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  1. I heard they are going to buy/launch events in SA as qualifiers too
  2. Grott's partner Montoya withdrew after the first Water Point.
  3. The live updates on the Epic website
  4. Jeez, you're a hard task master. The technical difficulties aren't deliberate
  5. Thomas Dietsch is following the women on and e-bike with a GoPro in the same way that Stefan Sahm is behind the men, but there have apparently been some technical glitches with his equipment other than on the prologue and parts of Stage 1 (he filmed Spitz's crash, for example)
  6. Word in the race village has been that Lakata was battling with some bug from the start. poor guy has no luck
  7. It said 'determined to close the gap' ...
  8. This from the epic website: http://www.cape-epic.com/news/943/how-to-enjoy-the-epic-drama-from-your-living-room/
  9. It's Langva(d) not Langval. It's pronounced Langval, that's why he says it like that
  10. Stirnemann is ranked six in the world for cross country and Schurter said at the press conference yesterday that he sometimes "kicks my ass". But he also said they were on a fact-finding mission and would be back to try win it next year
  11. Hincapie was bust before they imposed there rule and it does not apply retrospectively - if you were bust and sanctioned before Jan 1, 2013, you can ride once you ban is over. Anything after that and it is a lifetime ban
  12. The riding in the area is some of the best on the country. Old style mountain biking - nice and rugged
  13. Wow. I did the same race and had a vastly different experience: * riding through incredible terrain with some brilliant sections of singletrack - and there wasn't that much climbing either; * Hugely impressed by the water tables and the super friendly people manning them. I had ice blocks popped into my bottle by kids at two of the stops; * As-much-as-you-can-pile-on-a-large-plate buffet at Tapas, with different main course each day; * Dinner after the prologue too; * Wine tasting on Saturday night. As for the rest - Rotary ran the car service and the proceeds go to their causes so I didn't begrudge the R620 I spent on getting my car back to Knysna over the three days. I don't have any insights into the time taken to treat the injured woman, but asking the question without knowing the answer is not playing fair. Obviously it was the new owners' first time organising the event and some things could be slicker, but I though it was an amazing experience.My first comment after finishing was: "I'll definitely be back next year."
  14. The other two that I hear the pros rate very highly are Markus Kaufmann and Jochen Kaess of Centurion Vaude. They were winning in 2014 after Stage 1 from the Bulls when one of them broke his frame. They then handed over wheels to eventual winners Hynek and Mennen when one of the Topeak Ergon guys got a bad flat. Kaess and Kaufmann haven't been able to race together since then because of injuries
  15. This is going to be Alban Lakata's year - Hynek has relocated to SA with his family and they are going to be super strong. And Robyn and Sabine for the women's
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