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  1. look at his screenshot above ...he has 40 notifications next to the little triangle thingie.....I am guessing those are 40 actions needing moderation of some sort.....
  2. how can you have a top 10 without this masterpiece
  3. no problem - I recreated it in Chit chat in the same format as the New Zealand one
  4. There's nothing to joke about to be honest Can you give me a valid reason why the New Zealand thread remained and the time to get the hell out of here thread didnt? I made a sincere plea for that to remain which just fell on deaf ears. This thread acts in the same way for us outside of NZ as the NZ thread for those living in NZ Thee is a wealth of information on that thread
  5. Watched Nobody this weekend. Really enjoyed it. Nothing special - just good 'ol entertainment. Well Worth a watch Also watched the Karate kid. I think it is the first time I have watched it since the 80's - was actually a really good flik
  6. not denying those going are world class...but look how few are going to represent SA in Athletics is what I am meaning. We should have double the number athletes going at least!
  7. I do actually agree with you here. I do also like the spectacle of the actual sport thought. I guess from an athletics perspective, the olympics is the pinnacle of the sport. It is more important than the world championships. I do agree that some sports should not be part of it. Reducing the number of sports would eliminate a lot of unnecessary costs of building single purpose stadiums etc. One of the biggest waste of money is the opening and closing ceremonies. I wish someone who was hosting had no ceremonies and instead used the money to build houses for the homeless in their count
  8. ha ha - hadnt even though about that...although I have already lost a few thousand! more worried about some really useful threads that have had no real conflict
  9. Further to my previous comment, I think before any threads are removed we should at least see a list of whats going to be nuked so we can raise objections. I understand some like the politics thread etc is not negotiable, but there are some that are definitely up for consideration to remain
  10. I will actually be quite annoyed if the time to get out of here thread gets the axe.... Just saying
  11. but the olympics are in Tokyo - so why would we worry about the Northern Parts? July is the most Humid month in Tokyo and today the Humidity is 92%..so yes - humidity could very well play a factor in the olypmic games
  12. New single by one of my current fave bands
  13. good lord...that was painful. I much prefer a just broken up heartbroken Lorde
  14. World cup rugby was in September and the okes were dripping with sweat. I think you underestimate the humidity that comes with living on an island
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