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  1. I've dislodged and scratched a good few pairs of glasses by trying to whip my helmet off with the arms of my shades over them. I know it's a rule but I know what I always take off first after riding (not my sunglasses) so arms on the inside makes sense to me. Officially "flapping helmet straps" is a reason for the rule but I'm guessing its more to do with not obscuring your sunglasses sponsor's logo. Rule #37 (proudly sponsored by oakley)
  2. Well at least we have something in common. My balance is lousy too, but I have no excuse. As always, inspired by your willingness to make a plan.
  3. Are there any Austrian Maths lecturers doing the road race? If so I'm happy to put my money on them.
  4. Yip. should be pretty close. That Euro course was flat and fast but this course has half the climbing and twice the distance. As @Mountain Bru says, I'm not sure who it suits, I only know that Ganna becomes more beatable the more climbing there is.
  5. TT route is so flat it may as well be a track ride, should suit Ganna.
  6. I can't believe this information is going to be useful, but here goes: I recently bought something off takealot for about R100 less than the threshold for free delivery... so to make up the difference I bought these: https://www.takealot.com/cotton-socks-for-men-pack-of-12-pairs-black/PLID70978822 They are cheap, they are black and are a length I can only describe as "business" (not too long, not too short). They aren't versus socks, they aren't even cycling socks, but I just rode in a pair over lunch and even got some PBs so can confirm that they are as fast as (if not faster) than high end racing socks. I can't vouch for their longevity or their claimed anti-odor capabilities, I've only had them for a few days. But hey its 12 pairs of black socks for R146. I feel like its a risk worth taking.
  7. Ya thanks for nothing guys... I'm now browsing merlin's website for stuff I want but really don't need.
  8. I agree about the vehicles, but disagree about the national belief that they deserve to be winning cycling events. In my experience that mentality in many sports has been the English ("Football's coming home", and the usual "where did it all go wrong?" when they lose to a better cricket/rugby/football team). No, if anything the opposite is true of the french. There is a cultural awareness in france that they'd almost rather lose beautifully than win. I say almost. They're happy with losing beautifully. I'm not saying I agree with these sorts of sweeping cultural generalizations, but it is something other people believe in and it is "a thing" (zeitgeist? I dunno, I'm sure there's a better word for it). It even has a name that it got from our very sport: Poulidor syndrome. They loved the guy that never won. And the few frenchies I've spoken to about the 1995 RWC semi final (remember that drowning hazard mudfest in durban?) got tearful talking about it because they thought it was so amazing. So maybe it's their acceptance that losing can be cool too. But this is just my opinion. They don't want to be the people to win ugly. And the level of crazy obsession you need to win the TdF can get ugly. I don't know where their football team went "wrong" though.
  9. Minnaar has been at or close to the top for about 20 years, so by that measure one can include Christiano Ronaldo, Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, Tom Brady and Lebron James. I'm sure there are many more but those are just some of the sports I follow/am aware of.
  10. As others have said, I'd be very surprised if you find it boring. It's spectacular. Just FYI, it's about 930m climbing from Prince Albert side to the very top of the pass. It's a bit less from the Oudshoorn side, approx 690m to the top if you're climbing from Kobus se Gat. So over to prince Albert and back is a pretty decent day of climbing. If anything I found it a bit busy on the weekend and would have preferred fewer people. Seweweekspoort is also amazing.
  11. As a person who will make sure the edge of a book/file/keyboard/anything is parallel with the edge of the desk... I find this photo really relaxing.
  12. @Vetseun these guys are your best bet. I know they definitely used to be Surly agents, it was even listed on the surly website. But that has since been taken down and the last time I spoke to S&J (around sept last year) they were pretty non-committal about it. Something along the lines of "We used to but just weren't getting the demand, it wasn't worthwhile, etc". But maybe if enough people ask them (you are not the first) they may start bringing stuff in again.
  13. My word, that Teliaveli is one pretty bike. Hadn't heard of them/it.
  14. Don't know how to multi-quote reply so... @MORNE For sure. It (the sun) was a deal breaker in the end! I think my lady is solar powered. Besides: Cederberg, Drakensberg, Garden Route, West Coast, Wild Coast - this is a country I was very happy to be "locked down" in. @Jewbacca Hahaha we actually ended up hiring a van exactly like that in my last year there and drove up to fort William for the DH, stopping at 3 trail centers on the way up. And yes coming through the woods at Afan and out at the top at the windmills to go down the wall is literally the mental image I have of wales. That and white's level. Rode it so many times. So many of those trails were maintained with EU funding which is obviously no longer available. Hope they've got some alternative funding strategy now. I guess you just pay at the gate. Jonkershoek is not far behind many of those places now ito quality, and a much shorter trip.
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