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  1. read terms and conditions. "AlbumCoverTees" lol was the old website i think
  2. yea i saw that its been up for 1 day and 3 hours. but its classed as safe browsing by google
  3. yea yea i know but DAMN man!!!! lol imagine. a scott e-bike and enduro bike for $189. dang it.
  4. Has anyone seen this website. http://www.takesellstore.com/scott-genius-700-tuned-bike-p-26.html Look at the bike prices. This cant be real can it? I mean some of those bikes are worth over $3000
  5. You guys have been super helpful. Thanks a Ton. im already looking at parts on BH. found some. also looking at sunrace rear cassette. not bad think i can get all this done under 2.5K
  6. LOL holy sh!t balls. thanks so much. I clearly have some thinking and tinkering to do. whilst riding today i was sitting in my big ring and though eish dont really wanna loose the speed. Maybe a 2x10 system? if i run a 2x10 can i run a 11-42 cassette at the back? run a 33-42 up front mmmmmm. thanks you guys have been SOOOOOO helpful.
  7. Thanks you guys are awesome. my current setup is on a 26" bike. again i know..... i do have a 29er hardtail but prefer this 26er for racing though. sounds funny. old school i guess. so im running a 9 speed 11-32 at cassette at the back. when upgrading cant i just ad or change the cassette setup to change it to 11-42. Also when changing the front to 1 chain ring do i have to do anything to the bottom bracket? My front chain rings are 22-32-44. I spend most my time in the 32 chain ring. so if i go 1x10 i could go 11-42 and 32 in front?
  8. hi guys. i seek some info and help from all you hardcore pros out there. im currently running an old 3x9 XT group set......i know i know. it does the job 100% for me but it needs replacing so obviously parts will be a problem so i would have to upgrade to a 1x10 or 1x11 system. for my hub can i just put in a 11 speed free body or must i replace my hub. What are my options to upgrade my group set? buy the parts individually and then put it all together? thanks
  9. Why cant i stop looking at this bike!!!!????? im getting funny feelings in my tummy when i look at it.
  10. SO sorry to hear about what happened to you. really am. I hope you are ok .
  11. Just freakin awesome. So true. My bike, my best friend and my worst enemy. Gives me Huge amount of pleasure and the worst type of pain, but at the end its all worth it.
  12. Ok thanks for all your views. I have a idea about the paths now. don't use em at your own peril. If i have time on my hands and not in a rush to get to work then ill commute on the path. If the path can accommodate me at the speed that im doing then ill be on it. If i feel that i would be a danger to those using the path then ill stick to the road. Also if i see the path is a danger to me due to neglect then ill avoid the path. Ill take pics of the neglect and post em on the #bicyclesafetysa twitter page.
  13. so when i hit town to pass through must i then get on a cycling path till there isnt one and get back on the road? i.e coming from Hout Bay via camps bay and sea point to get to durbanville and back. makes no sense at all. So my once 3 hour ride has now become 5 hours cause i have to get on the cycling path at pedestrian speed for their safety. To me logic tells me im too fast for the bike path and am a danger to everyone at the speeds whilst going through town.
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