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  1. I'll send you a picture later when I'm home, and let's talk from there. I can even send it to Cape Town with SkyNet
  2. So my express parcel arrived 13 days later, after really fighting the fight with SkyNet, and as true as nuts, CRC sent me a Tektro Brake/bell combo lever instead of a ThudBuster! WTF! I didn't even know that such devices existed, much less do I ever want one. Started the claim process with CRC, and now have to wait "up to 14 days" for the problem to be resolved. I've always been a CRC fanboy, but this last order has really left a *** taste in my mouth
  3. If you look at the details on the SAD500 these clowns provide, SkyNet uses a company called RT.... for their clearing. We should be grateful to CRC for choosing a world-class provider
  4. IMHO SkyNet is running a circus. Anyone involved in the clearing of international parcels knows that you need an invoice to clear against, a contact number for the consignee (semi-optional) and their ID number. I received an email from Dalene on Sunday morning, 6 May asking for my telephone number, and responded that evening. I received another email from Dalene on Monday morning, 7 May, asking for my ID number, and responded about 2 hours later. Silence I then sent an email on Wednesday morning, 9 May, asking when I would receive an invoice to pay against, as I had paid for the express delivery service (3-5 working days), and as 5 days had now passed without any sign of delivery, I was now getting frustrated. Just after lunch on 9 May, I received an email with an invoice, saying that "Once payment has been made kindly send us proof of payment so that we can submit your documents to customs to release your parcel." In other words, my parcel had not even been submitted to customs yet! That really gets my acid level up
  5. This is what I'm after, and I'd like it here as soon as possible. https://www.merlincycles.com/garmin-edge-520-gps-computer-with-heart-rate-monitor-103497.html Please let me know
  6. Really gets my blood pressure up when you have to be exposed to patronizing pr&cks like that! How long did your parcel take to arrive, compared to the good old DHL days?
  7. I would like to replace my Garmin, are you still keen on putting together a group buy? Please let me know.
  8. Shimano 540's at CWC, really good price at the moment! Bulletproof pedals, no maintenance required, and cheap enough to bin when they do eventually pack up (mine are around 5 years old and still going strong. I've just got the XT Trail pedals, so am hoping for the same bulletproof reliability.
  9. Placed an order yesterday morning on their new customer interface (which is quite cool!) and selected the express option. My past orders have come with DHL, but this morning I got an update via email saying the parcel will be delivered via SkyNet. Any experiences with SkyNet, do I need to worry? I really hope I don't have to endure another Bike24/DHL Paket/SAPO/EMS saga like I'm having at the moment
  10. I rode the 20km with my wife and some drinking buddies last year, and traffic was OK, but the route marking was absolutely terrible in the last 5 kms before the finish. It was that bad that people were turning back and cycling against the oncoming people, so really not cool. The marshalls at this part of the track were also completely clueless. Luckily we ride there quite often and could figure out a bypass, and get over the cool finishing bridge The rest of the track was typical RedBarn, with lots of fun trails to ride, and the feeling that you're hardly ever going straight. With all the hassles from last year, we'll be riding it again this year!
  11. Morning Gremeltech gents. Are you only going to distribute complete ebikes, or are you also going to distribute Bosch e-bike motors, controllers and batteries into the market for conversion of exisiting pedal bikes to e-bikes?
  12. Really grates my gears, this lethargic and inconsistent service from SAPO. Thanks for the links LWB, really appreciated. Now the waiting game starts.......
  13. I've just had to order something from the UK that can only get shipped via Royal Mail. I know this goes to SAPO, but I cannot find a way to tack the parcel here. I've always used trackmyparcel.co.za but that's not working. Some help with another site please!
  14. As Ben Reaper said, brake discs are cheap enough to just fit new and not have to worry when you're out on a ride about whether that small warp you straightened has returned, is that rubbing pad because of a warped disc, etc etc etc
  15. Agree with the above, and also bear in mind that Titan's Calypso range are offered and specced towards women riders, with specific frames and geometry to suit. They also have very basic components.
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