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  1. I lived in the UK for a number of years so I read text as sarcasm or satire by default. It has it's downsides.
  2. I'll be there too. If I see that lovely bike I'll be sure to greet it's owner.
  3. Yip, that is the original issue many people here are referring to.
  4. I'm just going to take this moment to appreciate the fact that "Topics for discussion" is also an acceptable Topic for discussion. I believe the young people would say this is "so meta".
  5. That's not how I understand Matt's original post.
  6. My goodness, I thought you were joking about the price. I still have an enamel mug from when I was a little fellah (this took place in the 80s) so I clearly will not benefit from the added strength of titanium.
  7. Many forums are reliant on the community to report offensive content. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  8. Broadly speaking the price of bikes (new or used) has increased because (a) Covid impacted production rates and distribution and (b) more people have taken up riding. So one of the reasons driving the price up is the increased popularity of cycling. ie: cycling is not dying, it is more alive than it has ever been. It's just a bummer that bikes are becoming more expensive.
  9. Both great names, for the current era my favorite is Taco van Der hoorn. But my all time favorite has to be Djamolidine Abdoujaparov, sounds about as dangerous as the man himself.
  10. You're taking this social distancing thing too far mate.
  11. NickGM


    You know what they say: two thirds of the world is covered by water. The other third is covered by N'golo Kante.
  12. Fair enough, I'd prefer it that way. I've just assumed it's too much admin.
  13. That would be great but I suspect much more labor intensive and subjective than the alternative. You have to sift through a whole thread, see who triggered who, decide who is in the wrong, give them a warning...etc. It would be mentally taxing and a very time consuming for the person responsible. It's a lot cleaner to shut down an inflammatory topic.
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