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  1. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-shoe-mtb-xc61l Size 45
  2. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/santa-cruz-frame-tallboy-3-cc-2017
  3. Thanks would the below calculation be correct. $499 X R12.92 = R6448 R6448 * 10% = R7092 R7092 * 14% = R8085
  4. I am looking to get the Garmin 935, clevertrainaing.com is selling them. Are there any duties to bring this into SA, is VAT added at 14% or at a higher rate?
  5. Has everything settled down in and around Jonkershoek since the protests?
  6. Cyclesharp https://www.cyclesharp.co.za/ Speak with Retief
  7. Anyone know what the drop out rate was for this year?
  8. You need a PhD in bag packing to get everything into your bag
  9. Good luck all, I am looking forward to my first one.
  10. Thankfully I am starting well before the cameras start to rolll, at least if I take a fall or decide to get off an push it wont be on live TV
  11. This is my first challenge, the better you pack the easier the week is gonna be I guess. I dont see towels,sleeping bag and pillow in this pic is that still to be added?
  12. I am struggling to focus at work, my mind focuses on something other than the Epic for a few seconds then BAM something triggers the thought and I get that feeling less than a week to go. Today in the office felt like a month.
  13. I also cant believe it, Trying to rest up , not stress to much and just generally stay out of harms way
  14. I have RR on the front,I have had it on since W2W, I have done W2W, Origin of trails, Atta and Tankwa trek on them. I was going to put a new one of for Epic but when I went to check the tyre I noticed the side knobs had almost all torn off so that you can see the carcass when you lift them up. Now I am thinking twice about using this tyre for Epic. If the side knobs tear off and I go into a corner the front will wash which may cause a fall. I need a grippy front tyre as I am not the best technically, what you suggest. Mitas are the official tyre sponsor but which tyre in thier range is the right one?
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