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  1. I have a Kickr 3 and don't have the original belt anymore. So can't really say now whether it's narrower or not, but it is still holding up fine for now.
  2. Yes you can buy from them! They are solid!
  3. I have been searching for months now for the pirelli xc rc with the Prowall.. but no luck. Hopefully next year To the OP. I have tried so far... Maxxis Rekon Race 2.25. Fast as hell but no braking grip downhills. Newer maxxis tyres are heavy as hell except the Aspen. Older Specialized Ground Control and Fast Trak 2.3. Nice balance, but somehow I still struggle to get the front GC to corner better. Vittoria Barzo and Mezcal. Also the older (cape cobra) edition in 2.35. Best balance so far. Grippy enough for anything I have encountered, very durable so far and rolls lekker. I understand the newer compound is a bit heavier but still within the xc realm. Just put a new set of Schwalbe Racing Ray and Ralph on my racing wheels, but have yet to test them. Feels like a nice supple tyre. Hope for the best
  4. For the price (according to the test) you get great value out a xtr chain and with less friction loss. There was a youtube video - I think Dylan Johnson shared some details about it But yes I have also read great feedback on the X01 chains! I just prefer Shimano, so xtr chain it is for me. Deore chain sucks
  5. https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/chaintesting/ Just something I read a while back
  6. I went for the Lyne Pulse earlier this year. And so far I'm happy. Especially for the price. But I have not tried more expensive wheelsets, so I can only compare to alu wheelsets
  7. I have got about 2200km now out of my xtr chain so far. Not close to 0.5 wear. I do ride on the road mostly though. Wife's deore chain already had 0.5 wear at 1700km. It literally had rust after just one ride through mud near the coast. Her bike is also mostly on the trainer. Got her a xtr chain as well now so I will monitor that. Her previous bike had Sram NX and that chain did about 4000km (iirc) but the cassette and chainring were toast with it
  8. Hi guys We are also in the process of getting a new bike for our eldest. She turns 9 next month and is about 130-133cm tall. So a 24" should be the correct size. I really wish we could just go straight to 26" but it is what it is hey. I think it will be too big for her for a year or 2. She is small, but fast and athletic - sports and dancing. So I've been checking at various models. It will be quite sometime before she rides anything technical like a proper trail as we don't have trails closeby. I think a bike with v-brakes and rigid fork should be sufficient, but that's why I'm asking... Keep in mind it's a girl so the colour DOES matter! This will be her first bike with gears. Marvel Livi has hydraulic disc brakes and air fork. It is just heavy - https://www.cyclelab.com/product/1016389-bike-jnr-girls-marvel-livi-disc There's a Marvel Livi with v-brakes and rigid fork as well, but its blue (cheapest) - https://www.cyclelab.com/product/1016400-bike-jnr-girls-marvel-livi-v-brake Titan Calypso Lite. Rigid fork, v-brakes https://www.cyclelab.com/product/1016458-bike-jnr-girls-titan-calypso-lite Titan Calypso. https://www.cyclelab.com/product/1021017-24-inch-titan-calypso-v-2021 Mech Fork, v-brakes Scott Contessa. https://www.cyclelab.com/product/1016434-bike-jnr-girls-scott-contessa-v V-brakes and Mech fork - Best looking and the right colour. Not on sale anymore. Most expensive one on the list, but it was on sale recently and in line with the others on the list. I know there is a Scott Roxter with Rigid fork and mech disc brakes as well, but it wasn't in stock when I was at Cycle Lab. Price class here was R4k-R6k (when the Scott was on sale) We will try and get a proper thumb shift instead of the grip shifters. I don't mind getting the Marvel Livi as I'm familiar with disc brakes so it will be easier for me. That being said, she's had a Avalanche 20" single speed now for 3 years with cheap v-brakes and it has been very good to us so far. Am I overthinking this? Should she just choose the one which looks the best? Maybe I answered my own questions, maybe not. But thanks for helping anyway!!
  9. Just throwing more confusion out there.. few shops recently had a nice discount on the Giant Anthems. The newer models looks quite nice
  10. Nothing wrong with a Top Fuel. I'm assuming you are looking at the current Top fuel that was released about 2 years ago.. It depends on your needs. Its closer to a trail bike vs the evo. It is also heavier in similar spec than the evo. If you do more technical trails but its still in the xc realm, its a good option. If I had to go for one I'd want the 9.8 at least. The previous gen (2020 and 2021) was leaning more towards the xc side but also great bikes. I still love that colourway on the 9.8! I wanted something lightweight and 2x bottle cages, so I went for the evo.
  11. I recently also saw Cycle Lab and Bike Addict running deals on them for quite a while. I use the same size as Ciovita
  12. I have a Epic evo comp (full slx drivetrain and RS sid sleect). Its an amazing bike and very light already. The first Base models (2021) had a blend of Slx and Deore parts with Deore Brakes so already a good platform to work from. I think since 2022 models its a Sram drivetrain? So on a Base model you then get those crappy brakes, Sram Sx/nx cassette (anvil) which limits you with future upgrades as well because of the freehub. But you can always change that. Just something to keep in mind So I would look for a 2021 Base or Comp model if I were you.... and take the spare change and get a nice set of hoops or a RS Sid or Fox 34 Sc
  13. Orbea Orca M30 was R40k a couple months ago at Cycle Lab. How would that compare?
  14. I live about an hour from Algeria.. July has either East Mountain wind or its wet. Super unpredictable month. And for the first time in like 9 years I think it is going to be raining properly this July
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