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  1. What type of riding are you looking for?
  2. I did not receive a mail saying I can enter.
  3. I did it and was a great experience. Personally, I'm putting my own trail 'event' together. I cannot justify the cost vs extra value doing it through an event organiser. No beer tent, music, mc or vibe at the end was a big let down for me. All the routes are on SANPARK routes. Total cost for me and the wifey was about R 12k with accommodation, buses and everything else.
  4. Stolen: Merida big 99 2014 When: 15 September 2016 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Bike was stolen from home. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  5. I just entered.....where on earth do you find info regarding facilities, food etc. Like what you posted, but more on the rest of the festival. The only info I can get ANYWHERE is the little race poster.
  6. Stolen: Cannondale Rush 2016 When: 17 July 2016 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Bike was stolen off bike rack while inside shop. Bike doesnt have 50 km, brand new. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  7. Person dependent, but if you are analytical not much comes close to a PM. Need a coach or read the literature on how to use it though.
  8. So the insurance let me know they are replacing the frame! Pretty sweet, no hassles whatsoever. Giant also let me know I can sell the frame and carry over the lifetime warranty seeing as I havnt done one km on it. So new question.....How much do I sell a new Giant TCR Advanced with new Giant PA-2 wheels (neither 1 km) with secondhand dura Ace groupset for?
  9. Bike is currently at Giant Concept store in Durbanville so couldnt do the coin test. Will update as I get more info. Will see what the insurance says, I'm pretty sure they are going to make VERY sure it is a claim before paying out. If it isnt a crack, fantastic. Can then sell the bike without wondering if the buyer is going to break his neck.
  10. It is at the spot where it clamps. But I don't think it was the rack as my bike rack has the elastic fasteners.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I spoke to Hannes van der Walt at Giant Durbanville. He told me to bring the bike in so that he can take it to Giant for inspection. Think it is the best solution. Will post pic to show the crack. Maybe we can start a poll / betting system and I will reveal in the end.
  12. So my frame has a little crack on the paint. A mechanic told me I must have it checked out as it can be the carbon that is cracked. I asked a around and no one seems to be able to tell me with certainty that its the one or the the other. The bike is insured, but I do not want to submit a claim if it isn't a claim and also to not want to skip the claim process if it is a valid claim. All input will be appreciated.
  13. Bibs and the padding are very personal. I'm lucky and I don't mind very little or lots of padding. When I ordered DC kit people (all very established cyclists) preferences varied from little padding to diaper type padding. Personally I prefer brands where the material lasts long and doesnt go see-through after a season or two.
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