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    Formula 1...

    Tomorrow should be good , wet or dry
  2. Ive driven manual cars for almost 8 years now and have never stepped on the brake with the left foot when driving automatics 😂 But this was really funny to imagine thanks 😂😂😂
  3. will try next time , thanks for the tip
  4. How do you cut it woth the dremel , woth those included cutting disks in a standard kit ?
  5. Its stickered on the left lower leg just below the dust wiper If your fork doesn't have it or doesn't have a residue from the sticker coming off im 97% sure your axle/hub is 100mm x 15mm
  6. Since its A F0X axle im assuming its off a fox fork. Post the tune id here and I'll tell you exactly what axle you need
  7. It probably needs A damper service not an aircan service
  8. Yes he did advertise on here Classifieds and forums , the relevance is he and a large amount of sellers are intentionally mixing words t0 pawn 0ff **** thats worn to hell/ doesn't exist in that twatwaffle's case
  9. Eyyyyyyyy check dis Man 😂😂😂😂😂😂 No i spilt most of it on the floor , but comparing them to standard hoses i was surprised the first time at their weight
  10. My cotic XL is lighter than a friends trek carbon hardtail , only just but it is lighter And i have a larger frame and braided brake hoses , will post pics later today
  11. If their service is really the best a cyclist could find they probably won't mind But its kinda tacky to do it without consent
  12. Ive reported multiple ads with incorrect info thats is painfully obvious but discreet enough to take a newbie for a ride Most of them stay up and nothing seems t0 change and the people are just allowed to go on. I can't be bothered anymore , i probably spend the same amount of time here but I'm far less engaged
  13. anyone in close to Centurion who I could borrow a PSU from to test ? also looking for A GPU to replace a 1060 6gb which i think is dead ( 1060 hardly ever does anything so a much lower spec gpu should do fine )
  14. Unconstitutional, on a private website lol 😂
  15. is it still up ? I only got about halfway when i had to start being productive
  16. this just paying to throw your warranty down the drain
  17. BaGearA

    Formula 1...

    That can't be good for the sport , but that is some serious money talking And it aint like the saudi's are short of cash
  18. 120k Gets you 97 days at my local range Shooting 15 different guns varying between 5 and 15 rounds per gun Witht the AK you get 15 that go by quick but its an insane experience. Pretty sure you can also rent a LAMBO in cape town for the amount of money and still have lots left of you dont crash it
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