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  1. Hi so therefor arrive with your bike and a plastic bag with your kit and put it into the bag? Can you use your own bag?
  2. Hi, first time doing W2W and looking forward to it, luggage wise, is the bag they give you big enough to carry general stuff you need, I travel fairly light, or should you bring your own bag? Also is the coffee there good, or should I bring my little Gas thing with Bialetti?
  3. Thanks, any news on the old or new Hels
  4. What is the past time for A group? First time doing this race, am starting in % but suspect I may get dropped up hels! Are we still doing the old Hels? Heard it got badly washed away?
  5. Picking Martin was a master stroke!
  6. Puxi

    RECM Knysna 200

    Started cramping for some reason in both my hamstrings at 30km was a long day but beautiful when not cramping
  7. it is the same with drafting and outside assistance (been given anything by anyone) lots of people do it and only a few caught the difference between the two is for drafting you get a penalty if caught and if caught with outside assistance your race is over!
  8. the pvc thing could work very well, i know guys who manufacture in pvc, will check it out and see what it will cost.
  9. Driver was driving on the wrong side of the rode just missed Clem's friend Robbie, then hit Clem. Driver tried to drive away but someone chased and caught him. I can see cyclist lawyers lining up to take this on and clean up the roads for all.
  10. Or Zipp they sell them
  11. OK sorted it out with them now.
  12. He says he put the discription down incorrectly!
  13. Agree, I said I will send the cassette and BB back and want R635 in return. You think that is far?
  14. I bought a sram red groupset from someone with the following specs. 170mm Crank 12-25 Cassette BB normal(Not BB30) This is what arrived 175mm Crank 11-28 Cassette Press fit MTB BB He accepts he made a mess up and is will to refund me R500-00 for the mess and send him the BB and cassette back. Far to Little? Then he says strip it all and send it back. Problem is as the Crank is incorrect I took it and put my bike and my crank 172.5 on my wifes bike (as groupset was bought for her) What should i do?
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