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  1. Speaking of EVs, just saw this comment on a local FB page where a guy had seen a Rivian (EV truck) being inspected at the airport: Everyone is bagging the **** out of these but they actually blitz any ute on the market... 5 tonne towing capacity (would be more if they were heavier), 0-100 in under 5 seconds, heaps of cargo space, the biggest batteries can get over 700km per charge... and at $75,000 USD ($105,000) NZD pretty similar to a land cruiser which plenty of farmers run...and one of the coolest specs is the Tank-turn Before anyone has a whinge too, Iā€™m an agricultural cont
  2. Yeah, this is the fear. But what if the opposite happens - now that it is actually possible to cycle to the city, people actually will? I don't work there, so it's moot for me, but the one guy I do know who works in the city, cycles now and then, even tho it is difficult. I suspect he'd cycle given the chance. There are some things that are tickets to the game - without, no game, with, game. We just don't know what the value of the game is, and the price of the ticket is high. I agree that other forms of access would be preferable, e.g. tunnel. But if bridge costs $700M, wh
  3. Oh, and coming up to applying for Permanent Residence in a couple of days - can still remember nervously PM'ing Wayne asking how he did it. Time flies, I think Covid helped by taking a year out of our lives. (Although I did build a boat.. šŸ˜œ ) Three years to the black passport..?
  4. The bridge is contentious. I like the idea of the bridge, I think it will lift the status (for the want of a better word - gravitas?) of the city - plus connecting up with the pink track going into the city would be awesome. Depends how accessible they make the North Shore side. Also how much they make it tourist (i.e. Instagram) friendly - although the no of Instagrammers will be inversely affect the biking friendliness of the bridge. As for the price - cough! For the price it seems a waste not to be using that capitalisation to improve the bridge, but I suppose that would o
  5. Not sure Zurich, Tokyo, Geneva are particularly cheap to live in. Also got buddies in the UK b1tching about house prices - they say up 30% in the last year, also Canada, so maybe we not as out on a limb as we think we are...
  6. My wife is GP - as far as I know it's six months under supervision in a practice, then some form of inspection of your notes and a bit of watching of an appt or two? IT, plenty of work. Edit: this was one thing that the agent got us to change - I was going to come in under my skills, he changed it to coming in under hers. Gave us a more advantageous visa as far as I remember.
  7. We used an agent, would do it again. Like the man says, if it's simple (you're young, few jobs, few complications, job is easy for IRD to understand), yeah, sure. If you're not, get the agent. The agent knows what to say.
  8. Congratulations! Just different. You know your nice, well behaved child? Yeah, not that. But will be a lot of fun... and tiring. What you will learn straight away is that this garbage about unisex this unisex that just ain't the way boys and girls work. Boys are boys, girls are girls. Enjoy...
  9. Ah, maybe I should listen to the radio or something...
  10. Doesn't seem to serious - 4.2. We were camping in Rotorua in Jan when the 5.1 or whatever quake hit - lying on the ground during an earth quake is a visceral experience to say the least. There was no (or very little) damage in that, so one would assume that whatever was gong to fall over in a 4.2 quake in CC would have already fallen over in previous quakes?
  11. What that does show is why buying multiple properties is so popular. The rate of increase of value of property has been so high in the last decade or so, folks have probably jumped the orange line a number of times - you need to add that to your graph... Edit: Capital gains tax / not being able to claim interest as expenses on rental properties will pop that balloon tho - esp. for properties leveraged against properties leveraged against properties leveraged against...
  12. PSA for those that brought LG tv's with them and can't get Netflix / Disney+ / TVNZ on demand etc. (We had this discussion before...) Borrowed a Logitech Harmony One IR contoller from a friend - you set up the controller for your TV, it then knows how to get into the service menu - pin is 0413, set area code to 4833. Done.
  13. Just going back to the 'property here is so expensive moan moan' thing... We've got a couple of English friends and school parent acquaintances (i.e. from England, not souties) and when I discuss properties and what they did when they emigrated, they never much complain about prices. Like for like, they seem to do ok. I think part of the problem is that the ZAR/SA property has become so devalued in real terms that Saffas can't play in the realms of those with hard cash to spend, and that shapes our view here. Which is not to say it's not expensive, but not as expensive as it feels to Saff
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