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  1. Bikeyoke just uses a cable remote to activate so nearly any dropper remote works with them. No none of the working parts are interchangeable.
  2. Unfortunately it needs to go the CPT yes for it to be serviced by the agents unless you opt for one of the suspension guy sup north ( where I'm assuming you are ? ) The reverb is an over engineered piece of garbage , that harsh but it is. If you service it within the intervals it'll give years of good performance , but only if you stick to the maintenance schedule. Sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say but I've rebuilt maybe around 20 myself and its a shite show Cartridge droppers are better in terms of reliability ( especially if you don't maintain them ) EG Lyne , One up , Bontrager , Transx There are some very good hydraulic posts that are slightly ( ever so ) more reliable than the reverb , like the fox transfer but I put it in the same class as the reverb. Then there's the grand daddy ... Bikeyoke ( similar idea inside as the reverb , but super reliable and has the ability to be bled on the bike by the user ) its service intervals are also way longer.
  3. Lets say the hub is a write off without x part being available If there are no other hubs available + The Rim has cracks around the spokes holes + Being Old Then with a new spokes , nipples , tape and the labour 8k is not far off some mid ally stuff Lots of info + pictures would help a great deal
  4. Try searching for what you can remember in google and ad bikehub at the end If it was deleted then AFAIK you can't view cause its not in the database anymore
  5. Brakes , rotors ( incl options ) , adapters + Bleed kit Seems like a freaking bargain to me
  6. I worded it like dog crap sorry , I meant if a significant amount of water has been absorbed then that will boil long before the oil it self and steam will rise to the lever and displace the oil giving a lever pull of nothing. Hope that makes sense ?
  7. Even if your bike stands dead still I would still flush the brakes once a year , maybe that's total overkill but I do my own maintenance and I find it calming. I also have never had issues relating to the fluid itself while riding. What headshot says about the sram brakes peeling their paint , I have also unfortunately seen that and the guide piston story aswell. Atleast its been recognized and fixed
  8. Boling water can hurt so stay away from that one. Mineral oil , bad for the system and oil. Flush asap but you still have some decent working service out of the brakes. Dot , very bad. Because it absorbs water and if it has already then the steam will rise to the top ( your lever ) because it has a boiling point so much lower than the dot and suddenly there will be jack out of your lever , as in nothing. The above scenarios are super hard to create , even if your brake oil is more than 10 years old. SO don't stress about it too much , regular maintenance on a modern system will give heaps of reliability and decent performance be it dot or mineral based.
  9. I've been looking for a word to describe the calipers and dammit "agricultural " is it !😂
  10. Won't say much other than the fluid your brakes uses to achieve a closed hydraulic system shouldn't influence which one you buy. ...or go get rid of your car. I like em , Props to Sram for always being on the development train.
  11. CAll your bike shop , they get one from omnico ( very close to you already )
  12. Haven't nearly all the pro's that tried 27.5 rear's revert back since like 2 years ago already ? Even the shorties like hart is on full 29er afaik. Debate what you want gwin would looi me on a 26er from 2001 even if i was on an ebike
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