stage 21:Stage 21 Route Profile: Stage 21 Route Map: TV Broadcast times:Stage 21 will be live on SuperSport 6 from 15:50 to 20:00. Stage 21 Prize: GoPro Hero action cameraThe GoPro Hero action camera will be awarded to a team boss who correctly selected the stage winner. HERO makes it easy to capture and share your world. Featuring high-quality 1080p30 and 720p60 video, and 5MP photos up to 5 fps, HERO captures the same immersive footage that’s made GoPro one of the best-selling cameras in the world. Wearable, gear-mountable and integrated into a rugged, waterproof housing, HERO helps you capture photos and videos that make you look like just that: a HERO. RRP: R 2,199.00 More info: www.gopro.com
  24. The final stage of the Tour de France sees the riders finish in on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. The Stage 21 prize, a GoPro Hero, will be awarded to a team boss who correctly selected the stage winner. Click here to view the article
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