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  1. to discract everyone from the booze discussion, the 45km route has changed, we have included some new trails. So it is a little different from the previous open weekend. much fun to be had and all that... o and there are shortcuts too (cough jewbacca cough)
  2. Yo, that is a proper good advertisment for garmin and the incident detection. I found a random article somewhere on the internet that says the garmin edge has a weird way of handling the storage system. If your storage space reaches it's capacity by way of all the activities and course etc that you accumulate , it frees up space on the fly. This causes some issues appartnley and manifest itself in weird ways. so i formatted the garmin in windows, FAT fily system with GARMIN as the device label. Initial testing has some promising results... This sort-of-solution has no explanation for the android / garmin combo though. Anyway...worth a try if you are frustrated and confused like i am.
  3. Hi, I have an Edge 520 paired with an iphone 12 mini. During my rides the edge just randomly's disconnects from the phone and then reconnects. The livetrack never works, maybe 5 mins or so and then nothing. Does anybody else have this same combo of devices and issues ? I can't find anything on garmin forums really, some people have the same issue but no real solution from garmin is forthcomming. I dug and EDGE 25 out of the closet this morning. Livetrack worked perfectly.
  4. Correction - Rickus and Delanie are not the event owners or sole organizers. The event is hosted by Mouton's Valley and Buglers Post - farm owners who are mountain bike crazy...
  5. Lots of valid and interesting comments. Big thank you to everyone who came to the one day - we are very humbled by the numbers and the amazing feedback from the event. We are hard at work trying to solve the congestion - we had a meeting this morning about seeding and investing in a timing solution that will WORK and suit our several distances and can handle the high percentage of DNF'S Thankfully we had no serious incidents. We are however disappointed in the sweepers on the 63km, we only have a 25% DNF this year compared to last years 40%. They clearly didn't listen to the brief.
  6. We are so amped for saturday. The weather looks good - max of 28 and lots of sunshine. We had rain tuesday and a very wet mist the whole of today. Tomorrow rain again. The trails dry off quickly so saturday should be a trail riders dream. Hint : car pool with friends...it's the right thing to do....
  7. Thanks for all the rad comments. Tickets are running out fast so hurry and enter! No water bridge this year on the long route due to the drought. There are some new trails to experience and new berms in just the right places. Weather looks good for the event - little rain for next week which will add some much needed grip for the fast riders.
  8. "Are you going to have a 'real' partner this year?" - some big words coming from the "bessed dresse couple"
  9. Come find me after the 63km and i will show you what you are missing out on and justify the 10k for you! Hope you are fit enough for the 63 - 40% DNF average over two years...
  10. Sorry to read this! You will be missed at the U! We really loved the riders from last year - you guys were awesome. So many new things for the next edition....
  11. Nice - the weather is looking really good and the trails are mint! We have some nice surprises in store this year...
  12. Hi Dirty Dan, I worked really hard on this reply so please read it thanks for your reply to our article. We value your feedback - we are new to this so we will take every comment on board. It's super difficult to determine a price for a stage race since everyone has a different monetary value attached to their expectations of said stage race. Purely considering meals and accommodation then probably every stage race is over priced. Having said that our meals will look like this (breakfast will also be served every day) : • Jamaican themed BBQ • Jerk chicken, Sweet, sticky & spicy beef ribs • Vegetarian – Jerk seasoned grilled vegetables • Chilli & lime grilled corn, Rice & peas, Baked sweet potatoes with coriander butter • Tropical salad • Mediterranean Mixed Grill • Chicken shish kebabs, Minced beef kofte kebabs • Vegetarian – grilled vegetable & haloumi kebabs • Rice salad, Freshly grilled flatbreads, Tatziki & Hummus, Roasted tomato & red pepper salsa • Chopped Turkish salad, Homemade chilli sauce • Texas BBQ Pit & Smokehouse • Smoked beef brisket, Pulled pork shoulder, Smoked baby back ribs, • Vegetarian - baked aubergine, courgettes, peppers & onions with a smoked tomato dressing • Coleslaw, Cornbread, Potato salad, Green Goddess salad – spinach, lettuce, cabbage with a super nutritious green herb dressing & World famous blueberry BBQ sauce • Mexican Taqueria • Grilled tacos, Pork a la mojo – pork shoulder, cooked very slowly with orange, cumin & garlic, Ropa viejo –braised beef, so spicy and soft it shreds like ‘old rope’ • Mexican red tomato rice, Cabbage & coriander slaw with lime-sesame dressing, Sour cream, Tomato & coriander salsa • Charred pineapple salsa However, meals and accommodation are only two aspects of a stage race. The actual riding is surely as important as the meals and accommodation. The amount and quality of single track in this Stage Race is very difficult to convey in writing. Many have tried , like the articles mentioned in Renay and Craig's blog, together with FullSus and also regular columnist Shapiro of Bicycling. If you have read all that and still are not convinced then please PM me and i will try some more convincing over the phone! Rickus.
  13. Last nomination from Piketboberg Trails, i promise... Gryskop https://www.strava.com/segments/6219012
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