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  1. I can come up with many excuses, but that is all they will be....excuses 😀.
  2. Vey good idea @patches. I have been here for close to 5 years and ashamed to say I have not even made it to the South Island yet 🤪. Anyway, here are some from Orewa, Wenderholm and Mahurangi West.
  3. Finally decided it is time to retire my old Spez Camber and bought the Trek Fuel Ex9.8 On my way to go for the first little ride now
  4. Pretty sure I have done all off Riverhead at least 10 times over, at least the gravel sections . The main gravel roads are nice for just exercise, but you need to get into the woods for the fun stuff (only. I have done some of them, but no matter what time of year you go, it is muddy. The 'downhill' section across the main road down the bottom is a lot of fun, but can be scary (much more difficult than the black trails at Woodhill)
  5. Past north Shore - Hibiscus Coast (Stanmore Bay). Seeing the same in Milldale - the lots with SIgnature signs on are just laying there and all the ones around them are going up. These friends bought in Mariner Rise (you will find it on Google). They eventually moved in 13 months AFTER the original plan. I just finished with Golden Homes. My feeling towards them is neutral. They were really quick, but some other areas of interaction sucked again - but then it might just be my SA mentality if you spend the above mentioned R10-12milion you should be treated like a VIP, but sadly below $1.5M, you are just another customer :-) Other friends bought from Highmark homes, and they were very happy (Milldale) Yet another friend is using GJ Gardener, and around 40% complete. He also seems fairly happy. They are known to be more budget friendly. I guess we will all have different stories and opinions and might be down to who your site supervisor is in the end.
  6. Wayne, some developers only settle a couple of days before you; the end customer settles. So until then they are also only out of pocket for the deposit only
  7. Dave, my friends took Signature to court and won (which barely made any difference) but they are notorious for being very very very slow.
  8. We are using Nicolene du Toit (she has been here for 20 years) at North Harbor Law in Orewa. Very happy so far. She gave the sellers all their days when we had to sign and go unconditional. Two of my friends used her and both were very happy. Fees are $2800 all in, which is about par for a house buy.
  9. Definitely a nice place to live. We have been living in Army Bay for 3.5 years now. Moving into our new build in 20 days in Red Beach (where the old golf course was). Awesome location (Red Beach, Silvrerdale, Milldale and Millwater).
  10. It is easier to do here as there are virtually no fees in doing so:
  11. Best of luck Steven Hope everything works out and we see you in NZ soon.
  12. We know a couple that sold their house, container already packed and on its way.... now they are stuck. Between life's so to speak. That is a really tough one
  13. Awesome news on the new job offer.Lots of companies are struggling currently. One would think we are in a much better position to get through this with the NZ economy than the SA one. Still going to be a tough 2020!
  14. Yep, same here. Parents in law supposed to fly out in 2 weeks. Now they going to stay there rather. Business travel to US also stopped for myself.
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