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  1. anybody that can pls offer me a lift to TB 18 August 2017?? One team member just dropped out and we were gonna go together. Willing to share costs. We are in for the repeat. Will need a lift from around helderberg/stellenbosch area pretty pls.
  2. gister gekom: nog besig om aanmekaar te sit en extra gewig te strip also got some extra paint, full reflector kit(its a no go!), bell and 2 lights + some heavy pedals(huh uh)
  3. hello hello yall!!!! listen up folkes LOL LOL herewith my next purchase: Im getting the small and buying the complete bike as is on the pick, weight for the medium is 11.7 I just have to click PAY! LOL I would like to upgrade ol Bob what do yall think?? any advice? http://www.konaworld.com/unit.cfm
  4. weet nie waarheen my fred verdwyn het nie, maar I just want to know who the importer for SA is pls?
  5. anybody knows who the above is ?
  6. Dang i made it on my SS with rigid fork, phew lol
  7. im taking the plunge!!! gaan dit 'n try gee oppie SS, did 67km saturday with 1078 TA singletrack en die works
  8. boetie nee ek dink nie so nie! LOL LOL ek stress, hoe ken jy my LOL LOL
  9. peoples, im starting to panick, ek weet nie meer so mooi nie for those who dont know, ill be attempting this one on my 26" jaaa 'n 26" SS met rigid aluminum fork, jaaaa swaer... any advice??? LOL LOL im cacking myself
  10. phew het dit nou lank gevat, 1st to get the money together and then to get the thing here LOL for my SS to ride K2C
  11. Thanks, ja its def doable and also not worried about coming down ou wa pad, sal maar sien the rest of the way, that is also why ive started riding rigid fork in feb already so i can get used to it
  12. this year doing it with the SS rigid fork LOL been riding rigid fork since around march
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