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  1. Vuurberg, one of the more scenic locations on the DH calendar. The weekend doubled up as a shuttle day on Saturday, and a race day on Sunday. This, as well as the inclusion of the Enduro category, saw just under 90 riders enter the overall event, and 71 take part in the race on Sunday. Track conditions remained pretty good throughout which is unusual for a summer time race in the Western Cape. The racing was hot between the top boys as to be expected and times were super tight with only 0.4 seconds separating the top three riders in the elite men’s field, and less than 2 seconds the top 5. The event was fully Covid regulated with an officer on sight to monitor the procedures. Bit of pre-race banter as riders wait to go up with the first shuttles. Hendre De Villiers In the women's race, Frankie du Toit put down a winning race time of 2:10:401, with Lizelle Sweeney in 2nd and Jess Gwynne-Evans in 3rd. The day was really cool. The WPDH races are always really well organised, though there were a few crashes that delayed things a bit, and also disappointing to see so few girls here. It got super windy towards the end which made things very interesting on the jump section. It was a cool track - great to be racing again, to see all the familiar faces and end the year on a high. Frankie du Toit ​Frankie du Toit ​Theo Erlangsen ​Johann Potgieter ​Francois du Toit The mens race saw Niko Velasco take top step with a race time of 1:40:569, Tim Bentley in 2nd some 0.2 seconds behind him and Johann Potgieter 0.2 behind Tim. The track was super blown out, but pretty sick. It actually cut in quite nicely - I think it got better throughout the weekend. For finals the wind picked up but didn’t end up being too bad. Super tight times, and I knew I had to push pretty hard. For finals I had a slow leak at the start of the track, so I had to miss my start time and pushed back to the last man down the hill, and had someone bring me a pump. With a minute to go I pumped it up to like 45psi, and just dropped in. So I wasn’t stoked on the run, so definitely didn’t expect to win, but pretty happy to take it. Niko Velasco ​Niko Velasco ​Leo Ashmole ​Brett Roberts ​ Christiaan Bekker ​ Tim Bentley On the casualties front, a few riders (and many a wheel) got caught out in the rock garden. Nicholas Johnson had to be taken to the Mediclinic by the on-site ambulance and checked out, but is recovering at home. A less serious crash saw Matt Lombardi go OTB at the same spot at the exit of the rock garden, taking him out of contention for the rest of the day. WP DH has really kept its promise in making Downhill a safer sport which hasn’t seen any major injuries. It’s also important to note that each and every track is vetted to the new safety guidelines WP DH adheres to make this sport accessible to more pinners! Pieter Rossouw ​Matt Lombardi ​Joachim Cilliers ​Ike Klaassen Adrian Louw A big thank you goes out to title sponsor SRAM, the volunteers and the committee for putting together a great event, and a great season ender. We hope to return to the normal racing season during 2021. Full results can be viewed here. See the full race gallery on Shift Media.
  2. Download attachment: SRAM Logo.jpg Nothing new can really be said about 2020 and the challenges we all faced during the year. The WP DH season was no exception to things being negatively affected, but luckily we got to end things on a very high note indeed. For the first time in years, Hellsend Dirt Compound played host to a DH event, and it did not disappoint. This spectator friendly track offers everything from tight & techy, to loose & fast - and ad to that one of the easiest and bike-friendly shuttle roads in SA. Click here to view the article
  3. Download attachment: logo.jpg Jonkershoek. Arguably SA’s best trail network. Countless events have treaded these hills, from enduro MTB to trail running to marathon stage races like the Cape Epic. This weekend however was the turn, and return, of the Western Province Downhill series. After a 2 year hiatus, the track was revived and renewed by master trail builder Bennet Nel, but remained relatively unaltered in terms of features, layout and length from previous years. Click here to view the article
  4. Similar to Round 1 at Paarl in January, the track received some light rain the previous day, but not enough to produce any form of hero dirt which would have been very welcome on an already rutted and blown out track, even before race day. The massive field of 108 riders quickly added to the destruction, and the track become even more blown out, loose and unpredictable - just the way we like it. The south-easter also showed up in full force and really affected the riders line choice and overall speed. In addition to this being round two of the Western Province Downhill series, it also doubled up as SA Downhill Cup round 1, as well as SA Downhills Championships, meaning riders from all over SA - most notably the McMaster brothers, Sharjah Johnson and Sabine Thies from from KZN - pulled in to throw down the gauntlet and see who’s fastest in the country. With Theo Erlangsen and Sabine Thies the reigning men’s and women’s SA Champs respectively, they had a big target on their back, and the likes of Johann Potgieter, Tim Bentley, Frankie du Toit and Steffanie Grossmann were eager to dethrone them. Changing up the format to one seeding and one race run, Frankie du Toit was able to lay down the top time (02:51.755) for the women, and Johann Potgieter throwing down a blinder or a run to narrowly edge out Theo Erlangsen by 1.7 seconds to take the top step on the men’s podium. Conditions were really tough, the track was really dry and dusty and ridden out. Yesterday during practice it was raining a bit and it made things a tad more tacky, but today was just super dry and super super windy, which made things even more tough. During my seeding run I went off the track, and in the finals I managed to lay down a good one and the guys couldn’t get back at me so I’m super super stoked. No 5 in the bag. Johann Potgieter The day was super windy and as the guys went down the track it kept on changing and getting more and more blown out. But I quite enjoyed the track and the roughness of it. My seeing run wasn't that great, I slipped out in a few corners and I didn’t do any of the jumps at the bottom because of the wind. And during my race run I just decided to go for it and send some of the jumps at the bottom which helped me carry speed. Overall it was a good day out and a really cool vibe with so many people at the event. Frankie du Toit Top 5 MenJohann Potgieter 02:19.343 Theo Erlangsen 02:21.080 Timothy Bentley 02:23.500 Adi Van Der Merwe 02:23.556 Niko Velasco 02:25.567 Top 5 WomenFrankie Du Toit 02:51.755 Sabine Thies 02:55.774 Rika Olivier 02:56.585 Steffanie Grossmann 02:58.066 Gina Nixon 03:12.507 Full results here. Again a big shout out must go to our title sponsor SRAM, as well as Commencal, and LYNE Components. Following up a very successful round 1, hopefully the momentum will carry on through the rest of the season, and continue to pull in the numbers and introduce new faces to the sport. See you all at Zevenwacht on the 28-29th of March! More photos from the race available here.
  5. Download attachment: logo.jpg The 2020 Western Cape Downhill season kicked off with an absolute bang this past weekend, for the first time in a very long time, hitting triple digits in entries. With the event doubling up as a shuttle day on Saturday and race day on Sunday, and the inclusion the Enduro category, plenty new riders joined the party to start the year on a very positive note indeed. Click here to view the article
  6. Shuttles powered by SRAM. By far the quickest, most scenic and least invasive shuttle on the WPDH circuit. The Paarl landscape with ominous clouds rolling in to provide a few more drops of rain for the day. We experienced all four seasons in one day, with rain the previous evening and during the morning, sunny and hot later in the morning to windy & gusty conditions as we headed through mid day. The track remained pretty much unchanged from previous years however there was a slight change in format for the racing with the best of both runs counting, instead of a quali run followed by the race run. This format was introduced to give everyone a more fair chance and not have everything come down to just one run that could potentially be spoiled by a mechanical issue or flat tyre. Hendre De Villiers Dylan Lamb & Cornel Swanepoel Heiko Basson Niko Velasco Theo Erlangsen | Overall men’s winner It’s the first time in a while that we got over a hundred entries. There’s tons of kids here that I’ve never seen before and they’re all going really fast, so really good to see that. The track was really nice, for the first time ever in my Paarl history, it actually rained the day before, so this morning we had some nice hero dirt. I decided to send it properly in my first run, and I didn’t really think Pottie and Stefan could get back from that. Luckily I did enough on that run so I could just cruise down on the 2nd run. Theo Erlangsen Chris Nixon Sebastian Dudas-Smith Johann Potgieter Dayle Holmes Frankie du Toit | Overal women’s winner We had an hour practise this morning after last night’s rain, so we had to get used to the track a bit again. By race time it was still pretty tacky, but unfortunately my chain dropped off halfway down, so I really struggled on the bottom section. My 2nd run was a lot better, but it was so dry, and completely different from the 1st run, but I managed to put down a faster time. Frankie du Toit Daniel Dobinson Duran Van Eeden Gina Nixon Scott Meredith Top 5 Men:Theo Erlangsen 01:37.720 Johann Potgieter 01:40.878 Stefan Garlicki 01:42.079 Adi Van Der Merwe 01:42.878 Jasper Barrett 01:42.956 Top 4 Women: Frankie Du Toit 02:13.114 Gina Nixon 02:16.439 Charlotte Wolfson 02:26.223 Jess Gwynne-Evans 02:40.793 Full results can be seen here. Enduro Youth Men / Enduro Veteren Men / Enduro Elite Men DH Nipper Boys DH Sprog Boys / DH Sub Junior Boys / DH Youth Men DH Junior Men / DH Sub Veteren Men / DH Veteren Men DH Master Men / DH Elite Women / DH Elite Men A fantastic effort by the new WC DH commission, getting everything and everyone in place to put up a successful event. A big shout out must also go to our title sponsor SRAM, as well as Commencal, ION, and LYNE Components. Hopefully this is the start of a great year for DH in the Western Cape and that the momentum will carry on through the rest of the season. Official race images can be purchased here. We’ll see you at Jonkershoek on 22/23 Feb for the SA Champs. Don’t miss it!
  7. Following a super successful first year of the Enduro Western Cape series during 2018, the EWC is back with a bang in 2019, selling out entries and topping out at 230 riders. With the weather gods on their side, riders were treated to an awesome day out at a green and grippy Contermanskloof, with the 5 stages and liaisons covering 27km with around 2100m of combined vert. A few changes to last year’s stages included the scrapping of the wide & off-camber stage 1, and a new section added onto stage 4, as well as a few other small adjustments. The series also sees the addition of the E-bike category, as well as the return of the lite category where newcomers have the opportunity to only do 3 of the 5 stages. It's a beautiful day. Riders line up at registration to get a number board and timing watch. Harry Millar with race briefing before riders head up liaison 1. Let faster riders past. Assist injured riders. Blue flags = pro line. Pink flags = easy line. Ride within your limits. Have fun! Some spectators bringing the gees on Stage 1. On the racing front, it was Franki du Toit that took top spot in the women’s category with a total racing time of 18:19.781. Following her in 2nd was Katja Steenkamp with a time of 19:33.698 and Colleen de Oliveira in third about one minute 15 seconds off the pace coming it at 20:45.776. Landowner, beer-brewer and trail-builder Robert Starke again put down the fastest time in the men’s category with a time of 15:22.841, just 16 seconds ahead of young pinner Luke Moir (15:38.432). Rounding out the podium, just 2 seconds behind Moir, was Dane Olsen with a time of 15:40:148. It was so good to race on my home trails again, after racing the EWS Madeira. It really opened up my eyes to the level of riding and the trails those guys are building, it was truly inspiring. Often I hear local riders say our (RSA) trails are not good enough for an EWS but they are very wrong, they certainly are right up there. The race went really well apart from SS5 when I almost flatted at the top rock garden but thanks to my foamos I made it home with 15psi to spare and got to share my first podium with my brother! Vibes on the trails and race village was simply epic, it’s amazing to see how this awesome sport is growing. Big thanks to the EWC crew for making it happen! Robert Starke | 1st male It was so so cool too see so many people here. I think Conties is always such a nice venue because they do such a good job with the race village and its quite a vibe down there, and the trails are good, with LOTS of climbing. I was happy with how I rode and I really enjoyed it. Coming back from Europe, this is a completely different style of racing again. I punctured at the start of S5 but luckily I could make it down! Overall it was an amazing event. Franki du Toit | 1st female Full results can be found here. We try to organise events that push riders. Putting in some big climbs and gnarly downhills made us nervous. We expected a backlash. Lo and behold, we didn’t need to fret. The racers took the punch in the face like the prize fighters they are are. Well done guys and girls. You’re tough as nails. Rupert von Tutschek | President of Stage Creation and Marketing Big shout out goes to Giant Bicycles, Tygerberg MTB club, Robert Starke, Starke brews, all the marshals and volunteers, and finally to Rupert, Harry, Daniel, Jacques, Michelle and Ezanne for putting together these awesome events, and making it a huge success. Photos and words by Ewald Sadie | www.esphotography.co.za
  8. What an end to the season it was. Jonkershoek delivering four amazing stages of racing with the iconic mountain backdrop that could fool you for a second into thinking that you’re somewhere in Europe. The fun and adrenaline did come at a price though, with riders having to climb just under 2000 metres in total, as they ascended the eastern slope of the valley pretty much from bottom to top for each stage. Bennet’s Red, The Plumber, Armageddon, and the Double Black Diamond made up the all-star list of trails for the day, wrapping up a successful 1st year of the newly founded EWC series. A series that could not have happened without the sterling efforts of Dan, Harry, Rupert, Michelle and Jacques, and of course the title sponsors Tygerberg MTB Club and Giant Bikes. On the ladies' racing front, Stellenbosch local Frankie du Toit put down the hammer from the start and took the honours with a total racing time of 24:58.486. Second place was claimed by ex-Austrian Denise Hartwig about 3.5 minutes back, with the third spot going to Suné Henning. It seemed to be the day of the locals as Matt Lombardi claimed TSD and won every stage. Lombardi conquered the four stages in a time of 21:06.415, exactly one minute ahead of 2nd place man Juri de Bruyn. Round 2 winner Robert Starke managed to claim 3rd spot, a mere 5 seconds behind de Bruyn. First light in the Jonkershoek valley Juri de Bruyn charging into 2nd place Denise Hartwig on her way to 2nd Oli Munnik Bluring Best race this year! Jonkershoek put on a show for all of us and the trails were on point. I went with my usual tactics and tried to stay consistent and smooth the whole day, aiming to sew up the series win. I pushed hard in the sections where I knew I could and just consolidated on the more blown out sections. I'm really chuffed to walk away with the overall win, series win, and TSD (total stage domination) on the day! I was certainly kept on my toes the whole day and needed to piece a good race together to stay on top. Looking forward to next season's races! Matt Lombardi | King of EWC 2018 This place never ceases to amaze. What a privilege to live here. This one was slightly tougher than usual, not just in terms of climbing but also the stages were more technical and physical, so it took a lot more out of you! I was pretty broken when I finished. I actually think we had perfect weather, it wasn’t too hot and the wind cooled you down, but it was pretty unpredictable - there were times when you would round a corner and get smacked by the wind which threw me off a bit.The event was well organised, the timing is becoming more and more efficient as the riders get used to the system and the organizers refine it. The stages provided a good challenge, so it felt like you had accomplished something when you got the bottom and had a clean run. The vibe was, as always, amazing, everyone was so stoked to be there. One of my marathon friends happened to ride in Jonkers on the day of the event and she was surprised at how happy all the riders looked and I think that sums up yesterday’s event - everyone ended on a high after a good day out at a well-organised event on amazing trails. It was also rad to ride in Jonkers, I ride there very often so it was pretty much a home race for me which is always fun. Jonkers never disappoints, it’s stunning, it’s challenging and it’s amazing to ride! Frankie du Toit | Queen of EWC 2018 From left: Coleen de Oliveira, Suné Henning, Frankie du Toit, Denise Hartwig, and Leigh Haskins. From left: Rob Starke, Dane Olsen, Matt Lombardi, Juri de Bruyn, and Luke Moir.Top 3 women: 1. Frankie du Toit - 24:58.486 (21st overall) 2. Denise Hartwig (BMT Stellenbosch) - 28:27.293 3. Suné Henning - 31:51.777 Top 3 men: 1. Matt Lombardi (Specialized) - 21:06.415 2. Juri de Bruyn (Ellsworth) - 22:06.135 3. Robert Starke - 22:11.542 Full results can be found here. A big shout out must go to all the riders that attended the three EWC races this year! It's safe to say that Enduro in the Western Cape is back on track! Spread the word, spread the stoke and let's make 2019 an even bigger success.
  9. Running as a standalone event and not part of the Eselfontein festival, this year’s Ezel returned to the eco-hut campsite with a smaller and more limited group of riders taking on the lunar landscape that we’ve come to know over the last few years. The later than usual 9am start gave the 67 riders some time to thaw after an icy evening in the tents, but temperatures soon hit the low 20’s for a perfect day of biking. Stage 1 stayed the same as last year - with a fairly chilled liaison to warm up the legs, and a fast & flowy downhill segment to ease riders into the swing of things. The new stage 2 required a long climb way past the pipeline, which had to be repeated for the unchanged stage 3. Stages 4 and 5 remained unchanged, challenging man an machine to their absolute limits. For some, it would be an extremely long day out on the bike - only finishing just before 6pm - meaning a 9 hour day of rocks, sweat and (close to) tears... And for the first time ever, we've had a repeat winner. Taking it on year one, Matt Lombardi managed to tie everything together again three years later. With a total racing time of 26:44.601, he smashed the field by winning 4 of the 5 stages. 2nd place belonged to Luke Moir 1.21 behind Lombardi. Last year's winner Keira Duncan travelled down from KZN to defend his title, but it wasn't to be, as he unfortunately only managed to take 3rd spot, just 14 seconds behind Moir. On the ladies front, Frankie du Toit took the win in her maiden attempt at the EzelEnduro with a total racing time of 33:36.705. 2nd spot belonged to Steffanie Grossmann, followed by Louise Kotze in 3rd. Still some remaining snow on the peaks around the camp site. It's gonna be a cold one... Pipeline, twice. Some forms and signatures. Sunrise to a very chilly morning indeed. Meal prep for a long day out in the mountains. Got mayo? Some do everything in their power to avoid the enduro-gap. Dave on the other hand has perfected it. #sosexy Rupert. Top op SS1, riders getting ready to drop in. This is what the camera will do to you. Daniel Dobinson coming in hot and losing it in corner 1 of stage 1. Last year's winner Keira Duncan on his way to 3rd for the day. It seems as if ezel kicked things up a notch with longer stages, and a tougher route than ever this year. I was happy to be back at my 4th ezel and I was in the mood for a bit of redemption. I had a nice couple of early stages before charging hard on stage 4 and 5, the longest and most physical stages of the race. I had my bike perfectly set for the terrain and I kept things consistent the whole day and took the overall! I'm glad most of the main suspects were present, including some up-country flavour. Ezel is a special race that tests us all and I'm pumped to have taken the title again! Big thanks to the organisers! This one was a proper one. Matt Lombardi | King of Ezel 2018 Pro marathon racer Dylan Rebello taking on his first ever enduro event. It was my first EzelEnduro, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a proper enduro - it really tests you as a rider in terms of skills and your fitness and your stamina. I could really feel it in my arms and shoulders and back - the things that don’t take strain on a normal ride. Racing wise, it was good - I had a mechanical on the first stage and a crash on the second, so I was a bit frustrated. The last three I just tried to keep it clean. The last two were super rocky and absolutely wild - I loved it. The vibe around the event is so rad - the people are very inclusive and welcoming, and nice setting as well. Definitely one of my favourite weekends on a bike. Frankie du Toit | Queen of Ezel Perkin tucked. Julien Louw still all smiles going up liaison 5. Me and my friend Devin had to drive back to CT the same day. We stopped at Steers and grabbed a burnt burger and we just sat there not speaking to each other. It was like we had just been to war - a feeling of being shell shocked. That last stage was just crazy. I was in a complete state of shock I think(or maybe just a serious sugar low). I was pushing up pretending to myself that there was no ******* way we were gonna ride down there. I kept on trying to push myself to check for lines but again I kept on just looking up the mountain trying to make my legs keep pushing up. At the top I walked another 100 meters or so to just try get into the zone and try at least shake myself back into reality. I kept my air phones in and put on this great drum and bass track. I felt it was appropriate to try get some rhythm going over those rock slabs. I honestly must have gone into some crazy Zen mode because if I think back at what speed I rode that trail on the bike I was on its flipping ridiculous I didn't end up in hospital - one of the best moments was coming down stage 5 and having your friends and fellow riders shouting loudly in support. The portage to stage 4 was just insane - I was walking/climbing and ridding and thinking - what drugs are those people on that they came here trying to find trails to ride bicycles on - even the ******* motorbikes must be getting destroyed. At the start of stage 4 I decided to leave my iPod on again because I thought it’s better to rather listen to music than hear rocks smashing my bike and my tyres tearing apart. Half way down the track I changed to some "system of the down" - I had a chuckle to myself and thought it was so appropriate for that trail. I promise I had the worse case of lock fingers after that stage. I simply couldn't open may hands. It's almost as if somebody had glued my hands to the handlebars. I was honestly so happy to have gotten off that mountain alive - EPIC EPIC adventure. Nils Hansen | Winner of the hardtail category Luke Moir going strong during SS5 on his way to an impressive 2nd overall. Women's podium: 1 Frankie Du Toit, 2 Steffanie Grossmann, 3 Louise Kotze Men's podium: 1 Matthew Lombardi, 2 Luke Moir, 3 Keira Duncan Top 3 Men: 1 Matthew Lombardi (Specialized) - 00:26:44.60 2 Luke Moir (Silverback Volvo SRAM) - 28:06.12 3 Keira Duncan (Team PYGA Leatt Dovehouse) - 28:20.10 Top 3 Women: 1 Frances Du Toit (BMT) - 33:36.70 2 Steffanie Grossmann (Mannie's Bike Mecca) - 34:36.393 3 Louise Kotze (Mannies Bike Mecca) - 40:31.00 Full results can be found here. Big shoutout goes to Andrew Cattell and Simon Duffett from The Brand Stable/ION. To Red Bull and Deon & Janene Malherbe from Eselfontein. All the Race Volunteers and Dave Hartly for the use of his moto. To Dave Mercer for Trophies. All the girlfriends & wives of the organizers and Rob Stark fo the beer. Video by Thomas Sandell Images and words by Ewald Sadie
  10. It wasn’t too far from home, but also far enough to justify camping for the weekend. It was accessible for medics, and all the trails more or less converged to one central location. It had the same vast, open landscapes and not a soul in sight. It had mountains. It had blue skies. But most importantly, it had rocks, all of the rocks. Given the time of year and the current climate, we knew it would be on the cold side. Those campers who came underprepared had a rough couple of nights as temperatures dropped below zero, covering surroundings with a nice layer of frost. Luckily the wind and rain from the previous days stayed away over the weekend and the day warmed up to a perfectly mild day of riding. Six stages and roughly 30kms of trails awaited the Klipberg Enduro pioneers, with Dingleberries firmly on everyone’s minds. It would be by far the most tricky stage of the day with only a handful of riders doing a clean run from top to bottom. The crux of this stage consisted of a steep gradient with loose boulders that rendered your brakes useless. Riding, or rather surfing, this section required full commitment, skill and perhaps a bit of luck. For the rest, it was an interesting dance down to the bottom, with some OTB’s, a lot of swearing and some precarious footwork. On the top step, it was Matt Lombardi with a time of 12:34.390 and a gap of 35 seconds over second place man Luke Moir. Third position was claimed by the original rock rider, Dan Dobinson, just under 10 seconds back from Moir. In the ladies division, it was Rachelle de Charmoy taking the honours with a time of 21:19.518. In second position was Kathryn Rennie with Megan van der Helm rounding out the final step on the podium. I woke up pretty chilly, so I wasn’t in the best of moods this morning, but things warmed up quite nicely. I wanted to just ease into the day and keep a little extra in the tank for Stage 5. I had a pretty big off on stage 4, so that didn’t help matters going into Dingleberries. I’m glad the event was a success the first time around and I’ll definitely be back next year. Matt Lombardi It was great fun. We arrived really late last night and struggled a bit to find the camp site. The race was really fun - stage 4 was definitely hands down my best. Stage 5 was quite epic - I had to get off my bike and even with that fell two or three times. Rachelle de Charmoy Full results can be found here. To all the riders that gave this first-time event the benefit of the doubt - we salute you. To Giant Durbanville, thank you for providing E-bikes and mechanical support. Heinrich Stipp and Stellenrust for sponsoring some wine. To Dan, Harry and Michelle for consulting, providing timing and sorting out registration. To Dian and Tolla from Liezelle’s catering for making us an awesome potjie. Janie, Jacques, Jana, Danica, Liandri - thanks for organising and manning our water point. Then lastly to Dayle, Danie, Thomas and Stephan for ultimately putting together all of this. See you again next year!
  11. Thanks dude! Happy to hear the positive feedback!
  12. Unfortunately there's so much hate towards fatbiking, specially in SA, but it really works well on that sort of mission. And that stretch of coastline is just next level, so everything came together nicely on that trip And **** Zuma.
  13. Very true. I've visited that place 3 times now, and every time I realise how fast it is, and how much more there is to ride. Hylton and his crew have been very busy over the years and we're so lucky to have that sort of dedication.
  14. Thanks dude! Hopefully much more to come soon!
  15. Thanks for the kind words Robbie! Glad we could inspire you to get to get out and ride. And I'd have to agree on the bit about Jonkershoek
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