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  1. I've used up my 30,000 points and think that during winter 3 * 30 minute workouts are easier to do than a 120 minute once or twice. I suppose I'm just gaming the system to my advantage as 80% of my disco rate is only 63% of my actual rate. Not worth a phone call to disco if it can't be done online.
  2. Any idea how to revert to normal from Endurance athlete status? From the site there does not appear to be a way: https://www.discovery.co.za/portal/individual/high-performance-athlete
  3. Dressed up but has it had a bike rack on it?
  4. Except Gaviria is also winning races, not just picking up points. Last year Cav took 4 wins in TDF, only a real Sagan fan would accept that Cav was not the better sprinter. Maybe off-topic but there should be a sprinter's jersey and another with less prestige for the most consistent points gatherer. Zabel won 6 of them, 2 2nds and 4 3rds and no way was he the best sprinter in one of those years. "Only" 12 stage wins in 12 years. Changes to points awards make no difference to Sagan, he is just too consistent and performs where the sprinters can't.
  5. Careful using Cougar in a racing thread, it has unsavoury connotations. However much you dress it up, it's STILL a Ford Mondeo. Maybe there might be a Mustang appearance at an ITT much like the Jag F-Type a few years ago.
  6. Moved to Ford Mondeo this season.
  7. He definitely joined the right team for the "Out of this world" comment. Talented rider none the less. Not riding the TDF as Kittel still the number 1 on the squad. QS signing Gaviria definitely had an influence on Cav not renewing with QS. But then at last year's TDF he had the QS leadout train he never had when on the team. Quite an achievement to win 4 stages in his début GT.
  8. Lot's of suspicion around his motives:
  9. All four shots were accidental....
  10. That is insane. Do you think your tandem team puts that out as a team to put it into perspective.
  11. CONI appear to be too strict on their riders, linked to the Italian police and the fact that doping is criminally illegal in Italy it appears the riders are at a disadvantage. Added to that is the most likely stage winners are either injured, like Aru, or racing the TDF, like Viviani.
  12. Another flat stage. But at least shorter than yesterday's mammoth 234km beast. Last day we'll see most of the sprinters. Gavaria will haul his bike over the hills and claim a jersey to go with 3 (or 4) wins. Only 4 riders have claimed 3 wins in their début Grand Tour. Quite an achievement by him. Who are the others?
  13. And so my point is proven with a 3 syllable word. Oh the irony of the reply.
  14. No comment as I'm being stalked by a guy who comments quite often for a guy who says he's never going to comment. FFS, why would you kiss your wrist to remind you of your girlfriend's love and support if there is not some action being expected after as a result of that love and support?
  15. Keep it for the spinning session.
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