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  1. Mathias was looking very shady in the post race interview.. But at the end of the day.. Like he said.. It's racing
  2. Yeah.. He's had some terrible luck in both racing end qualifying. Let's hope he's on the right trajectory
  3. Great afternoons racing today. A positive 3rd place for Greg. Bummed that Finn didn't get his first win but Armoury was on another level. As for the ladies, Miriam was also on another level even if cami me no mistakes she still wouldn't have been a match for Myriam today
  4. Yeah.. not saying he didn't have a brilliant race. When he realised they were on him he pulled into his reserves and used some of that South African grit to hold them off, but you could see that he was spent going up that big climb
  5. Hatherly just held on. He was blown in that last lap
  6. She had to run up the hill and then get her bike corrected. Probably 2 minutes in that alone. Then had to redline to pass all of the field for 5 laps from the back. All this at your home event when you were wanting to perform. Yes, I would say she had a right to be disappointed and angry at the end of the event. As would any professional in that situation. Yet she still composed herself and interviewed soon after. Not bad for someone who is not even 21 years old. For someone who is still learning i think it showed massive professionalism and yes I definitely think it's impressive
  7. Positions were pretty much set from hallway through lap 1. The stigger Frei for 3rd was about the most exciting bit too watch. Mitterwalner coming up to 15th was pretty impressive after that disastrous start
  8. Cam balanche destroyed everyone. Unreal run
  9. Bloody frenchies are unstoppable
  10. Just looking at the results from the juniors. 0.038 difference in the men's juniors between Williams and Goldstone!
  11. It's actually not as bad as I first thought. As long as the rain stays away it should be ok
  12. thats going to hurt his "going for 6"
  13. With Finn out, I edited my fantasy team and put in mr minn because its fort william. I hope my gamble pays off...and well, I hope mr Minn pulls another one out of the bag
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