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  1. Will put her in touch with the Hillbillies MTB club.
  2. Cancel the secondary card and save yourself the R50/month or whatever they charge, then add your primary card to her Apple/Google/Garmin Pay/Wallet.
  3. The Final Results for Sunday's Race! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Srev4KqC-FliVvZS6X0YnZZPUGljo4bh/view?usp=drive_link Witfontein Enduro 2023 - Results.pdf
  4. Some okes were feeling a bit sorry for themselves in the light drizzle during their first stage. What's Witfontein without some damp rocks and slippy roots. Nonetheless, the clouds cleared an hour in and it was an absolute pearler of a day. You missed out bru. Don't do that again next year 😂
  5. Stage 1 - Course Preview Stuka, Alaska, R&B, Supertubes 2.8km distance - 230m descent Incl. in both Full & Lite categories https://www.instagram.com/p/CvOrPAws2wa/
  6. A little pre-race scoop on what to expect: https://bikenetwork.co.za/preview-witfontein-enduro/
  7. Alright, it's official...THE RACE IS BACK ON! I sincerely apologize for the back & forth. The land use permit is now in-hand. Find the entry link via https://wcenduro.co.za/ Full Race - 6 Stages (32km & 1200m climbing) Lite Race - 3 Stages (23km & 750m climbing) I'll share Trailforks routes when the course previews are ready, in a week or so.
  8. CANCELLED I'm sad to inform you that the race is cancelled. After 3 months of fighting, Forestry has finally made it clear that I won't get a permit this year. I can't risk the liability of not having CSA sanctioning and the insurance that comes with it. I will hopefully be able to get a permit to move the race nice and early next year.
  9. Damn, I thought I had put a password on this...oops. Now that the cat is out of the bag, here's what's to expect: Stage 1 was not in the race last year. This is the longest with the most peddling. Stage 4 will be a little bit shorter (omit Chigger trail at the bottom) Stage 5 will be a bit longer than (new start all the way up at the railway tracks) Stage 2,3 & 6 are the same as last year. Total distance is 6km further, with 250m more climbing. As @Meezo correctly established, Lite category will be stages 1, 2 & 5. Course previews via Bike Network, once all the wind damage has been cleared, for the third time this year.
  10. ...aaand entries are live! https://www.entryninja.com/events/79323-witfontein-enduro-2023
  11. I'm hoping to have an answer from Forestry on my land use permit sometime next week. Really struggling with them this year. I'll post here when entries open. Otherwise, join the Whatsapp broadcast group which also doubles as an emergency report channel on race day: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LdkQ09SKLEBAbUosMjelgv
  12. Probably not but there's 3 new trails to make up for that, that are arguably more fun. The top half of that Cross trail is the only section that goes off forestry land into Cape Nature land. So that's a whole other land use application and they charge a crazy amount per rider, for like 90 seconds of descending.
  13. Last year, rain the night before made it twice as gnarly as it usually is. Let's hope for a dry one this year. Wednesday will be a public holiday. Take leave on Monday, Tuesday and check out the proper gnarly stuff that is too hectic to be included in the race.
  14. I'll leave this here for those who haven't seen it elsewhere.
  15. I have taped the whole course for the past 2 years. It was only that first year 2020, when it was basically a free race and you had to follow the pink rocks 😂
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