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  1. I am sure this is a boring question that had been asked before. If “yes” just refer me to some links – thanx. Using a Saris H3.
  2. Thanx guys! I bought the H3!
  3. OK, all settled. I finally got hold of someone at Garmin who cares about his customers and the image of his company. He heard my whining and supported me with a free-of-charge chest type HRM. Pity they automated communication to such an extent that “the damage is done” by the time one gets to deal with competent employees. Thank you Garmin SA Rose bank!
  4. Need to know something about cycling? Ask to slim okes on the HUB. So here goes: I sold my old faithful IDT Wahoo Kickr Snap (through the HUB nogal) because I am itching for an upgrade. Suspended my Zwift membership meanwhile. I was about to buy the Wahoo Core (as planned) for R16k, when the shop tells me he can sell me a Saris H3 for the same price. Wot you sink?
  5. I challenge anybody to try talk to someone from this here number of Garmin Support 011 251 9999
  6. I have an ongoing dispute with Garmin SA. They are in Rosebank and I am in PE, so it has to be done by remote communication – impossible!! The telephone reaps no results “we value your call … all our consultants are busy …” The only e mail available on their web site is that of so-called “support”. Mr. Support does not read my mails properly (or does not understand?) and gives nonsense replies. Every time I connect with them there is another Mr. Support on my case. Does anybody on this forum perhaps have the contact details of some senior people in Garmin? This is fast becoming a legal dispute and it is only fair to have them make informed choices with full knowledge of the risks.
  7. Thanx all! this is what one would expect from this forum! take care on the roads
  8. Thanx guys for informative response. Just another thought that crossed my mind: maybe the surface area (read “smooth” for worn Gator Skin) of a tyre plays a role too? Difficult to set the pressure between tyre and IDT without letting slip happen and not damaging the bearings. Powering hard in granny gear requires quire a tight setting …. ? thanx again
  9. I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap – the one with the bike’s tyre running on a steel wheel. Software Zwift. Besides plenty other Zwift-related irritations, I sometimes find that my power output varies substantial from one day to another, yet heart rate and perceived effort is the same (and route is also the same). Watt readings can vary + and – 20% for no reason known to me. Yes, I check the tyre pressure, and try to keep the wheel to IDT slip resistance constant. Yes, I do a “spin down” every few rides …. What else should I do to achieve more constant power output?
  10. NAV World Pretoria is something superb! I bought my 910 there and several others straps and stuffs over time. They are knowledgeable and helpful. regretting I did not buy it from them, but during lockdown level one they recommended that I go to Garmin Rosebank - never again!!!
  11. Thanks guys for all these responses – what we got used to on this forum! Yes, factory reset, Express firmware updates, tried the lot. If only I could find one person – just one knowledgeable and supportive person – at Rosebank to talk to on the phone then he/she can hear all my issues, experiments I did, etc and advise whether to send back under warrantee or just buy a strap or whatever. I live in PE so can’t just go there. Thanx again
  12. Please advise who at Garmin (anywhere in the world!) I can contact to communicate with in a sensible/logical way in order to try solve my problem. Their customer support system in Rosebank is practically non-existent: school boys sending FAQ and standard answers - completely clueless. I regret having gone the Garmin way!! My technical problem is simply this: the wrist HR monitor on my brand new FR945 gives ridiculous readings and whatever I tried does not work. (I realise that the wrist types are not as accurate as chest types, but this one reads easily 150% wrong.) Question: should I not simply buy a chest type HRM and go old fashioned way?
  13. On behalf of a friend who has (like me) limited computer skills. Which application is most advisable for a simple web site that needs no animations and special stuff? I used Wix some time back and it worked well - and is free too. The old MS Frontpage was still the best but not available any more? any advice?
  14. Stoooopid me again! I used Zwift for 2 years and stopped it n August 2019. Now took up their 30 day free bee for Wahoo users. All set to go? NO! I now want to ride but can’t get it going, forgot how to start. I still have Zwift Companion on the cell phone. I can remember I opened it on the PC and then opened Zwift Companion on the cell phone and made sure the Wahoo was on and ANT stick in pc and then all was OK. Now that wont wont anymore. Detailed advice to this old toppie please!
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