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  1. I got 3 wind assisted PRs yesterday so some benefit to being out in the wind.
  2. We had that cold , strong wind for our ride on Saturday morning in Jhb and a wet ,strong wind ride in the Raithby trails yesterday. Woke up this morning to some rain . Hopefully it will clear up later so we can go for a ride after work.
  3. I arrived in Somerset West on Sunday to strong winds and rain. Still raining this morning. Hopefully we will get some days like in the photo before we go back to Johannesburg.
  4. My retirement plans ( which have been delayed until Dec 2022) are to buy a van and shuttle between JHB and Cape Town stopping at all the interesting places to ride a bike. The pass is definitely on the to-do list.
  5. It's my size and I have had an itch to try out a SS with belt drive with a long time. However R35k is a little more than I want to pay for soothing powder.
  6. We went down to Reitz for the Bieliemielie 3 day Mtb race. Routes were mostly gravel roads but there were some decent single tracks as well. I really enjoy these small community races. Reitz is home to a very large wolf sanctuary- over 200 of them. Photo is of a 18 month old male wolf
  7. Gamesmanship out of the playbook. " I have been here for so long I came to look for you" I
  8. Seeing the 4 years that Greg has won the WC reminded me that I was privileged to be present at two of these wins. 2003 in Switzerland and 2013 in Pietermaritzburg.
  9. Some photos of the snow on our ride from Firgrove to the top of Helshoogte yesterday. Surprisingly for an ex Durbanite and used to heat and humidity I set a PR up Helshoogte it was very cold coming back down into Stellenbosch
  10. As a blissfully unaware part timer in Somerset West my wife and I went out on the R304 and back on the R44 on Saturday morning. And we have ridden up Helshoogte on a few occasions. We have always done these on a weekend morning well after sunrise. We saw lots of riders on the R304.
  11. I have been living in Somerset West for 50% of each month for more than a year because of Dale’s pictures
  12. I will send you Andrew Lucas details via dm he collects bike from your house
  13. Thanks. after I had a very mild covid infection I built up slowly again ( I am 63) as I lost a friend who started too fast after he had covid 1st week 20 minutes at walking pace HR 2nd week 40 minutes at walking pace HR 3rd week kept HR below 70% of max I have no commonalities so that helps. Non smoker and non drinker as well
  14. Why the break after 2 nd vaccination? Just curious as I can’t find anything that advocates this. Another rider from my CT group did the same just because he felt like a rest
  15. We try go out to Rooiels as early as possible on a Sunday morning to avoid the pilgrimage to Hermanus . and we have bright flashing lights front and rear. very nice coffe stop just before you get back into Gordon Bay
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