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  1. Yep. WY less politics on the trail side of things. Just high entry fees compared to road races. Some of it might even be worth it. I am way more willing to run far and in wild places knowing that help is already on standby with people around than ons any given Sunday on my ace.
  2. The doyen of solo 24hrs. 👌🏻 The young trolls here still have much to learn. And if only half of the new MTB bros in the western cape can take a leaf out of your book of lekkerness…. Maar helaas. Back to Stoke: I once had the misfortune of seeing drop huck the last drop in Red Phoenix and then absolutely slicing the last berms to tag him out on an enduro. Fearing for my life as pulled in , manhandling a Banshee the length of a schoolbus. I still suffer from PTSD, but fortunately my fork and shock is buttery smooth. It is very therapeutic.
  3. This is why I hate CL price matching. It takes turnover away from the lbs that had stock, with an honest margin, and turns it into more sales at the mega store with bad service, who won’t even remember your name in a few months. build a relationship with your lbs rather. Could have saved you a lot of las, and when you really need them, they’ll know who you are.
  4. Tell him to to relax. And rest. A pair of socks is not worth the hassle of shin splints.
  5. The road itself is in good shape. but don’t drive it in the dark, and if you can, bypass the towns. that says it all really.
  6. The USWE concept is good. But with the cheaper packs, bear in mind that most of the cost saving is in the bladder and the valve. Which is an easy swap…
  7. Uitskieter jy. I used to be a planner in footwear for a sports retailer. We drilled sales down to a Colour/size SKU for analysis. we sold very little UK12s. That’s why you always see them on the markdown tables. And in my 3years there, I can’t remember doing more than a handful of special orders for bigger sizes, and most were for rugby boots.
  8. I have a nice MTB hydration pack (Source,) a nice trail running hydration vest (Salomon,) and a hip pack (inov8.) For riding I’ll grab the hip pack first, the vest second and only the hydration pack when I have to. The best can take the same as the backpack, but stays put. The hip pack does move a bit, but it’s still way better than the mtb hydration pack. On the hip pack I can pack a bottle, phone, keys, bars and gels, lightweight warm top and a first aid kit. If I take out the top I can add a second 500ml soft flask. But usually it only has a bottle, pump, phone and keys in it. try the hip pack, it might surprise you.
  9. Blockhouse Racing. I can get behind that. https://wildairsports.com/greg-minnaar-leaves-santa-cruz-syndicate/
  10. I am. But only because I’ve suffered concussion after a simple, relatively low energy crash that caused my head to rotate. Older helmet, no MIPS. Now we only have MIPS or Turbine360 helmets in the house. I’ll take that marginal improvement. I don’t skimp on my kids’ helmets. Their heads are worth more than mine.
  11. Yellow Feva saddle. Or one of the fancier alternatives that does the same thing.
  12. Een man se lelik is ‘n ander man se vrou. About time! Enjoy it!
  13. Or riders can look at the unsafe venue choice, remember that last year security was an issue, and think it is just not worth it, and then bam, that’s that over…
  14. Julle wou mos die trails slang name gee…
  15. That's like the guy who kissed his cousin over the summer holiday and came back to tell his friends that he finally kissed a girl.
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