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  1. Maybe in a few years we'll look back at this docy and get a Road to Paris deja vu
  2. I'll be checking to see if the footage includes visits to, and treatments/administrations by team doctors or medical advisers
  3. Van emden can't believe his luck
  4. well atleast he goes out with a full pink costume
  5. Q still leads by 9" virtually at this moment
  6. Nairo is looking slow compared to the other guys
  7. Tibout looking good today
  8. Quintana looks like a pink gnome
  9. Landa is not a happy chap. Moping around the back of the stage before presentation yesterday
  10. Way ! I was flipping trough the channels this morning hoping to see some highlights from yesterdays stage. Came up on ELEAGE '17 - What?, Seriously? They are broadcasting video games on sportchannels. A bunch of kids playing in a StreetFighter tournament
  11. By now the Network should have known to install a PortaLoo behind his mic in the commentarybox. That way he can just enjoy and let rip all stage long
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