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  1. Thanks Dieter for the files. Edited the file perfectly. Now I just need to take it in to get printed.
  2. Astro Holdings will strip the anodize for me included in the price. Stoked!
  3. Thanks. If they can't then I'll spray it.
  4. Thanks. I did google but obviously scared of damaging the metal. I'm going to phone Astro Holdings and find out.
  5. Sorry forgot to add... Want to anodize it again. Not black like I got it.
  6. Hi Hubbers, Wonder if someone can give me advice on the follow? I'm restoring an oldish Giant Reign and the frame was anodized black. Is there a way to strip the anodize? They can sandblast it but I'm scared it will damage the frame. Maybe chemical stripper that will work? Or a place that someone can recommend sandblasting it at. Thanks in advance.
  7. Like I said, I had the OP already and busy recovering. Hope to be on the bike soon.
  8. Had operation last week Thursday. Pain is still a big issue. Wish it will go away.
  9. Good luck Jacques with the surgery tomorrow. Ask for strong painkillers when they discharge you.
  10. Good luck Jacques with the surgery tomorrow. Ask for strong painkillers when they discharge you.
  11. Do you think the bones would join again if it's far apart like mine? Posted the pics earlier. I asked my orthopaedic if I can leave it to heal on its own and he said he needs to operate as the distance between the bones is too far apart.
  12. That's how I got injured minus the beer. Check hierdie move and I ate dirt.
  13. Hi there, Broke my right clavicle on the 26th July and had surgery last week Thursday. Got a plate with 6 screws. My orto told me 12 weeks no riding. Will spin as soon as I can. Week since surgery and still sore. Seeing dr again next week. Hope the pain will be gone by then. Good luck with the surgery. Let me know how it went.
  14. Did Lionman last year. Was my first marathon. Will be doing it again this year. https://www.strava.com/activities/167938820
  15. Good day hubbers, Yesterday a piece of bob wire got in the rear derailleur and broke the hanger(bought a new hanger) and the derailleur bracket axle unit also bent. I did some research and I see you can buy the bracket axle unit in the US and UK. Is there a place where I can buy in SA?
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