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  1. AlanD


    All this talk of Biltong got me lus for a batch. Tried some different things as mentioned here: 1) Marinate in Vinegar and Worcester sauce for around 3 hours. Not too much vinegar. 2) Pat dry, rub with some salt. Leave for an hour or two to draw out the moisture. 3) Brush salt off, spice and hang. Came out really good.
  2. AlanD


    A little of both I think. The vinegar also sterilises the meat and starts the curing process.
  3. AlanD


    It's probably down to the fact that it wasn't soaking in loads of vinegar. What's interesting is that you season after you leave over night. I normally season, leave over ight and then hang.
  4. Out with the old, in with the new. This was by far the easiest and most enjoyable job I've done because of 2 factors: 1) All the right tools 2) Patience and calmness I usually go in with a little bit of haste and end up getting all worked up and stressed. This time I did it nice and slow and carefully and it was awsome. Invested in all the right tools which made this a sinch.
  5. Are we talking about this one guys https://www.bikeparts.co.uk/products/wheels-mfg-bb86-92-outboard-abec-3-22-24-mm-black?variant=12708182884441&currency=GBP&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz8bsBRC6ARIsAEyNnvoT4LTucQog_FwRotuCuHoSIWkZKYmH5Bdn-_qIuF5IEzdcJGclcM0aAmfvEALw_wcB
  6. Is it me or is bottom bracket options overly complicated? I'm struggling to ascertain whats the best option here.The standard SRAM gxp one that I've read is a bit pooh and needs replacing quite often or one of the more expensive ones from Hope, wheels manufacturing...etc...will the more pricey ones last longer and they very expensive? I also need to look at tool.
  7. So a BB like this one then: https://www.wiggle.co.uk/sram-bb86-gxp-pressfit-team-bottom-bracket/?lang=en&curr=GBP&dest=1&sku=199774&kpid=199774&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+All+Products&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mckv|sYrOPVjlX_dm|mcrid|295292317327|mkw||mmt||mrd|199774uk|mslid||&mkwid=sYrOPVjlX_dm&pcrid=295292317327&prd=199774uk&pgrid=58852352866&ptaid=pla-522561790551&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrMHsBRCIARIsAFgSeI2GiflM7isC2CiU3tgco56bky22XioGbCAU1ufX47IuThLPcgRzyCcaAiRGEALw_wcB
  8. Not exactly sure but its pressfit gxp for SRAM X1 cranks. Says PA+GF on it if that's means anything. It's for a giant trance advanced 2014.
  9. Hi All, Done some much needed bike maintenance this weekend and notice the one side bearing of pressfit gxp bottom bracket is a little rough. As a short term fix, i popped the seal off, cleaned as best a could and added some fresh grease. I know this is not the best as it's not fully cleaned of old grease but it's only short term until I can change it. Dont have the proper tools....yet. My questions are: 1) Can I remove and replace just the bearing or do I need to press out the cup and replace with a new cup? 2) can I convert pressfit to threaded for ease of maintenance? If so, is it worth it? I've never had any issues with this pressfit BB and dont want any if I need to replace the cups. I understand that proper tools will make replacing the cups worth its weight in gold. Thanks
  10. That's true, a very personal thing. It's been a while now that I feel the trial 9s are doing it for me in terms of stopping power. Now I'm by no means a skilled rider that needs to stop on a dime cos I'm that good, I just feel there is far too much modulation and would like to have some more power sooner.
  11. I had Hope 3 e4 on my list but not sure if thats "i just want something hope" or a genuine contender in the world of stopping power.
  12. I've seen the cura's are always there as a good option. I'll put them on the list
  13. Hi All, Current Brakes: Avid Trail 9, 4 piston Although these brakes have served me well and are really good, I'm finding the gradual power they provide doesn't stop me fast enough and feel there is too much modulation. As a result, I'm investigating a new set that has a little more sudden stopping power but dont need anything that will send me over the bars...lol What's the recommendations for MTB brakes here. In terms of budget, reasonable priced or perhaps even top end ones i could search second hand for. Thanks.
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