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  1. Pitch up Tuesday to Friday at Rosebank Mc Donald's at 05h00 ready to ride for 90 minutes or so. Saturday morning same start longer ride usually out south or to the cradle. Contacting them otherwise is difficult unless you ride with the group regularly I have found.
  2. This might sound crazy but if it's an aluminium post you can try Q20 and pull it out but I have found that trying to cool the post down with a few Co2 bombs often helps it come loose , or if you are desperate , take a car battery and short it on the post and get the sparks flying . That should do the trick
  3. https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/trailer what about one of these.Check if the local agents have one or can get one for you.
  4. They are really good . Super easy to service . Very fast engagement . loud if you like that kind of thing . Only issue I have noticed is the freehub body is soft so the cassette really digs into it and becomes hard to remove .
  5. for you a carbon hardtail is the only way to go in my opinion , if you want to ride a lot then the full suss is going to cost you a lot more because of servicing the rear end. Your technical ability will also improve a lot faster on a hard tail. Also a modern carbon hardtail is a far more capable machine than most people think when it comes to technical lines , jumps ect
  6. Yes , it is a very nice little set of trails . do not go alone . Rather in the biggest group you can manage, there have been a few issues up there
  7. In my experience just about every bike shop will try and avoid replacing the RD . They would of surely checked minor things like a bent hangar or bent link like the last post suggests. Cables and the likes would definitely be second in the list to check. so I am pretty sure that your LBS is not trying to do you in. Just ask for the old RD back, this way you can salvage a few spare parts that are left on that mech
  8. where abouts on the spruit do you join up at 5:00?
  9. Linden cycles is your best bet for consistent reasonable services in my opinion
  10. I have had only good things to say about the service I have received from Omnico , I had a crack in my GT ZASKAR ally frame and sent it into Lance, within 2 days of sending it off the warranty was confirmed . Now came the tricky bit , I spoke to lance personally and asked if I was able to pay in a difference and have my warranty frame upgraded to the carbon version ....No Problem was the response , he even sent 2 different size complete bikes to my LBS with carbon frames so i could decide on the one I liked more ( I am border line small/medium ). So not more than 3 days after that the bikes where returned and i had a brand spanking new team frame in my hands . In my opinion they went over and above anything I would of expected !!! Just to add it seems all the problems are around zaskar 100 frames , it sounds like the issue is a lack of support from the international supplier getting frames for Omnico , so those poor oaks are probably dreading every one that comes in.
  11. I agree with with the above post but if you are still desperate for a mirror I have met some one who attached a dentists mirror to his glasses
  12. Keep on going Frail , amazing to see you keep such intense resilience after not being on a bike for so long . Truly inspiring.
  13. Corner of De beer street and Juta Street 19:00 for 19:15
  14. Then under most circumstances it is pretty good , not fast but not super slow . On mountain bikes it is still hard to judge because if it is on tight single track it is quick but on open jeep track it is pretty slow
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