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  1. Thanks for your input Philip. I have always been a Nike fan, so that's the brand I always opt for.
  2. Thanks Jewbacca I saw the Pegasus Trail 2 going for R1610 (normally around R2200), so I grabbed it. I think it will do perfectly. I appreciate your input,
  3. Do any of you guys use trail shoes that are suitable for road running, solely on the road and where the odd grass stretch or 'off-road' stretch appears? I wanna know if the sole would last for the same duration as proper road shoes.
  4. My input is useless but I'll still mention it as it probably applies to lots of people. My running isn't towards any goal other than health and fitness. So if I finish my session and I'm still comfy to run the next day, then I have done well. All the numbers are just numbers, I will try to beat my previous times on a repeated route but it doesn't matter if I don't. Around 20 years+ ago, HR training was the in thing but we all mostly just jump on to using new tech because others are using it. Each stat has a place and different things could be important to each of us but going on feel is still the most important to me. I just leave at a certain time, tell my wife to expect me in an estimated time and if I'm a little late, it's because I'm taking strain and walking the rest of the way. She knows the route and can easily pick me up if necessary. Life can be THAT simple :-)
  5. What a lovely gesture. Well done to all for making this happen and may all your efforts be greatly rewarded GOD WILLING
  6. I mentioned this a few months back when I moved over to the hydration pack. It houses a 2L bladder and I filled it all the way (mistake) for my first run. Shoulders and calves took the most strain. I then tried it with less water and I got used to it in no time. It no longer feels like I'm carrying the weight.
  7. I prefer a full pure carbon saddle. No foam cushion, leather, plastic, anything. It just takes getting used to.
  8. If they go for November 15th, it will clash with IronManSA this year. This means that those who usually do both won't be able to. I was only planning on being a spectator at IMSA, so I won't be too unhappy. My only issue is that when I start training again, will I have enough time to get ready? Been chilling for more than 4 weeks now. From a different view, if they chose a date that would be a guarantee for extreme temperatures, how about a night run from 17:30 to 05:30 instead? It will probably be humid but no sun to drain you. They just have to add lighting to their prep.
  9. but you live to fight another day
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