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  1. nice pics! who was the lady that took pics near the KJ gutter? I think she must have got some good ones...
  2. Rear wheel Bontrager race X lite - missing @ DC '09 I punctured on Op te Tradous and got a rear wheel from a pannel beating white bakkie with an orange light on the roof. Anyone who can help me with ANY info to track this guy down.... pls baas! Regards The Donkey
  3. Wats up with the festive season... ppl must go drinking and then toss their empty glass bottles out the car window... Suikerbossie camps side is full of glass patches... What pro active steps can cyclists take to prevent this from happening? Can SAB not promote responsible consumption w responsible "recycling" of the empties? or should we bitch about it on the hub and keep puncturing?
  4. lamb, u guys did well bru, respect! where do I get a helicopter from? Club 100 can we have one too?
  5. Well it is a cycling forum...
  6. Chris was an awsome dude, such a friendly guy and always a cheery face at the races and out training. Truly a sad day for cycling.
  7. Post your celeb pics of banana man... the hubs greatest celeb! He was at last years west coast express... see you guys can have your pic taken w him...
  8. Im OK the legend... I was out Suikerbossie n back this am..... No danishes.... Im loosing weight for a change....
  9. ah TheLegend.... you bring smiles to my face... Well so much for me hiding my sexy glove tan from the HUB... OK, so I wanna know if any one uses hand cream for this or not?Donkey2008-10-07 03:43:15
  10. Ja, I do but the last bit of my thumb is still exposed.
  11. OK, 1st seeing as this a cycling forum... If one cycles alot, then the inside of ones thumbs wears out and tries to grow back. Last week my skin cracked and I could see a tiny bit of blood. LOL re girl friend comment
  12. Do u guys also get cracked thumb skin. Or scaley sorta thumb skin. we were having this agument... should u use hand cream to soften it, but then soft skin may crack? Or should use hand cream to prevent the cracking? Eish?
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