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  1. This is my pet peeve. If you look back on my posts you will see me complaining a LOT about this. It endangers everyone and then makes the people in the bunches with follow cars ride like knobs all over the road. Never mind the runners have now taken over the cradle as well and run two abreast in the yellow line. So you get a follow car following a bunch of cyclists passing an oncoming bunch of runners and they are either passing you or you passing them? Cars and bikes all over the road. There was an accident caused by this at caves with a truck with Club 100 a couple of years ago. Guy escaped major injury. Another rider killed when doing a u turn hit by a motorbike. There are lots of crashes. Now i see trail runners and walkers have taken to the MTB tracks as well. Follow cars should be banned by clubs. Use a follow motorcycle for technicals and fix the bike on the side of the road. All else fails call an Uber and you can get home or to your car. This is making an overcrowded cradle a lot more dangerous. It's only a matter of time before one of two events or both: - cyclist hits an oncoming runner at speed and injuries are very bad. - cyclist run over from behind by a follow vehicle whilst in the yellow line. I can't wait until after the events when all the people leave and it goes back to normality. Now you know why the cradle is great in december or in winter , although TBH the amount of new people cycling has really lead to a continual large volume of traffic in the cradle. events need to be limited as well, the area is a public area so no permits to run events outside of the public land or on selected weekends should be granted. Oh and BTW week before CTCT the running clubs took it upon themselves to put red cones around their drinks tables in the yellow line therefore cordonning them off and pushing the cyclists in to the road? Under what authority and permits etc? This is a public area and the area should be shared by all for leisure, not for the exclusive use of some riders/runners in an event because they pay an organiser for access. I get there are big events etc which can be planned but it's the small random events that are now springing up every weekend with some guy who has arranged it and then oh boy got his mates in a follow car behind them "because it will be safer". What about all the other people who you are endangering and inconveniencing with your behaviour. never mind the driving on the way in when the guys are lats for their meetup with the club.
  2. BTW interesting feedback post cycle tour - the longest ride i have done with the new setup. So a 20 watt FTP increase on Garmin. That coupled with no foot pains and also shoulders and neck a lot less painful the next day. Very much money well spent on that setup.
  3. Yep i unfortunately believe you are right. I am busy getting the arm warmers out and the wind shells
  4. ha ha SE wind in Simonstown starting to increase in speed :-(.
  5. Very nice will share it with my friend who is riding for the first time so will no doubt help her. She was asking about the N2 and the climb up Signal Hill so hopefully this alleviates some of the issues 🙂
  6. okay agreed. I think wrt racing and at that level where it's seriously being ridden the rider still wants control. But this is the fine line use case again. Active suspension for road use is agreed. The point is the rules in motogp also prohibit it being automatic but if they didn't racing would be like F1 rather than Motogp. Just have a look at how much tech there is on a bike and how many rules there are limiting the use of automated devices and traction controls etc which they then spend times to get around (through things like ignition timing etc). If we had to have kept it all standard then you would still be setting points and using coil to generate spark. Something like the UCI tries to do in cycling.
  7. BTW does someone have a GPS file for the route for a Garmin - asking for a friend.
  8. Ummm - do you watch motogp at all? If so you will know its only because of the rules that no automated devices are allowed - all have to be rider controlled. Otherwise they would be there as there is no way the wetware on a bike can make a decision thousands of times a second and optimise for conditions. Same thing in F1 - the only reason they arent there is because they are banned otherwise the rider would just be a bit academic and it would be one rider v another based on how good their software is. Have a look at the era of active suspension in F1 and the Williams - the withdrawal of which was possibly a factor in Senna's death as the cars were too fast for mechanical suspension which they were then downgraded to Motogp Ride height adjustments for launch corner exit aren't allowed to be automatic, they have to be hydraulic and rider operated. Watch some of Simon Crafar's videos on Youtube where he goes through all of this in detail. Launch control is the same - has to be rider activated by a Stoppie at the line - otherwise it would be very simple to make all this automatic. So no the only reason they arent there is not because they dont work but because the rules ban them.
  9. Agreed but the percentage of cyclists who are pro's is the same as the percentage of drivers who have a super license for F1. Very low. But its not focused on them as they dont need it. It's the 99,5% of the average riders out there who will have a much better day because of this. Just like software in the average supercar makes it drivable if your name isn't Alonso, Vettel or Verstappen, this will make it accessible. And i still dont get the obsession with riding pro level stuff when you are a weekend warrior.
  10. Like all high end features they start at a premium and filter down to the masses as the tech gets adopted. Think ABS for cars, airbags, stability controls - at first only on high end cars with massive price tags. Now it's pretty much a feature we expect on every car. Motorbikes didn't have any of it. Now you buy with traction control, wheelie control, different setups for power outputs etc. I can see a future world with advanced terrain sensing software built in to the forks and shocks which adjust much faster and electronic valvlng as its still using motors. Active suspension with ABS for MTB will start to mean the type of stuff that required real skill to ride is now looked after by software. Remember the massive debates about disc brakes on road bikes and flying knives etc. Ho hum look now. Wider tyres and disc brakes the norm. I cant imagine what this will start to look like integrated in to a really good ebike package with big tyres etc. But then again i am in tech and love tech so this is so cool. Can't wait
  11. Mooi Foto. Just hope it holds. Yo now i cant wait to get there. I am ready
  12. Yo weather looks positively amazing right now i think the forecasters are doing it to create false hope and then will pull the rug from under all of us hopefuls the day before....
  13. you raining on my parade? Okay would be interesting to see - why you saying that - haas there been something published?
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