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  1. Stellenbosch has many great coffee shops. There may even be a Seattle in a fresh stop/caltex, but the local coffee guys know that they have it really good in stellies. It's the heartland of coffee in the Boland. There are more coffee roasters than SCC shops in stellies. Actually, coming to stellies, claiming to be a coffee lover and drinking franchise coffee is akin to going to Jonkers and riding the jeep track and skipping all the trails.
  2. Epic doesn't contribute a cent towards trail maintenance after the event.
  3. Every year I have epic FOMO. Following the updates doesn't help. This year I'm on holiday with my family, and while chilling in the hottub last night while it was raining outside I told my wife that I'm really glad to not be sleeping in a tiny tent and have to slog through the mud tomorrow. This year the FOMO is a bit less.
  4. Jeez. That goes either around the edge of Knoflokskraal, or through some of it. Well we'll know for sure after W2W, but I sure as he'll wouldn't ride that side of the N2 on my own anymore.
  5. I'm willing to eat humble pie on this. I reckon the 26inch bikes you see will be the absolute entry level, and kids bikes. And I reckon 26ers are an important step in kids bikes. So much so that I've kept both my wife's old 26ers and have a couple of nice wheelsets and forks in storage to build and maintain killer 26ers for my kids. I will probably have to make a plan to get decent tyres one day, but we'll figure it out.
  6. I don't see that happening. There may be a resurgence of 650b trail bikes for the purpose you describe, but don't think that these will come to SA where people are marathon bedonnered.
  7. In terms of the Bike in your own garage that you still ride, it's not dead. But in terms of new bike sales, it is dead as a dodo
  8. W2W won't go to the Houwteq side of the N2 where the squatter camp is. They'll go from Houw Hoek to Paul Cluver and just stay on the Mountain's side of the road and will be fine. TBH I don't think W2W has been in the affected Lebanon trails in years.
  9. No man. Don't be like that. Bikes are meant to be ridden fast. Falls happen. Scratches and breakage will occur. Chains that fall off can be put back in again and handlebars straightened. Your boy might be the next Sifiso Nhlapo, Burry Stander, or Louis Meintjies. But if you punish him that talent will remain undiscovered.
  10. Geniet dit! Eselfontein is in my humble opinion the best trails in the Western Cape.
  11. Those beveled edges makes me happy. Much like your post box. That reminds me. I have leftover ply. And a very ugly post box.
  12. Something to work up to. I reckon making a project out of it and doing it solely for self fulfillment is the way to go. Doesn't need to be an event. Up first is the Maxirace 45km on Saturday. Might have to chew some cement though.
  13. Stay away from Lebanon. It's a shanty town now. I'd suggest organizing a Hemel and Aarde day pass (snapscan?) and riding to hermanus via H&A. Perhaps meet the crew there for lunch?
  14. Oh yes please! I'll sign up for that. I live at the foot of the Hottentots Holland mountains and drive over the passes on a nearly daily basis. I drove up the back of Franschoek pass today, and spent way too much time dreaming about running the last bit into Franschhoek
  15. No I'm too impatient to learn CAD, so I used hand drawings, followed by test fitting it as I progressed. I can do basic things in sketchup, but it takes me too long, so I usually grab a pencil and a ruler. getting the top piece to fit, while allowing the side pieces to rest on plastic trim was the kicker. But I ended up putting single sided rubber tape underneath all the support pieces anyway, I did Technical Drawings in High school, that helps, especially with understanding where the item will fit in the space
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