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  1. Haahaha - we did the same - camping! But, even in the face of earning everlasting scorn, the guy we get coffee from also packages it in pods and we chuck them in the Nespresso. Who do you get your coffee from? Edit: damn, that machine looks like something else.
  2. But, more importantly... So our normal coffee guy is closed because covid, so we're drinking coffee pod stuff we can buy in the supermarket. So far, all flavours have been different grades of horrible compared to normal guy. What's worth drinking in Nesspresso style pods..?
  3. Six people stabbed - quiet night for just about any non-salubrious place in Gauteng. Guy taken down in 60 secs, in a populated supermarket, with people running around screaming, with no collateral injuries. That's pretty impressive. Outcome sounds like relief, both for those having to deal with him, and himself. (Now waiting for knife buy-back scheme...)
  4. I buy coffee from a place around the corner that is rated 2nd best in the country (I don't know who first best is) and, yep, well... But, you start giving up buying coffee out, because home coffee is just so much better.
  5. So how is it that they won't send a new Milk Frother (yep, crisis) because 'Not Essential' yet my daughter's boyfriend gets cupcakes delivered to her same day...?
  6. My experience with gout is that all common wisdom is wrong. My worst case got set off by over concentrated electrolyte solution on a training ride. Oh, and that SAB products are a real problem, but I liked Windhoek, so ok. I eventually determined it had mainly to do with my hydration state, and if I had not been drinking sufficient water, I'd get it. I'm not a fan of water, so that' like, well, I've only drunk tea, coffee, beer for a week or so. That and that I was taking Enalapril Maleate for blood pressure, and that raises uric acid slightly, just enough to tip me over. Stopped that, and haven't had gout since. I hate drugs. I always think that it might fix one thing, but then causes another...
  7. It's like the entry form for the US: Are you a terrorist, or do you belong to a terrorist organisation, sorry organization? Hmm, I wonder what I should answer. Given 9/11 I'd take a wager that it doesn't catch everyone...
  8. I came through Darwin or somewhere having spent an extended time in SEA. DEA type guy: "Do you have any hard drugs?" Me: "Geez dude, if I did, would I tell you?" Him, looking a bit non-plussed: "Well... do you?" Me: "No." I always wondered: a: just what a stupid question it is b: just how badly that might have gone. Maybe they ask you and watch your reaction.
  9. I've kind of figured "It's only rain if you notice it". The Kiwis don't. Kiwi: "I think I'll go for a run" Saffa: "But it's raining?" Kiwi: "What?"
  10. I'm amazed you're quite happily chuffing along on this process. Something must still be functioning normally at INZ despite all the disruption... maybe I should ask you to check up on our PR application!
  11. Don't be daft with what you bring, no need to declare anything. If you trying to be a smart ass with anything, you will know full well what you should be declaring. To state the obvious, don't bring biltong, droe wors, organic stuff. Probably do bring one box of Advil CS because Pseudoephedrine is banned and you can't get real Advil (or any other sniff-reducing muti) here... claim ignorance and incredulity that such a thing would be banned because wtf would ban something like that? (They can't get upset over one box because you can't start a P lab with just one box, however, if this is going to make you sweat like a drug smuggler, don't.) Our experience of walking through the airport at midnight was "anything to declare?" "no" "no biltong?" "no" done... Do throw a bunch of expensive booze of your liking into your container. It's more expensive here. Actually, buy your limit of alcohol at the duty free on the way through to last you through quarantine...
  12. I'm slow to the game here (sorry Patches, killing your skillful move there...) The thing is that it's not "1, yes 1." It's the pub full of people that one guy was in, plus the pubs that those people then went to plus the pubs that all of those pubs full of people went to plus... Add in every other place that those people went to - supermarket, chemist, concert, church - so the lurgy is well spread by the time one case is identified. And, if he's got it, who else has it also? I went back to find the time line of our first, long, drastic, traumatic, lock down. It was two weeks of half lockdown, four, yes four, I'll spell it, f-o-u-r weeks of proper lockdown, then two weeks of lesser lockdown, then trail off. So we killed that-that-must-not-be-named by sitting at home watching series for four weeks*. And then essentially went back to normal life while the rest of the world went up in flames. Why would we be anti-lockdown? (Edit: * Not really, I changed jobs, built a boat, found out my kid has ADHD by trying to teach him at home, and since getting him sorted, all at govt expense, his school life has turned around, won a values award end of last term at school, I found out I have ADHD (not at govt expense) because my kid has ADHD and when the psychologist said 'If we don't get your kid treatment his life will probably look like this" and I thought "hmmmm" - which has changed my life around.)
  13. What it's doing is keeping vast amounts of cash sloshing around the local economy. I don't think anyone quite realised how much Kiwis spend on finding some sunshine. And cheap food and booze.
  14. I use a Thule that I brought with me. Thule stuff is so good it needs to be handed down like family heirlooms... Personally I prefer tow hitch mounted things because they are less fiddly and damage the car less (says he who's dropped a kayak on the current car's roof, punched a trailer tow bar through the rear valence and closed the garage door onto the bonnet, not to mention sundry other abuses that the missus and daughter learning to drive have heaped on it.) You buy a 10 yo car from Japan, it looks brand new. In six months, it looks 10 yo. The original owner would weep.
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