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  1. What this man says. Its amazing the amount of admin a good broker can remove and the peace of mind you have wrt being covered. You get what you pay for in life and their job is to ensure you never run in to average clauses. With all my mates they try and get the lowest insurance rates and then bitch when they find out why its cheaper.
  2. Its a Harley, we understand. More noise than motion.
  3. IMO gravel bikes are like double cab bakkies in reverse. People drive them because they aspire to a lifestyle and want to go offroad over weekends and the like - camping etc with all sorts of accessories. But as cars they are not really comfortable. However they spend 90% of their life on tar and commuting. If you put the right tyres on them you can go in to remote areas and if you bush kit them then they become very impractical for day to day use. Gravel bikes are the same - they are really limited if the terrain gets rough when you need some suspension and an MTB does better, and limited on road. You will always be swapping tires and rims which is admin. You will always be under geared for serious road riding and have high rolling resistance. Off road your mates on an MTB will be much less limited than you when it gets slightly rough. BUT: gravel is a new trendy thing, like fatbikes. More marketing and hype than technical merit in them but hey they are catching on. I have built and ridden a CX bike on and off road and sold that for the above reason. Great fun but other than that no real benefits, and then again two years ago built and entry level gravel bike with spares i had lying around. I still have it. The thing is it is neither fish not fowl and eventually you will find an MTB does stutter bumps better and a road bike does road racing better. IMO gravel will go the way of fatbikes when people work out they aren't really much more than a mental image of adventuring down a dirt road, so there is never going to be one bike to rule them all - more like another reason to build a bike and have another one on the wall. Mine sits on my Wahoo.
  4. The only thing i get from this is a lot of cycle lab ranting and bashing. TBH the viewpoints dont add any value and this aint news, rather IMO and you used a lot of energy venting your spleen against Cyclelab. FWIW there are tons of cars following everyone in the cradle in the yellow line which I agree causes a safety problem. I think the better post would be to highlight this habit of the follow cars that causes issues especially when you need to pass them wide. Agreed groups are too big for many clubs and very difficult to manage, but there is safety in numbers as they say. But then again road runners using the cradle running abreast cause the same problems as follow cars i.e. they force you wide and if there is a car then you are exposed. Here is the news though - you dont have to ride there - you can ride elsewhere. Nobody is forcing you to choose that venue. If you deliberately go there and ride there then you manage the conditions you find there like everyone else does if they choose to.
  5. Sad to see these go - I learned a lot in side threads and found it the real community rather than just the cycling related topics.
  6. The thing is that in terms of cycling here are a lot of high net worth individuals who are in to this sport as it appeals to the segment and who who are by their nature wealthy and being execs are also busy and time depleted so they dont have a great return on doing the research and solve the problem by using their wealth rather than their time. This is the market segment the people like the Specialized and Cannondale concept shops appeal to - they are selling the lifestyle and the vision, not the technical merits of a bike. Dont knock the lifestyle shops for executing an advanced marketing strategy where they are selling value above the features of the bike.You buy in to a brand and the lifestyle that brand image espouses. You may say a fool and his money are easily parted but every luxury brand in the world exploits this aspirational quality in humans
  7. agreed - i think the OP would have a valid premise if he said even the second hand market is skyrocketing and demand outstripping supply so the accessibility is being compromised.
  8. Have a look at the prices of new Specialized and Treks and then you will see why there is demand in the second hand market. Couple that with an increase in interest in the sport and then you have an amped up demand, and also a massive shortage of components owing to a global spike in interest for many reasons = demand above supply. Prices go up as more money chases less stock. Simple demand and supply. Values of bikes are unrelated to input costs in any way.
  9. ICE ID is part of my regimen but this scares me as I do ride alone a lot. If you bash your head then be careful and make sure you get checked out. I spent a week on a ventilator after flaking out 7 days later, aspirated a lung, stopped breathing, missed a wedding which happened to be my own and then had some fancy wave forms on an EEG. But thats a story for another day.:-)
  10. depends on the trade from what to what and how much you give. If its like istore locally then there is no ppoint.
  11. I think i left my Garmin 1030 Plus on the roof of my car at Valverde on Saturday and drove off after all the chaos when the rain came. If anyone found it please contact me. Paul - 082 9287955.
  12. Sounds like they stripped it and then just re-assembled it for the painting. IMO flush the system, bleed properly and then see where you land. If you are getting lever travel how new and thick are your brake pads? Maybe. anew set as well? It will crisp up your brakes.
  13. Hmm - i have always been concerned about water and batteries and it is a really cool bike that goes great when it does. Its the wife's TBH but the failures have been binary i,e, working, then not working. Simply put. I know electronics and when they pop they pop. When i googled the symptoms they were well known and documented. What concerned me was speaking to the shop owners who traded in second hand they are now stepping away from ebikes because if they fail they are very costly to repair.
  14. Not my bike but the Specialized Turbo Levo i bought for my wife second hand but i got the original invoices. So far i have had a battery repaired under warranty - first month after i got it (warranty offered from bike shop where i got it) and then the motor failed completely Dec 2019 whilst away on a trip (replaced under warranty after much to and fro and then in Dec 2020 hey presto the battery goes completely faulty after working the weekend before, No explanations. So Specialized locally say we will give you a battery at a lower price R 10k vs R 18500 new, but we will call you when we have stock. Thanks. That was December and i am still waiting. Eventually i found a second hand battery at bike market for R14500 and bought that because Specialized locally have not come through with spares. And they arent likely to cause the chip shortages and demand for ebikes mean they would rather sell new bikes than replace old things under warranty. And they dont seem to care much about that attitude. Thing is an ebike without a motor or a battery is the cycling equivalent of a potplant. Having spoken to the shops who were trading in them most of the guys who were selling second had ebikes have stopped because of all the failures. Be careful of these things - when they work they are sublime but if you get them second hand the warranty is void and they cost a lot more to fix if they fail as they are modular. Not like a normal bike. And Specialized after sales service on old ebikes sucks. Not interested, couldn't care, too many people looking for new bikes because of Covid so they will supply that market rather than try and fix the ones out there. I have been a huge Specialized fan since forever but TBH this experience has made me rethink that. Although i see every bike shop doing the same in the boom times.
  15. Good saddles - i am enjoying mine
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