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  1. I tried 2 items but they are waiting for stock from the suppliers although they have it on their site. If I want to buy online then I want it imdt. Not wait for it a few days. Thats why I support CRC, CWC and Ribble.
  2. Sad news. RIP Sunley. Another Hub friend gone. Ronelle, what was his name on the Hub?
  3. Well done. One of these days you guys should get permission from the traffic departments for hosting night rides. Is everyone fitted with lights and what happens if a rider cannot stay with your group? It will be bad if he is left behind and have to ride on his own home.
  4. Yes nothing last night on SC. Another clever marketing by Andrew.
  5. Maybe at SC tonight or maybe this is a new way of promoting his "follow me on twitter"
  6. Ghostface. Seems like you are a clever buss man. I notice that you work for Dragons. Answer Coenies questions. If you do not have the info on the CWC / Mavic story just go to someone in management and get the story from them. Its a pitty that I cant find the CWC/Mavic story on the hub but as far as I remember they were sued because they imports Mavic and took of the serail numbers. It was all bulsh*t. They got the best publicity out of that fight and as far as I am aware they still bring Mavic in and still give it to us at a good price. I wonder if you realise how many cyclist has stoped riding Giant after that fight that you guys had with them. I am one who will never ride a Giant again.
  7. Ghostface. Wow. Were you the company that had this big fight with CWC sometime ago regarding Mavic wheels? Did you not try to stop them bringing in Mavic wheels which they soldl at stunning prices? How will we ever forget that. Now you tell us that you , Dragons sports are so good. I said that time that I will never ever ride a Giant again. I sold my Giant and got myself a Merida. Shame on you. It would be nice to hear your reply and hopefully Chris Willemse will read this posting and give his side of the story as well..wheels2010-05-20 10:18:43
  8. TraceX. I also have sympathy with some of them but why does certain dealers prices differ so much on the same item? Surely hey buy Shimano from Coolheat , Campac from the wholesaler in SA, Conti tyres from the same wholesaler ect ect. but their prices differ so much. Take certain big dealers who surely buy in bulk , gets a better price but then they are still more exspencive that the small dealer. It does not make sence. We are the consumer is getting ripped off buy most wholesalers and most of the "top dealers " in the country.
  9. Covie you are 100% correct but just keep in mind that as far as I am aware CWC have two outlets. 1. A retail outlet owned by Chris - the father and 2. A online outlet which is owned by his son if not mistaken. Chris - his son - has been the person who has forced most wholesalers and certan retailers to bring their prices down. This is to our advantage. I support CWC if he have the stock I need otherwise my support goes to CRC. My charity begins at home
  10. You are correct. Buying bulk and selling at a small mark up. That is most probarly what they are doing but why cant the wholesalers who I am sure is getting a better discount direct from the suppliers not past that on to the LBS ? I think that the problem is with the wholesalers and certain dealers that wants to make too much fat.
  11. Headshot. I aggree with you. Why can CWC give us such good deals [ the same as CRC and sometimes even better ] and not the other LBS shops. CWC proved that someone is making too much money. I have been a big supporter of a certain LBS but I must also look after my own intrest. Long live CRC and CWC
  12. I also buy most of my stuff from CWC. They carry more and more stock and the prices iare just as good as CRC and most of the time even better. You cant fault the service. Icycling not to bad but does not always have stock.
  13. If I was a well known person and someone uses my name and photo for the bennefit of their bus then I would also be upset and claim damages. I hope that they made enough out of the pink side to pay the damages because it can become a ugly thing with plenty legal costs.
  14. A friend of mine told me this morning that a well known dealer is in trouble for taking some photos ofa former Miss SA photo without her blessing and is now in the process to be sued for R 750 000. Wow, what a mistake if it is true. Anyone els heard about this ?
  15. Sorry to hear that uncle Chris. Hope that you catch the buggers. I must say that I am glad that it is not the online otherwise jnr had to lift his prices. Just a joke oom. Good luck
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