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  1. What the heck was that race tape doing in the Bull-Dog's way at the end there? 🤣
  2. After a recce of the route yesterday, there is a good chance that the full race may be closer to 5 stages, 25km and 1100m of climbing. If you want to have a good time on the more fun/tech trails I would suggest that... rather than entering the Lite category, you enter the Full race, accept a DNF and skip one or two of the longer/flatter/pedally stages. Or if you don't care for your times, just put your race board on backwards, pick and choose which stages you want to do and ride for the fun of it.
  3. @Captain Fastbastard Mayhem here is your personal invite. You have 3 months and 1 day notice...NO EXCUSES!
  4. Saturday, 25th September 2021 Ground Zero Bike & Trail Park Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/343603397340868 Entry Form: https://forms.gle/9AfpGnbxDLCsVHb59 Registration @ 08:00 - 08:30 Race briefing @ 08:45 Full category riders set off @ 09:00 Lite category riders set off @ 09:15 Racing finished latest @ 14:00 Prize giving @ 16:00 Full Enduro - 6 stages between 1-2.5km each, ±30km total distance & 1300m elevation) -R250 for Hillbillies Members -R300 for Non-Hillbillies Members Lite Enduro - 3 stages which are less steep & technical, ±20km distance & 700m elevation -R200 for Hillbillies Members -R250 for non-Hillbillies Members Entry fees must be paid by EFT. Bank details will be supplied in a confirmation email. Pre-entries close on the 19th September 2021 @ 23:59. Late entries will be accepted on the morning of registration, will only be payable in cash, and will carry an additional charge of R50. NB: Indemnity Forms must be signed on the morning of registration. For all entrants younger than 18, their parent or legal guardian must sign on their behalf. Race route to be announced on Friday, 17th September. Note, this is extremely dependent on the current harvesting of the plantation, and therefore the stages and distances mentioned above are subject to change. Contact: 072 147 3808 or christofison90@gmail.com
  5. It's happening again: Saturday, 25th September 2021 Ground Zero Bike & Trail Park https://www.facebook.com/events/343603397340868
  6. Although it would be nice if it were in the same spot when you're on the home page. I guess it doesn't show because the home page is actually the 'marketplace' and not the forums?
  7. Thanks Nick. It works fine there 👍 I just didn't look carefully enough.
  8. Has the Forums/mycontent page been omitted?
  9. If you can be super accurate with a vernier on the side of the taught chain, then 12 half links should measure: 152.4mm = new 153.00mm ≈ 0.40% stretch 153.25mm ≈ 0.55% stretch 153.50mm ≈ 0.70% stretch
  10. So 0.5 on that older chain checker in an XO/XX1 chain, in reality is probably closer to 0.75% because of the larger rollers.
  11. I hope you're using a CC-4 or similar chain checker. The older & more basic chain checkers will be pretty inaccurate on XO1 & XX1 chains, with their over-sized rollers.
  12. Brage's clip is makes me so amped to ride. He's got almost 10 times more votes than everyone else on the Pinkbike poll, so he's definitely won. Will be interesting to see by how much on the X-games site. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/poll-which-x-games-real-mtb-edit-is-your-favorite.html
  13. You no longer have to do the fitness assessment to get up to 25% discount. Now the online and clinic health assessments get you there.
  14. Everything fitness related gets the discount, incl. a shirt, a golf ball, a dumbbell bar end, a karate belt. How is the chest strap for an HR monitor not fitness related?
  15. I was bleak to find out at Sportsmans Warehouse today that the Garmin Electrode Strap does not qualify for the 25% discount
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