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  1. Een honderd persent. In this instance it was one guy on a dual sus with all the lights in the world.....and 95% black clothing on and a lady running less than 1m from the road dressed in black top, black pants, black shoes, thank goodness she was blonde. Funnily enough 99.9% of blue collar commuters in Joburg either wear something reflective or light coloured enough to make them visible, a lot wear helmets as well which is great to see. I think you have a great idea on donating some reflective kit.
  2. Fair point on both sides. The latest stupid trend I've noticed is guys commuting or running in all black clothes, sometimes on a black bike or with black shoes. Visibillity people, get a reflective jacket or something.
  3. With a Pi 1, not a chance, you'd kill it in a hearbeat. With a Pi 2, yep pretty sure you could do that, by default it does SMB sharing and you get Kodi clients for iPad etc. So that's the easy part, for downloading I'd recommend Sonar and SABNZBD+, both of which are linux based and should run great on it, worst case it's R800 or so to try and the worst you will be able to get is a great media player. The part I love most about the Pi. If your TV supports CEC you can use your TV remote to control the PI. One remote for everything.
  4. Yup loved it as well. Just a great movie. Best fighting scenes in forever.
  5. I liked forever a lot as well. But they aired it 10pm on a Friday in the US, never had a chance.
  6. For everybody who is like me and don't want to get to invest in shows cancelled quickly here is the latest list of whats coming back and what got cancelled: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/08/canceled-renewed-tv-shows_n_7225116.html
  7. Ray Donovan is back 12 July. Homeland should return around September October.
  8. If the spoilers the show then you nailed it ROFL. Got officially cancelled. But yeah was a decent show so far.
  9. Yup absolutely agree. Winter soldier was, for me, the best movie I saw last year so hoping the same rings true for Civil war.
  10. The 970 is a good rack, but a bit pricey for what it is. If the final goal is to get a platform rack why not try the autostyle one in the meantime? Looks sturdy and pretty usable for the price. http://www.autostyle.co.za/gps-electronics-detectors/cycling-equipment/3-carrier-bike-rack.html
  11. Yup IQ is right. Android has the same functionality. On my Note 4 a triple tap on the power button starts emergency mode. Sends SMS's and photos and location to your selected emergency contacts. You can then remotely track and disable the phone, also Android 5 is encrypted by default so nobody can access any data on the phone any way which is the bigger risk. My personal feeling about dedicated tracking devices is that they are a money making racket and a good place for insurers to hide behind. I was in an accident that wrote of my car, that had an early warning tracking device installed. They phoned me......2 MONTHS later saying oh the device isn't updating anymore........
  12. As I opened this thread up again I remembered that. So yes, there's that.
  13. kader01, I've got a 2014 Sprada 1. I'm 192cm and on a large, fits well. The medium should be perfect. But I've got a hunch what the problem is. The stem is a bit long most likely, but the standard silverback handlebars suck, they have this stupid double kink thing, swap these out with some better ones, also look at dropping the bars down a bit. As for the dropper, remember you size it on how much seatpost is exposed, if its let's say 110mm then a 100mm drop will be fine and the rest of the post should fit in the seattube nicely.
  14. On special at takealot for R2199. just search for carry chef. I can also recommend the safari chef. Uses 500g cylinders and is on special for R799 at take a lot. Great for camping too.
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