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  1. takkies milk tart, nik-naks, sterrie stumpie's Circles = round'abouts
  2. Question: would you have issues with gear settings (ie would you need to adjust) if you had two wheels with different cassettes on them and ran them on the same bike. eg 11-23 on the 1 wheel and 11-25 on the other.
  3. http://photos.grahamwatson.com/RaceUpdates/0617-Tour-de-Suisse-Stage-6/12566694_H9CXT#904656607_uyMLM-M-LB
  4. thanks Ronelle, really good
  5. Follow vehicles that hold up a huge queues of traffic should be banned - they make the situation worse! Follow vehicles should drive up ahead of the group, pull off the road when it is safe to do so and then wait for the group to pass before repeating over. Its better, as had been said before here, to ride in smallish groups of 4 - 7, single file with no follow vehicle..
  6. I hope that I am now part of PPA's "payables" listing!
  7. thanks for the photo's R. would it be possible to upload them onto your photo website also? ZippIt2009-02-21 09:34:36
  8. ZippIt


    thanks again for great photo's
  9. euro pro's (I thought they were retiring this year tho - obviously not..)
  10. this guy attacked up the right hand (oncoming) side of the road two or three times during the race - rediculous!ZippIt2008-10-26 10:06:22
  11. I see the AGM is tomorrow night at 6.30 - I'm sure they've done that to ensure that no league riders will attend as they will all be at Killarney! Haha sneaky
  12. one long ride (6/7hrs) three weeks before plus the spring funrides will get most ppl ready.
  13. is there a bikeshop in Wellington? If not - where is the one in Paarl..
  14. Dr Leith Stewart (mtb'er) is the one of the best hip (ortho) specialist's in the country.
  15. So David riding unbranded Zipp wheels today - wonder whats wrong with the shimano's...?
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