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  1. BaGearA

    Formula 1...

    Will be even better if Hamilton retirees himself and vestappen races off to victory. Cherry ontop would be if bottas tried to take the fastest lap point and Sergio is waiting to pounce
  2. I'd like t0 swop this for A 32t/34t cinch chainring 9f anyone has one incase
  3. Thats weird cause when i type pretoria i still get taken to Tshwane
  4. really , i thought that was the hilux
  5. it would if the sellers had A grain of honesty , Like some dude will still knowingly select " As good As new " when the fork stanchions are scraped into their m0ER
  6. 99% sure the alloy frame has a brace thats welded there and carbon doesn't dent so i think he's in the clear
  7. They also have A performance step cast 32 thats labeled as A factory fork....oh and it has 200mm of travel
  8. Entertainment makes money, and from an entertainment point of view WWE beats many sports and has millions more fans
  9. Might save weight cause there's less material involved in the clamp mechanism
  10. No pressure in whatever way it uses it has dropped enough to where it can't overcome that initial sticktion to start moving
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