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Found 15 results

  1. Iv always ridden with Falke socks. I liked that they were slightly longer than other brands. However the last few pairs have all been slighty shorter which I dont really like. I do like Versus because of the extra padding on the toe and heal but dont like the length. Any other suggestions for nice socks that are longer than the Versus but obviously not knee height.
  2. Hi Hubbers, During a bike ride in Jonkershoek, some time ago, the topic of cycling socks came up between my friend and I (both students in Stellenbosch). With both of us always on the lookout for new business opportunities we realised that there is a gap in the market for affordable, comfortable, durable and just outright sexy socks. So we spent some time creating designs, pinpointed a reliable local manufacturer and from there Versus Cycling socks came to life. Now we need your input to make this idea a success and to ultimately create awesome socks. Please help us in better understanding your cycling sock needs by filling in this survey - it will only take a minute (By doing this you stand a chance to win a Versus Socks hamper as soon as we have launched our first products): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DD2LK8S If you have any further comments to add on the topic of cycling socks, please do so below or send us a PM.
  3. Versus Socks Versus shot into the sock doping hall of fame with their legendary turquoise and yellow banana socks. They have successfully followed up with a range of funky socks in fun designs to accentuate almost any kit and bike combo. Their Summer Party range includes mouthwatering liquorice, pineapple, ice cream and watermelon designs. Away from the flash of the funky socks ranges, Versus also do more understated designs using solid colours with lines and stripes. Versus Socks are widely available at bike shops, and more conveniently, online here, and delivery is free if you order four pairs or more. Prices range from R90 to R110 per pair depending on the model and design. On the foot, the Versus socks look the part, and feel inoffensive. Repeated washing does cause them to fade and fray quickly around the graphics, but for fun factor they are up there with the best. The trail socks are a bit shorter and feature a much thicker material with a double cuff for better protection and durability but they are a bit warmer in summer. Verdict Comfort Durability Style Price R110 Sox Footwear Sox are relative newcomers to the local sock game. Their range features mainly simple designs in eye-catching colours. The socks sell for R119 per pair, and are available online here. Delivery is free if you buy three or more pairs.When worn the Sox have a comfortable fit, they feel light and breathable, but not thin and flimsy. This is achieved by using a variety of material types in different areas of the sock - the stretchy fabric over the ankle helps with comfort, fit, and cooling while the thicker panel over the ball of the foot provides some relief. The length is spot on, and the bright colours are unmissable on the road and trail. My personal favourites are the Sox Footwear Orange Infinity Bike socks. The colour is electric and unmissable on the road or mountain, the length is perfect for me, they are comfortable, and seem to be withstanding repeated washing and wearing without fading, bobbling, or fraying. At R119 per sock they are not the cheapest out there, but the extra R20 may be worthwhile in terms of sock life. Verdict Comfort Durability Style Price R119 Sexy Socks Founded locally in 2014, Sexy Socks focus on giving back. For every pair of socks sold, a pair is donated to a child in one of South Africa’s township schools. They can be found in 60 stores countrywide (the list is on the website), or can be ordered online here. The cycling range features 6 designs, with predominantly simple, eye-catching geometric patterns, and they retail for R149 per pair.Sexy Socks look set to make great winter socks. The double cuff means they are thicker than the others, and this does make them seem warmer when you first put them on, but is not noticeable while riding. They have shown no signs of wear and tear after washing, and the quality and comfort is unparalleled. The sexy socks are the perfect length and I really like supporting the cause. They cost a bit more than some of the others, but it basically comes down to buy 1 get 1 free, with the second pair going to a kid in need. I can get behind that. Verdict Comfort Durability Style Price R149 The Cyclist Co. Another local company, The Cyclist Co. offer a range of products centred around the cycling lifestyle: socks, off bike apparel, coffee and cycling-inspired art. The socks feature a classic striped design and are available in a range of 5 colours. They retail for R100 a pair and can be ordered online here. Delivery is R50 countrywide or free if you spend R500 or more. The Cyclist Co. striped design blends classic and fun. The socks are light and breathable, but on the long side if you have short legs. Two of our four testers have developed holes in their socks during the four-month test period, but the colours have withstood washing well. Verdict Comfort Durability Style Price R100 Trace Apparel Probably the most recent of all the newcomers to the South African sock scene, Trace Apparel are currently available at Olympic Cycles, and online here. They are available in six colourful designs, retailing for R100 per pair.The Trace Apparel socks are a comfortable fit and forget affair. They use thicker material on the heel and toes which works well to provide padding and protection. The colour of our pre-production sample socks has faded slightly after a few mud baths and washes but they still maintain their original charm. It's the natural design themes of the Trace Apparel socks that I like most. The pointy mountain peaks and wavey ocean scenes are images I associate with the same peace I get from mountain biking. For those motivated more by power there is also the thunderbolt design. Verdict Comfort Durability Style Price R100 MB Wear FUN Socks An international brand, handmade in Italy and available from Chris Willemse Cycles, for the hefty sum of R399 per pair. They include technological features like a thin polypropylene layer at contact points to reduce vibrations and jarring, a hexagonal design to improve moisture wicking, and silver ions for anti-bacterial properties.The designs are beautifully detailed and intricate, and they are as comfortable as the price tag suggests. But on the foot the material stretches and the colours fade somewhat as the pattern is deformed. They are the lightest socks we tested, at 30g per pair, so if you are a serious weight weenie, and not on a budget they may be worth a look. Verdict Comfort Durability Style Price R399
  4. Sock doping is a key component of successful cycling, and essential for showing off your calf gains. Here’s our guide to some of the socks that are available locally, to keep you looking good, both on the bike and in the coffee shop. Click here to view the article
  5. Cy.clist (noun) a person who embraces the simple pleasure of balancing on two wheels. Cycling and the culture that accompanies it is more than just a way of life. It’s a form of self-expression – a journey charted through untamed paths where your senses are immersed in the beauty of nature and its surrounds. This sense of freedom is our ethos. Be it the open road, a rocky descent or urban exploration – the notion of escapism and the connection between man, bicycle and nature is what fuels our passion. At the Cyclist Co we strive to create products of immense quality using creative expression and high-end aesthetical merit to bring our vision to life. We love all forms of cycling and our range of products and timeless design integrity embodies the bicycle’s power to unite cultures and creeds. Our designs are inspired by Cape Town, its beauty and its people, and produced in South Africa. In essence the Cyclist Co allows you, dear rider, an affordable outlet to celebrate your style and individualism; to pay homage to the purest form of freedom known to man – the bicycle. As such this is echoed through our range of products. Our stylish and elegant socks are ultra-comfy as is our coffee – the ideal catalyst to kick-start your ride or fuel post-ride bike talk. Our t-shirts are works of art, fabric canvasses that capture various elements of bike culture using beautifully type-set designs and iconography. Then there’s our range of Cycling-inspired art captured on hand-printed high-quality paper celebrating feats achieved by legends of yesteryear – ideal for your bike room. We want to celebrate the excitement, the escape and the freedom that comes with pedalling a bicycle. Our brand transcends all boundaries and celebrates the heritage of cycling culture. CompetitionTag us in a Tweet or in an Instagram post of you enjoying your ride or your post ride coffee, with your definition of a cyclist or what cycling means to you.Win one of 2 hampers from The Cyclist Company worth over R1 000 : 5 x socks from the Classic Range, a Ride Free cap, a MTB Club Tee and a 250g bag of The Cycling Company coffee. Instagram: @thecyclist.co Twitter: @thecyclistco Facebook: @thecyclist.co Email: hello@thecyclist.co.za www.thecyclist.co.za
  6. The Cyclist Co are a cultural curation for cyclists by cyclists, fashion fused into lifestyle, based on the simple pleasures of riding a bicycle. Click here to view the article
  7. It's a known fact that socks can make or break the look of your kit - look around on your next group ride and you'll see what we're talking about. At Morvelo we pride ourselves on producing items that cover the full cycling style spectrum and that means we have you covered from caps, shirts and bib shorts to baggies, jackets and socks. Funky and full of flavour, our sock designs are guaranteed to complement whatever you've got in the wardrobe - off the bike too. Take a look - priced between R150-R200 per pair they'll make the perfect Christmas gift. Morvelo Socks Series Emblem Navy - R200 Morvelo Socks Series Stripe Black - R200 Morvelo Socks Series Stripe Fluro Pink - R200 Morvelo Socks Series Stripe Blue - R200 Morvelo Socks Series Emblem Celeste - R200 Morvelo Socks Series Emblem Black - R200
  8. We all have those lonely single socks lying around with an unmatched partner. Now they can come to good use! Looking to pair single socks to donate to the homeless. Based in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Can do collections too. Please please donate. Every sock makes a difference!
  9. Hi all. I read a lot in the media about socks, length of socks, height of socks and it seems as if the longer colourfull socks are flavour of the month. Now, I am a weekend MTB rider and did a few shorter races. Thus Im not a serious rider. To me riding in the veld with these long socks does not make sense. They get snagged on thorns, ticks love them, when they get wet they stay wet and heavy, and going through mud turns all bright socks to brown. I like my shorter sport socks. Am I wrong
  10. Versus Socks was established by two friends, Hanno Lategan and Jurgens Uys, in Stellenbosch with the aim of producing good quality socks with desirable designs at an affordable price. Judging by the number of Versus socks seen on the mountain and road, it seems they are doing it right. Bike Hub caught up with the pair to ask them about their venture. Click here to view the article
  11. The guys ready to deliver their first orders in February 2015. Give us little insight into the people behind Versus socks and your involvement in cycling. Hanno: We are two guys running the show at Versus. Both of us are passionate mountain bikers, so we make sure we keep a good work/ fun balance. We went to high school together in Stellenbosch and met through our involvement in the school's cycling team. After school the cycling didn't stop. Jurgens decided to give the world of professional cycling a go and is currently part of the Kargo Pro MTB Team. I'm more in it just for the love of the sport, so a trail ride with friends is ideal for me. In my spare time I'm also involved in trail building initiatives in Stellenbosch and plan on staying involved in expanding the current network of trails. Why socks? Jurgens: During a bike ride in Jonkershoek, middle 2014, the topic of cycling socks came up and with both of us always on the lookout for new business opportunities we realised that there's a gap in the market for affordable, comfortable, durable and just outright sexy cycling socks. Did you have experience in the textile industry before starting Versus socks? Jurgens: Hanno had his own casual cycling inspired range of apparel (Roost Casual MTB Apparel) which he ran as a hobby while studying. This however provided more insight on running a small business than having knowledge on the textile industry. So we went quite blind into Versus Socks (industry wise), but learnt quickly all the in's and out's of socks and cycling socks in particular. What is the key advantage of Versus socks over your competitors? Hanno: We believe in creating cycling socks that are of a high quality, good looking, but still offered at an affordable price. We like to break the status quo in cycling socks and to create a brand that people want to associate themselves with. Who does most of the sock design work? Jurgens: Both of us are always on the lookout for new designs – be it in our daily lives or online. If something catches our eye, we start playing around with the idea. Hanno does the final designing and creates multiple options from which we choose the best and we then move on to sampling. Do you product test your socks yourselves or do you have athletes also contributing to the development? Hanno: Most of the product testing we do ourselves. As a professional athlete, Jurgens is out on the trails/ roads quite a lot and through his interaction with other riders we have a good understanding of what riders are looking for in a cycling sock. We sponsor a few other local riders who also provide their feedback on the socks. Your socks are made in South Africa. Are there any temptations to take the manufacturing overseas? Hanno: We've looked at options of manufacturing overseas, purely out of interest and other people telling us that “China is the way to go”. After looking at the options, local manufacturing is still the way forward for us. We're able to reach the margins that we want to with the current local pricing and still supply the socks at an affordable price to consumers. Through all the negatives currently in our country we'd like to stay positive and support the local economy. Yes, it has its challenges, but at the end of the day we know we're doing our bit to help the local economy. Currently the socks are available through your online store and through retailers. Are there any difficulties with this model in our market? Jurgens: For us, we purely offer an online store service for the convenience thereof. There are certain customers who prefer buying online, either because there's not a stockist near them or they enjoy the convenience of it. We're not trying to compete against our stockists at all, as without them, we won't have a successful business model. Your Banana socks appear to have been very successful. What do you think has made these socks so desirable? Hanno: Cycling in general is moving more and more towards funky colours and designs. Riders want to stand out from the norm and be/ look different. Our Funky Banana socks fit right in with this. It's an item that other riders will definitely notice and make you stand out from the crowd. We've noticed a jelly bean design on social media. When will this be released and can we expect any more funky socks in the near future? Jurgens: Pre-orders on our Jelly Bean socks will open middle March and the first batch of stock will arrive middle April. Riders can definitely look forward to more Funky Socks from us this year! We're already working on some more designs that we'll release near the middle of the year. Versus Socks Jelly Bean Competition: We need your input! Help us come up with a catchy hashtag for our Jelly Bean socks. Comment your suggestion below - the best hashtag will be chosen by Versus Socks and will be used as the official hashtag (instant bragging rights). The winner will win 8 x pairs of Versus Socks + Versus T-Shirt + be one of the first the receive a pair of Jelly Bean socks. Competition ends: 14 March 2016. What's your long term aim with Versus socks? Hanno: Long term we'd like to expand our range of offerings and establish our socks as a well known brand in local and overseas markets. There are some other secret ideas as well, so stay tuned, you'll still see a lot from Versus Socks. Do you have any advice for other looking to innovate in the South African cycling industry? Hanno: Make sure to always provide good customer service. In a country where this is lacking quite often, people are hungry for good customer service. On top of that, don't underestimate the power of social media – it's free and if used in the correct way it could be super beneficial to any new business. Visit the Versus Socks team at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo: Versus Socks will be at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo this week (3-5 March 2016). Visit us at Stand 227 for awesome specials and #bananawatts. Or catch them online: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/versussocks/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/versussocks/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/versussocks/ Website: http://www.versussocks.co.za/
  12. The new cutting edge FALKE Advance Performance range of sport-specific socks combines over a century of expertise with the most advanced technologies available globally to offer ultimate functionality and wearer advantage. Each sporting discipline is tiered to suit sport-specific wearer requirements. Click here to view the article
  13. Keen cyclists will appreciate the new Advanced Bike (AB Coollayr Tech) addition to the current selection of Pro Cycle Quarter and Pro Cycle Crew socks. Featuring the new COOLLAYR© yarns technology, which offers heat reduction of up to 1 degree Celsius combined with the Drynamix Yarn for rapid moisture transfer and Polyamide Mesh construction for lightweight, effective ventilation, the AB Coollayr is a must for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Silver Fibre Technology offers anti-microbial properties for fungal protection and will keep feet fresh, while the hand-linked toe seam prevents friction and blisters and the reinforced heel and toe construction ensures durability. For additional wearer comfort, the soft elastic arch support prevents sock from sliding and provides gentle arch support and the sensitive cuff and ankle elastication provides stability without constriction. On-trend colour ways inspired by global fashion trends are launched seasonally in sizes 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. The current range is available in Lake Blue, Neon Lime Coral and Red as well as White and Black. The AB Coollayr retails at R75 from leading sport retailers. (Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cape Union Mart, Cycle Lab and Chris Willemse Cycles). For more information, visit www.falke.co.za.
  14. Ftech introduces their new socks These socks have been described as not only "very comfortable and breathable" but also "durable". Price: R100 a pair Two colour schemes: Black or white To purchase your own you can visit the Events Online Store: http://onlineshop.asgevents.co.za/shirt/ftech-socks/
  15. Hi There Guys/Gals, I am looking to buy a few pairs of top quality MTB trail oriented socks. I dont know exactly what I am looking for, just know I would like some good looking, well designed shin high socks that will look and feel good on the trails. I thought it would be cool to create a thread dedicated to people looking to buy some quality socks, please let me know what socks you love to ride in and why? I know the versus guys make some great stuff out of Stellenbosch, any body else got some good brands available in SA? Please post pics.
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