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  1. Press Release The all-new Blur is built around Santa Cruz's new SUPERLIGHT suspension design that is tuned to optimize the ride characteristics demanded by modern mountain bikers - lightweight and efficient with ample plushness to ensure riders are in control when the terrain gets gnarly. View full article
  2. We tapped into everything we’ve learned from years of making the highest quality carbon full-suspension bikes so that we could put as little (weight) as possible into the Blur . The Blur isn’t guaranteed to make you a race winner but being the lightest, full-suspension carbon XC bike we’ve ever made (289g lighter than the previous Blur) it might be the difference between claiming first place...or just crossing the line. Key Features: Travel (XC): 100mm Superlight suspension & 100mm fork Travel (TR): 115mm SuperlightTM suspension & 120mm fork 289g lighter than previous Blur Room for two bottles inside front triangle Size specific chainstay lengths Wheel Size: 29-inch Size Range: S-XL Materials: C and CC Carbon Lifetime Warranty as standard How is it weighed? Weight reduction from Blur 3 CC = 289g . Dark Matter paint finish saves 48g over Salmon in M/L size. Frame with shock (SidLuxe - 235g) and all hardware (including seat clamp), minus axle = 1933g (size large). No standard way to measure frame weights. Many other brands claim weights that can’t be backed up by real world scales. Special edition layups and other mischief is likely a factor. The Blur is made to go the distance and as always the legendary Santa Cruz lifetime warranty and Rider Support team has got your back. SUPERLIGHT Suspension Because it’s the superlightest suspension we’ve ever made 289g lighter than Blur 3 Less parts equals less weight Lockout easy to reach Easier to achieve desirable XC suspension curves SUPERLIGHT Tech Requires tuning the right amount of spring force into the carbon to achieve the balance of flex, damping and durability. Having our own composites lab in Cali and skilled composites specialists allowed us to experiment with layups. Flex stays are not new at all, so that's old news (at least 15 years old). What is new, and what makes ours unique, is our carbon knowledge to tune the rear end precisely where it's needed for a consistent and desirable leverage curve. Leverage curve vs anti-squat Rather than using high anti-squat to resist bobbing from a progressive, high leverage shock we looked to leverage curve to provide support and control. Results in a lower and more consistent leverage curve which enabled us to reduce anti-squat, and therefore chain influence on the suspension. Allows more traction and sensitivity in both climbing and descending scenarios. Also produces a much more efficient forward drive because less pedaling input, from anti-squat, is utilized to overcome the rider's body weight influence on the suspension. Two Bottle Inside The Frame Means there's enough juice (or whatever electrolytes you choose) to keep the engine running. In high demand of racers / riders. Great for long rides and marathon or point to point events Geo To Match Chainstay length is proportional to frame size. Every rider, no matter their height, gets the same balanced geometry and bike fit. Unique in the XC market . Variable seat tube angles for better fit across all sizes. Longer reach, shorter (60mm) stems. Slacker head tube than previous Blur. 0.7° slacker head tube than previous Blur / 1.4° slacker head tube than previous Blur TR XC and TR kits XC - for the full on XC racer. 100mm front and rear Light tires (Aspen 2.4") Light dropper Remote lockout RockShox SidLuxe and Sid SL TR - not a trail bike, it's a XC bike for certain courses 120mm front and 115mm rear Beefier tires (Rekon Race 2.4") Full height adjust dropper post No remote lockout Bigger rotors Fox 34 Stepcast Availability Limited units will be available on the day of the launch from Santa Cruz Dealers nationwide. Contact your local Santa Cruz dealer for pricing and specific build options.
  3. Press Release The Heckler is the most agile e-bike on the market—one that sports equal parts capability and playfulness. It’s fun uphill, it’s fun downhill, and it rides more like the aggressive trail bike it was based on than whatever your notion of an e-bike may be. Click here to view the article
  4. HECKLER CC 27.5 X01 RSV 'Yellowacket' Using Bronson–our all-around thrill seeker–as a starting point, we tuned the suspension kinematics, and integrated the drive unit to arrive at a bike that delivers the ultimate blend of pedal bike-like performance on the descents with hybrid human/electric powered ascending. Heckler delivers best-in-class performance by pairing a legendary Santa Cruz CC carbon chassis with the proven Shimano electric drive system to expand your riding possibilities while amplifying the fun. Key Features:150mm VPP® rear travel 160mm e-specific fork 27.5-inch wheels 504wh battery capacity 65.5-degree head angle Full CC carbon frame Shimano E8000 250w motor SRAM Eagle Drivetrain Reserve DH 27.5 / 30 carbon wheelset option Lifetime warranty Made for: Aggressive trail riding At home on: Uphill, downhill, just not over the hill Sizes: S-XXL Colours: Blackout, Yellowjacket The New Heckler In 1996 the original Heckler was created as a rude interruption to mountain bike designs of the time. Its solid, full suspension build and aggressive swagger proved that a well-proportioned trail bike could elevate rider’s on-trail experiences. Today’s Heckler carries all that attitude forward into a new era.Creating an e-MTB demanded careful consideration. For us, the Heckler’s potential to loft riders up to new heights is what gets us most excited. Whether it’s opening inaccessible trails in the Lost Sierra and Savoie Alps, or turning unrideable lines into a playground, the Heckler is the tool for a new way of riding. Trailblazers like Greg Williams and Danny MacAskill weren’t asking for a dumbed-down ride up. Or down. They wanted something to push their riding to new levels. And held maneuverability sacrosanct as the new tech was introduced. The Heckler’s boundaries aren’t defined by distance, laps, or time. The boundaries in our head that say, “don’t bother”, “turn back”, “impossible.” Smashing these boundaries is what got us hooked on riding in the first place. Heckler’s not about taking things easy, it’s about making things possible. Amplify the fun Our bikes have always been about amplifying the fun. Our goal for this bike was to make something light and agile, and trying to get as close as we can to the experience of riding a bike like the Bronson. Weighing in at 46 pounds the Heckler is among the very lightest e-MTBs in its class. The 500wh integrated battery keeps the weight down and the 27.5-inch wheels keep the bike playful and maneuverable in order to make the most of the trail. The slack head angle (65.5-degree) and 445mm chainstay length provide a snappy and fun feel while still providing traction for when the trail gets steep and technical, both up and down. E-MTB kinematics The lower-link VPP design marries the needs for downhill kicks with efficient pedaling prowess. We tuned it to have lower anti-squat (to sag) than our regular pedal bikes allowing you to keep pedaling (while seated) where normally you’d start standing. The more active suspension while pedaling creates better traction on technical climbs. But once you start mobbing down the trail the lower-link VPP system provides more mid-stroke and bottom-out support than most other designs. Like any other Santa Cruz This bike is intended for truly progressive mountain biking. The full CC carbon frame (front and rear triangle) and battery cover are lightweight and bombproof. The geometry is perfect for all-round modern trail riding; and the 150mm-travel lower-link VPP system is the most refined suspension design on any e-MTB.Like every Santa Cruz, the Heckler is built for the rigours of true mountain biking. With quality pivot hardware, radial bearings (with lifetime replacement support), simple internal cabling and wiring, clean lines, design and build kits. And like very other Santa Cruz it comes with our lifetime warranty. Performance, reliability, fully supported Our bikes are legendary for these three traits, so when we build a complete bike, we always pair our frames with components that are regarded similarly. For the all-important drive unit we used Shimano Steps components exclusively–battery, drive unit, display, charge port, power button, and controllers. This means all parts, service and warranty is available through both Shimano and Santa Cruz. In addition to supporting the Steps system through the E-tube app, Shimano stocks e-parts through distributors and retailers worldwide. Technical training is also available on Shimano’s S-Tec support site as well as on The Manual, Santa Cruz’s retailer training portal. E-8000 motor The 250-watt Shimano Steps E-8000 motor is compact and light (6.34lbs/2.88kg), meaning it helps us build one of the lightest e-MTBs out there. E-8035 Integrated Battery The E-8035 battery is Shimano’s latest integrated battery. It provides 504 watt-hours of power, is lightweight (6.4lbs/2.9kg), is fully removable/replaceable using just a keyless 4mm hex latch and is protected by a Santa Cruz CC carbon battery cover. Full integration, smart spec The Shimano Steps system is also devoid of any large, distracting displays, allowing the rider to keep his or her attention on the ride. There’s also less to go wrong or break in the event of a crash.We spec’d Shimano’s compact E-8000 (colour) and E-7000 (B&W) displays paired with their E-7000 mode switch to create a simple, integrated cockpit. The switch is unobtrusive, intuitive, and has the best dropper lever compatibility. The Shimano Steps app can be connected via Bluetooth or plug-in to adjust the power settings of the drive unit. It also allows for powerful management of the Eco, Trail, Boost and walk modes. Finally, it provides diagnostic capabilities to troubleshoot any issues within the system. Di2 handlebar Because we wanted the rider experience to be clean and seamless, we designed our own internally-wired Di2-specific Santa Cruz carbon handlebar. Using it results in clutter-free cockpit with wires managed via a pair of internal routing holes and an under-grip wire groove on each end of the bar. The 800mm wide bar has a 35mm clamp diameter, 5-degrees of upsweep and 8-degrees of backsweep. This bar comes stock on complete bikes S-level and up, and is available aftermarket. Reserve DH 27.5 rim Our Reserve rims are already renowned as the strongest, most trusted carbon MTB hoops on the market. But because e-biking puts greater stress on the rear wheel, we spec’d Heckler with our new, 32-hole Reserve DH 27.5 rim with a 31mm inner width, and a profile based on our Syndicate-proven DH 29 rim. It’s paired with a standard, 28-spoke Reserve 30 up front, and hubs are the reliable DT Swiss and Industry Nine spec you know and love. Both brands feature quick engagement and are e-rated for the added torque the motor brings to the drivetrain. Like all Reserve wheels these have a lifetime warranty.The Reserve e-bike wheelset is standard on the X01 and XX1 builds, and available aftermarket as well. SRAM Eagle Since SRAM Eagle cassettes, chainrings and chains are e-bike rated, we ported the 12-speed goodness from our pedal bike line to this new, electric frontier, keeping the build kits consistent across our entire range. One small spec difference is the use of SRAMs Eagle Single Click shifters, which keeps your derailleur safe from potentially damaging high-torque multi-shifts. Four build kits All four build kits come with SRAM four-piston brakes, 200mm rotors, Eagle drivetrains, RockShox Super Deluxe piggyback rear shocks, and e-bike rated, burly suspension forks, like the Fox 36. Colour As always there are two colours to choose from - one mild and one wild. Blackout is a classy mix of gloss black and matte copper decals, while the bold Yellowjacket mixes gloss yellow with matte black logos. HECKLER CC 27.5 XX1 AXS RSV Black WeightsHECKLER CC 27.5 R-Kit || 21.61kg HECKLER CC 27.5 S-Kit || 21.67kg HECKLER CC 27.5 X01 RSV-Kit || 21.09kg HECKLER CC 27.5 XX1 RSV-Kit || 20.99kg South African Availability Limited quantities will be in-store 20th February 2020. Pricing is available from Santa Cruz dealers nationwide.
  5. Hey, I spotted a red Santa Cruz 5010 advertised on Facebook. It's at the Cash Converters in Somerset West, Caledon Street. Dubious, though I could be jumping to conclusions. If anyone is missing a bike like this, I'd go take a look. Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1069569196736342/
  6. Matt black santa cruz blur LT stolen from my garage in Little Mowbray on Sunday 5th January. Car also stolen and recovered in Hannover. Customised options include a carbon fibre rear deralleur,fox full suspension. Please keep an eye. Jason 0720991785
  7. Hey Everyone, I recently bought a brand new Santa Cruz Blur C. After every ride I clean the bike thoroughly, but it seems like water is getting into the frame. More recently, I went riding in the rain and noticed that there was quite a bit of water in the frame. To drain the water, I need to remove the bottom screw fastening the bash plate to the bottom bracket, otherwise the water won't drain. Is this a known issue with the Blur?
  8. Santa Cruz Blur The Blur is the ride fast, ride far, ride harder than your heart can take kind of XC race bike that only we would make. Light enough to scorch hot laps and tough enough to endure a long-distance beating, the Blur bowls into the Cross Country Club like Rodney Danger eld at Bushwood. The one-piece carbon VPP rear triangle shares a similar twin upright architecture to our World Cup-winning downhill bikes. Paired with a one-piece carbon front end it delivers a lateral stiffness and tracking ability you just don’t see on featherweight bikes of this genre. The Blur doesn’t just race, it rips race courses a new A-line. Inspiring geometry built around a 69-degree head tube angle drives you to take those sketchy rough lines past the wobblers who stand between you and the podium.Make no mistake, at just 2060 grams, this is our lightest ever 100mm VPP suspension bike. VPP is already one of the most pedal efficient engineering principles in the history of mountain bike design. Throw our dual lockout build kits into the mix and you’ve got more thrust on demand than SpaceX. All without trade-off. The Blur carries the same lifetime frame and pivot bearing warranty as all other Santa Cruz Bicycles. Even the optional lightweight 29-inch Reserve carbon wheels are covered for life too.No matter how arduous your next XC endeavour, the Blur is ready to go full gas, 24/7. Pricing and availability: Shipping to Santa Cruz dealers 22 March 2018.Blur C R1 29 FOX FLOAT Performance - R64,495.00 Blur C S 29 FOX FLOAT Performance - R77,495.00 Blur C XE 29 FOX FLOAT Performance Elite - R85,495.00 Blur CC X01 29 FOX FLOAT Performance Elite - R109,495.00 Blur CC X01 29 Reserve FOX FLOAT Performance Elite - R126,995.00 Blur CC XX1 29 Reserve FOX FLOAT Factory - R150,995.00 More information available on the Rush Sports website here. Blur Features:Full carbon frame, engineered in Santa Cruz, USA 29-inch wheels with Santa Cruz Reserve carbon option 100mm VPP travel 69-degree head tube angle Dual remote lockouts (most kits) Internal dropper compatibility Two bottle cage mounts Bolt-on downtube protector 1x drivetrain-specific design Internal cables, threaded bottom bracket Boost axle spacing Sizes: S, M, L, XL Weight: 9.94 kg (Complete XX1 Reserve build, size L) Santa Cruz Highball The Highball is our flagship carbon hardtail, a race thoroughbred and dark horse in XC versatility. Santa Cruz Highball with eggplant colourway. On paper it’s a whip-cracking alternative to the Blur; the racer’s hardtail for high-intensity assaults. But settle down for a long haul and it’s immediately clear the Highball’s at home in a range of cross country environments — from XC sprints to 24-hour sufferfests. Low-angle seat stays join the seat tube below the top tube junction. This new placement works in tandem with a bridgeless seat stay design to curb trail chatter. Built around a 27.2mm seat post diameter the whole package combines to take the “hard” out of hardtail riding. The composite development team behind our MacAskill-proof carbon Reserve wheels were the same folks responsible for the Highball’s superior ride feel. Meticulous application of carbon in only the most needed areas allows us to tune a really light frame that retains bags of torsional stiffness for the high-torque pedalers and strength for those braving the sketchy lines. This is what compliance without compromise looks like.The all-new Highball is a half-pound lighter than before, yet manages to maintain all the rider favourites of threaded BB reliability, internally routed cables and 3 water bottle mounts. All backed up with a genuine lifetime frame and carbon wheel warranty. Complemented by a multitude of build options to suit your aspiration level, the Highball’s got everything you need to go forth and conquer. Santa Cruz Highball in Fog colourway. Pricing and availability: Shipping to Santa Cruz dealers 22 March 2018.Highball C R1 29 - R48,495.00 Highball C S 29 - R58,495.00 Highball C XE 29 - R65,995.00 Highball CC X01 29 - R86,995.00 Highball CC X01 29 Reserve - R104,495.00 Highball CC XX1 29 Reserve - R126,995.00 More information available on the Rush Sports website here. Highball Features:29-inch wheels w/ Santa Cruz Reserve carbon option 100mm fork 69.5-degree head tube angle Internal dropper compatibility Three bottle cage mounts Bolt-on downtube protector 1x drivetrain-specific design Internal cables, threaded bottom bracket Boost axle spacing Sizes: S, M, L, XL Weight: 8.84 kg (Complete XX1 Reserve build, size L)
  9. Sure, 10mm more travel might only seem like one small step—but coupled with a lower link-driven VPP suspension design this is one giant leap for the Tallboy. It’s the kind of bike that makes you sprint while going up, along, over, or down due to the maximum efficiency of the VPP design and responsive, lightweight chassis. But because it shares the same engineering principles as our longest travel bikes, the progressive lower link-mounted shock feels equally at home doing crosscountry as it does in extreme-country. Paired with a 130mm fork the new Tallboy becomes ever more appealing to riders who like to open it up. And the geometry, that's a big part of what's going on... Established theory suggests shorter travel bikes get ridden slower, therefore require steeper and more conservative geometries. In reality though, when was the last time you ever throttled back on a fun trail because you weren’t on a bigger bike? Caution to the wind and all that. So we’ve done the same here and mimicked our longer travel geometry to create a bike with a 65.5-degree head-angle, generous front center, and short offset fork. Something rarely seen on a bike of this ilk. And the radical thinking doesn’t stop there. The Tallboy’s shortshort 430mm chainstays have +/- 10mm of rear axle adjustment to ensure riders of all sizes and styles feel equally at home. Match that to a relatively low BB (335mm and 37.5mm drop) and you’ve got a combo that’s ready to haul into every pocket turn and launch out the other side. There’s no label that quite fits what this bike is. But the name Tallboy says it all. Have at it. Rocksteady Yellow Stormbringer Purple Key featuresAvailable in Carbon C and CC Colours: Rocksteady Yellow and Stormbringer Purple Travel: 120mm VPP® lower link driven rear travel, 130mm fork Compatible with 29" wheels Santa Cruz Reserve 27 carbon wheel option 65.5-degree head angle Adjustable chainstay length XS to XXL sizes Lifetime warranty Build options and availabilityTallboy C | S Kit | SRAM GX | Alloy Tallboy C | S Kit | SRAM GX | Reserve 27 Tallboy CC | X01 Kit | SRAM X01 | Alloy Tallboy CC | X01 Kit | SRAM X01 | Reserve 27 Tallboy CC | XTR Kit | Shimano XTR | Reserve 27 Tallboy CC | XX1 Kit | SRAM XX1 | Reserve 27 Tallboy CC | Frame-set Available exclusively through Santa Cruz dealers from August 2019.
  10. The Frame With the new name came a complete redesign, incorporating the latest know-how in bike design and the third-generation of Santa Cruz's VPP suspension design which debuted on the Nomad and has since been rolled out to the 5010, Bronson, and Tallboy. It uses the same layout found on the Bronson, with the lower link tucked out of harm's way between the swingarm and the bottom bracket. In order to build a bike this versatile with the trail manners Santa Cruz were aiming for, it was decided to drop the front derailleur and make the frame dedicated 1x. This allowed them to push the rear wheel as close as possible to the bottom bracket without sacrificing tyre clearance. It also allowed the use of ‘double wishbone’ upright braces between the seat- and chainstays to bolster rear end stiffness. Look more closely at the numbers and it is clear why a new name was required. The head angle was slackened by 2.5, seat angle steepened by 1.7°, reach grew by 36mm, standover dropped by 38mm and (thanks to moving to a dedicated 1x drivetrain and boost) they managed to reduce the chainstay length by 15mm. Those changes give it a 67° head angle, 435mm chainstays, 450mm reach (on the Large as tested), 74.3° seat angle, and a stubby 100mm head tube length. In the past, to hit my magic reach of 430mm-ish, I would have had to buy an XL Tallboy LT; with the Hightower that reach can be obtained on a medium. Talking about sizing, Santa Cruz's designers felt that smaller riders would be better suited to a bike with 27.5" wheels like a 5010 or Bronson and the Hightower is therefore only available in three sizes (M, L, XL). Other design details include internal cable routing, an integrated chainstay protector, and expanding collet hardware with angular contact bearings at the pivot locations to keep everything securely in place and running smoothly. Features135mm VPP suspension 148mm Rear Axle Spacing 27.5 Plus with a 150mm fork or 29" wheels with a 140mm fork Bottle cage mount within front triangle Fits piggyback shocks Carbon C and Carbon CC frame options Double sealed pivots for long bearing life Threaded Bottom Bracket Integrated Headset Internal cable routing ISCG-05 tabs for chainguide compatibility Sizes: M, L, XL Specifications FrameSanta Cruz Carbon CCForkRock Shox Pike 29 RCT3 140ShockRock Shox Monarch RT3HeadsetCane Creek 40 IS TaperedCranksetRace Face TurbineRear DerailleurSRAM X01 1x11ShiftersSRAM X01CassetteSRAM X01 10-42ChainringRace Face 32TChainSRAM PC 1130BrakesSRAM Guide RSCBrake RotorAvid Centerline; 180mmGripsSCB Lock OnRimsEaston ARC 27Front HubDT Swiss 350 110x15 Torque CapRear HubDT Swiss 350 148x12TyresMaxxis Minion DHRII TR 3 StemRace Face TurbineHandlebarSanta Cruz Carbon Flat Bar, 31.8mm clamp, 780mmSeatpostRock Shox Reverb Stealth DropperSaddleWTB Silverado Geometry On the Trail I can usually set up a bike fair quickly by copying my bike fit numbers, setting the suspension, and then tweaking it for the riding style and my personal preferences, but the Hightower took a couple of rides to tune to my liking. Once dialed, it rode like a supreme being with little to no regard for obstacles or trail clutter. The front and rear of the bike is perfectly balanced thanks to the RockShox pairing of a Pike RCT3 and Monarch RT3.Something that stood out for me was how high the Hightower sits in its travel when the shock is fully open. I don't enjoy bikes that feel like you're sitting too deep into the travel: it gives me back pain on long rides and it un-weights the front wheel. On the Hightower, however, there was little to no discernible difference between the shock fully open and locked out. Meaning there was no need for me to reach for the lockout lever out on the trail. On climbs, the long reach, long wheelbase, and slack head angle did make the front end wander a bit. It was not nearly as bad as one would expect, helped by the low stack height and steep seat angle. Compared to similar offerings from Pyga and Rocky Mountain, the head tube is a good 20 - 30mm shorter. The lower front end also keeps the front wheel loaded and provides overall balance on the bike which allowed me to push without having to make conscious weight shifts. "Pushed hard" is the Hightower's optimal operating temperature, as anything other than that makes it feel a bit pedestrian. Open up the taps and let go of the brakes and you will be rewarded with a very controlled ride. It never felt as though the suspension got hung up or battled to cope with what the bike was capable of. It has become a bit cliché, but it feels like the bike has more travel than the 135mm on paper would suggest. The wheel size and suspension composure is perfectly complemented by the grip on offer from the Maxxis Minion DHRII tyres mounted on the Easton ARC 27 wheelset. I would be tempted to try a rim with an even wider internal diameter than the Arc's 27mm, but that would be down to curiosity, and not because I ever felt that the bike needs wider rims. It may even trade in some of the agility of the bike, and so may not be worth it. The only thing I could fault on the specification sheet was the Santa Cruz Palmdale Lock-on grips. They were too thin for my liking and I would have preferred something with a bit more meat. The rest of the components are spot on, and exactly what one would want to see on a bike like this: from the handlebar width right down to brake rotor size. Verdict Not too long ago a bike like this was only to be found in the realm of fantasy, along with unicorns, pots of gold and Alice. In 2009, never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined a bike this capable of climbing, descending, pedalling, and ripping it up. Even less so one with 29" wheels. The advent of 1x and later boost has allowed designers to tweak frame design to allow chainstays so short that the rear feels tucked in underneath the seat. Such has the advance been that the Hightower's chainstay is only 10mm longer than a 26" Giant Anthem of yesteryear.Take your time to set the bike up and get used to its trail manners and you will be rewarded by an incredibly capable ride. Let's see if we persuade the new distributors to send us a 27.5"+ model to put to the test. Pros29" or 27.5" wheels allow for a bit of a chameleon act Accommodates a bottle cage inside the front triangle A thing of beauty Ample tyre clearance ConsCarbon and 1x only Switching between wheel sizes can be costly and time-consuming Grips are too thin
  11. Santa Cruz launched the Hightower in early 2016 as a replacement for the Tallboy LT. With 135mm of rear suspension and the ability to run either 27.5+ or 29" wheels, the Hightower is set to take the trails by storm. Click here to view the article
  12. Hi everyone! I'm in the process of replacing my bike and I am completely stuck with a decision between the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 and the Santa Cruz Blur S build. They are very similarly priced, weigh almost exactly the same (websites) and have very similar components. The Trek has carbon wheels, handlebar and seat-post, but an alu chainstay. The Santa has a complete carbon frame, but alu wheels, handlebar and seat-post. Any advice, suggestions or feedback regarding the bikes would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. In the market for a good all round trail bike. My 2 top choices are the santa cruz hightower and the new stumpjumper comp alloy. the stumpjumper is around $3k while the hightower is $1k more. Anyone have any suggestions on which one they prefer?
  14. DOWNHILL: MINION DHF The Minion DHF is the perfect all-rounder race tyre for me. Ike Klaassen, 13-year-old shredder What you need to know Tame the gnarliest sections with the Minion DHF.Rugged and reliable Available in 26", 27.5" and 29" Wide Trail models available early 2018 ENDURO: MINION DHR II Consistent grip, lightweight EXO protection, coupled with the added volume of Wide Trail is a winning combo on all terrain locally - I run the Minions DHR2’s front and rear, and loving them. Sam Bull, reigning SA Enduro Champion What you need to know Attack any track with a set of Minion DHR2's fitted to your #shredsled.Predictable and consistent grip Available in both 29" and 27.5" Wide Trail models available early 2018 TRAIL: FOREKASTER & ARDENT RACE This combo rolls fast and keeps me firmly gripped to the trails ... the perfect solution for aggressive trail riders anywhere in South Africa. Paul 'The Plumber' Morris, Jonkershoek local legend What you need to know Boost your confidence with the grip, control and speed of this trail ready combo.Fit and Forget! Front: Forkaster 29 x 2.35" Rear: Ardent Race 29 x 2.35" XCO / MARATHON: ASPEN The Aspens roll super fast, helping to maintain momentum when racing, which saves valuable energy. Luke Moir, up and coming XCO weapon What you need to know Trusted by Luke Moir and the African MTB Team to deliver results.Fastest rolling Maxxis tyre Now available in higher volume 29x2.25" Built with tough, lightweight EXO sidewall protection GRAVEL GRINDING: RAMBLER The Rambler blends speed, cushioning and grip making it a lekker tyre for gravel grinding. Oli "Pinner" Munnik What you need to know Perfect for those looking to morph the boundaries between tar and gravel.TUBELESS READY with ample volume Constructed with SilkShield sidewall protection 700 x 40C ROAD: DOLOMITES Bike Hub[/url]']Under R500 a tyre and weighing in below 200g, the Dolomites offers race-ready performance at a fraction of the cost. Kylie Hanekom - [*]Pro Competition level [*]Less than 200g per tyre [*]700 x 25C Check out the full MAXXIS range here.
  15. Whatever You Ride: South Africa Has A Tyre For You At Rush Sports, we pride ourselves on supporting not only mainstream road and marathon MTB riders but also core groups of smaller subcultures such as enduro, downhill and gravel grinding ... that's why we stock and supply your local bike shop with the biggest and widest range of Maxxis tyres. Click here to view the article
  16. Join the Santa Cruz team on 28 March 2018 (tonight) from 19:30 onwards at Den Anker in Cape Town. Head over to Facebook here to RSVP and find out more about the event. Meet the legend Greg Minnaar and the Santa Cruz guys at the official launch party for the Santa Cruz Blur after its global unveiling last week. You can also chat with Oli Munnik (he rode the Blur at the Absa Cape Epic) about how the bike coped during the world's premium stage race. Den Anker is situated quayside at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and serves a selection of delicious Belgium beers. Check the map below for the location.
  17. Oli is riding the Blur CC frame, the CC refers to Santa Cruz's higher-grade carbon frame which uses fewer pieces and is therefore lighter than the more affordable Blur C frame. Oli's bike is largely similar to the X01 Reserve specification retail model, with some tweaks here and there. One such deviation is the Factory Series 32 Step-Cast fork, where a customer would get the Elite level component with the black stanchions. The 100 mm VPP rear suspension is controlled by Fox's Float Performance Elite DPS shock. Both ends are controlled by a dual-lock remote lever. The transmission is full SRAM X01 Eagle with the new Dub crank and bottom bracket interface. Inside sources (Marc Carr, the man that built the bike) tell us that Oli started the race on a 34T chainring but, for whatever reason, decided to switch to a 32T after the first couple of days. The braking is supplied by SRAM's Level TLM brakeset clamping down on 160 mm SRAM rotors. Oli's cockpit features a Santa Cruz carbon handlebar measuring 740 mm wide held in place by a Syntace Liteforce 90mm stem with a carbon Syntace P6 HiFlex seat post. A RapStrapz strap binds a spare tyre, a bomb, and tyres levers to the underside of the saddle. Santa Cruz's own carbon Reserve rims (with a 25 mm internal width) are laced to Industry Nine Torch hubs using DT Swiss Competition Race spokes. Oli trusts Maxxis's Aspen 2.25" tyres for the rugged Epic terrain. Oli is writing daily race reports for Bike Hub from this year's Absa Cape Epic. So stay tuned for the latest instalment every evening this week and, if you missed out, you can catch up here. Specification List: FrameSanta Cruz Blur CC Carbon 29" 100mm travel VPPForkFox Stepcast 32 Factory DPS KashimaShockFox Performance Elite DPSRimsSanta Cruz Reserve 25mm internal diameter, 28 holeHubsIndustry Nine Torch 28 holeSpokes + NipplesDT Competition RaceFront TyreMaxxis Aspen 29 x2.25” TR with EXORear TyreMaxxis Aspen 29 x2.25” TR with EXOHandlebarSanta Cruz XC Carbon Flat Bar 750mmGripsESI chunkyStemSyntace Liteforce 90mm 0 degreeHeadset + top capCane Creek 40 IS Integrated.SeatpostSyntace P6 Carbon HiFlex 31.6mm x 400mmBrakesSRAM Level TLMBrake rotorSRAM 160mm 6-boltShiftersSRAM X01 Eagle 12-speedRear derailleurSRAM X01 Eagle 12-speedCassetteSRAM X01 Eagle XG1295 10-50T 12-speedCrank armsSRAM X1 Eagle Carbon, 175mm crank armChainringSRAM 34T Narrow WideChainSRAM X01 Eagle 12-speed.Bottom BracketSRAM DUBSpares strapRapStrapz
  18. How to enter Head over to the TokaiMTB website here to make your donation to the trail building fund. For every R150 that you donate, you get an entry into the draw. The more you donate the better your chances of riding a new Santa Cruz on some great new trails at Tokai. The prize Santa Cruz Bicycles supports similar successful fundraising initiatives around the world, enabling trail crews to realise their plans for trail expansion while fulfilling riders’ dreams.The winner can choose any frame model and colour from the Santa Cruz range which will be fitted with a standard Santa Cruz build kit by Rush Sports. For more details and terms and conditions head over to the TokaiMTB website. Closing time and date for entry will be midnight on Friday 14th July 2017, after which no further entries to the draw will be accepted. The winner will be announced via Bike Hub and TokaiMTB on Monday the 17th July 2017. More about the TokaiMTB Trail Fund: TokaiMTB is a constituted representative group and publicly funded non-profit organisation. As one of the founding members of the Table Mountain Mountain Bike forum, our mandate is to assist SANParks with mountain bike activity management in the Table Mountain National Park, with the aim of providing the recreational users a safe and well-managed mountain bike trail facility.TokaiMTB is in possession of a SANParks issued permit to construct and maintain mountain bike trails within the Table Mountain National Park, as well as host community volunteer programmes in Tokai. In order to continue operations, TokaiMTB relies on donations from both business and the public. Donation drives take the form of innovative fundraisers and offer rewards to individuals who enter and thereby donate to the fund. This helps TokaiMTB offer users full-time representation and trails management and meet the financial needs of this recreational activity.
  19. In partnership with Santa Cruz Bicycles, TokaiMTB is offering the chance to win a Santa Cruz bike from their lineup. As part of a national funding drive, each R150 that you donate to the TokaiMTB trail fund gives you one entry into the draw to win. Click here to view the article
  20. The Furtado is a 130mm travel 650b do-it-all trail bike (equivalent to the Santa Cruz 5010), featuring the latest iteration of Santa Cruz’s Virtual Pivot Point suspension system. Juliana and Santa Cruz bikes are available in two carbon layups: the lighter more expensive CC and a slightly heavier, but cheaper C version. I have been riding the XO1 build on the top end CC carbon frame. I’ve had the Juliana Furtado in my quiver for around six months. During the test period, I rode as many different trails around Cape Town and Stellenbosch as possible and took part in a couple of local enduros to get a feel for the bike on different terrain. Specifications: FrameJuliana Furtado Carbon CCRear ShockFox Float Performance Elite 130ForkFox 34 Float Factory 130HeadsetCane Creek 40 series tapered, cartridge bearingStemRaceface Turbine Basic 35mm clampHandlebarSanta Cruz Carbon; 760mm; 35mm clampGripsJuliana single sided lock-on SaddleJuliana Primeiro SaddleSeatpostRock Shox Reverb Stealth; 150mmBrakesSRAM Guide RSC; Avid Centerline Rotors; 180mmShifterSRAM X01 EagleRear DerailleurSRAM X01 EagleCassetteSRAM XG1295; 10-50tChainSRAM X01 Eagle PowerlockCranksetSRAM X1 Eagle Carbon; 32tRimsEaston ARC 24Front HubDT Swiss 350 110x15Rear HubDT Swiss 350 148x12Front TyreMaxxis Minion DHF EXO TR; 27.5x2.3Rear TyreMaxxis Ardent Race EXO; 27.5x2.35Retail PriceR122 995 Geometry: The Build Overall the build is balanced, with no single component feeling out of place. As expected, the Eagle XO1 drivetrain has performed immaculately throughout the test period. The gear range has been very welcome on long climbs. The Fox 34 Float Factory 130 fork and Fox Float Performance Elite 130 shock are well matched, providing plush initial travel with a steady increase in support as you move through the range. I am a set and forget suspension user and once I found a setup I was comfortable with, I did not experiment much with settings. For the most part, I rode descents with the shock fully open and climbed with it set to firm, unless the trail got very chunky. On smooth, flatter trails I found the middle setting to be ideal: it provides a firmer platform for pedaling sections.The Easton Arc 24 wheelset has been unremarkable and got on with the job at hand without drawing attention to its performance. The tyre choice suits the bike: the Maxxis Minion DHF on the front provides acres of grip, while the Ardent Race on the rear is a little more fast rolling, expertly juggling the sometimes conflicting requirements for grip, low weight, and quick rolling rubber. I initially struggled to get my tyre pressure right: running them too soft and suffering a few nasty rim knocks, and then setting them far too hard and ricocheting all over the trail. Once I found my sweet spot at around 1.7-1.8 bar (according to our dodgy pump) I had no more trouble. The RockShox Reverb dropper post has been a real highlight on the build with its silky smooth travel and easy actuation. Quite a different experience from my early years with an awkward, sticky three position dropper.The only niggle I experienced, was an issue with the SRAM Guide RSC brakes. On occasion, dirt has caused the pistons to jam so that they need to be forced open to clear it out. A relatively easy fix, but a mild annoyance worth noting. For longer rides, I would need to swap out the saddle. The Juliana Primeiro was too narrow for my wide hip bones. This was not a problem for the types of rides I was doing. I wasn’t exactly grinding away kilometres but before tackling anything like a 70-kilometre day, I would certainly look at something a little more supportive. Something to consider is the bottle cage bolt positioning. They are set very low down on the downtube so the bottom of most bottle cages will end up rubbing the carbon in the bottom bracket area. Even though I went to great lengths to find the shortest bottle cage possible and checked that there was no contact ,when I removed the bottle cage some of the paint had rubbed away. Presumably, under the weight of a full bottle there was some rub. Lastly, for those in drought-stricken Cape Town, the VPP linkage is tricky to keep clean without the use of a hosepipe, so bear that in mind if you are precious about keeping your steed spotless at all times. Despite our best intentions, the bottle cage rubbed some of the gorgeous paintwork. Dirt likes to collect on the linkage which isn't easily accessible. Overall there is nothing that screams for an upgrade. If you really want to go all in, perhaps the wheelset. You could go lighter and stiffer with carbon rims. The 2018 model offers an option to upgrade to Santa Cruz Reserve carbon rims with Industry Nine Torch hubs. Having a long history of dings, scrapes and rim strikes, personally, I prefer the reassuring pliability of aluminium. However, the Reserve wheels do come with the Santa Cruz lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind in that regard. On the trail The Furtado has proved to be incredibly competent. Unflappable on the gnarliest steep climbs, and chomping at the bit on every descent. I had always thought I was quite happy pottering around on an cross-country bike trying to keep up with our motley crew: ping-ponging downhill and holding on for dear life. A trail bike like the Juliana Furtado does not change the fundamentals of that, but it allows you to push just that little bit further, forgives mistakes that happen on the limit and smooths out the riding experience in a way that quietly builds confidence, and with it, riding enjoyment.In all honesty, as a more cross-country orientated rider, the hardest part of riding a bike like this was that it dulled the edges of my usual haunts, and forced me to look to scary jumps and drops that I had been studiously avoiding: pushing at the envelope of my well-defined comfort zone. Building confidence on jumps and drops was exactly where I found the Furtado to be invaluable. The extra squish, forgiving head angle, and sturdy tyres meant that within a few runs on our first outing together I was tackling gaps I'd never thought I'd look at. This confidence and comfort with being airborne has slowly translated across to my cross-country bike and opened up new trails and lines for me to enjoy. The Furtado comes to life on steep trails: managing to feel surprising planted and nimble at the same time. A contradiction which builds confidence. It handles best when you let go the brakes and commit, and is agile enough to manoeuvre through 'twisties' and weave through rock sections with playful abandon. At a shade under 13 kilograms including pedals, the Furtado is not heavy by trail bike standards, and with the shock set to firm the bike feels stiff and pedals comfortably uphill. I have unwittingly bulldozed more than a few PR's climbing. Put in the power and it will take you forward, and over anything in its path, although there is nowhere to hide when your legs don’t come to the party. I found it felt a shade wallowy when out the saddle and sprinting with the shock open. I rode on a range of trails including Tokai, Hoogekraal, G-Spot, Eden, Mont-Marie, Jonkershoek, Boschendal, and Helderberg. The Helderberg and Jonkershoek trails were my favourite with the Furtado: the steeper gradients on some of the descents brought out the best in its confidence-inspiring handling. The faster you go, the more it devours obstacles. In the end Juliana has created a bike that flat out demands to be ridden and enjoyed, with capabilities to match its ridiculous good looks. The Furtado leaves you with no excuses going up or down: meaning there is no reason not to explore every inch of trail you can find. In short, it is a bike that seems to have been designed to put a smile on your face: and by that measure absolutely nails the brief. ProsVersatile Capable Super duper good looking Fun ConsThe price tag Find out more: To learn more about the Juliana Furtado and other Santa Cruz or Juliana bikes, check out the Juliana Bicycles website or contact Rush Sports.You can also follow the latest news from Juliana Bicycles on the following channels: Facebook - Juliana Bicycles Twitter - @julianabicycles Instagram - @julianabicycles
  21. Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race Erik Kleinhans' eye-catching Canyon was his pick from their lineup for the event. It's a cyclo-cross race bike with more aggressive geometry than the other bikes on tour, but given the generally good condition of the Klein Karoo gravel and Erik's abilities it was well suited. This top end model was suitably kitted out with Reynolds Assault LS carbon wheels, SRAM Force CX1, and a beautifully integrated handlebar and stem. Tyres: Maxxis Rambler 700x40C SilkShield TR, 120TPI (Tubeless) Momsen R355 Jan Braai's Momsen R355 threw in a bit of a twist with some 29" mountain bike wheels and tyres. The Momsen offers good clearance and versatility being able to accommodate the 2" Continental Race Kings on Stans Arch rims. Jan certainly had an advantage on the bumpy, loose downhills, and in maintaining traction on the uphills, however the broader contact patch and meatier tread made for a less efficient ride. Given the predominantly smooth surfaces we encountered, the bike was a bit over-equipped for the route, but that didn't seem to slow him down. Tyres: Continental Race King 29x2.0 (Tubeless) Cannondale Slate Ultegra My steed for the week was the plush Cannondale Slate rolling on 27.5" wheels with some semi-slick 27.5x1.75 tyres. Had I done a bit more forward planning and arranged the bike earlier I'd have fitted something with a bit more tread. Thankfully though the road surfaces were quite accommodating and the tyres faired well until the road got bendy. On turns with loose marble like stones on a hard surface, it was very skittish and I had to slow right down to keep the bike upright. The turns aside, the tyre width and volume did make for an incredibly comfortable ride (and I'm sure the Lefty helped here too). Tyres: Kenda Koast Sport 27.5x1.75 60TPI (Tubeless) Santa Cruz Stigmata CC Tim Brink's Santa Cruz Stigmata CC was equipped with the same Maxxiss Rambler 40c tyres as on the Canyon and both had a hassle-free ride. The Stigmata is no stranger to our shores as one of the earlier gravel bikes to hit the market. Tim can usually be seen riding all sorts of typically "mountain bike only" terrain on this bike so naturally, the smooth roads of Tour de Braai offered little challenge for him (and the Stig). Tyres: Maxxis Rambler 700x40C SilkShield TR, 120TPI (Tubeless) Momsen R355 Another Momsen R355 was piloted by David Moseley, but this one featured a more conventional 700x40c wheel and tyre setup (the same bike which we reviewed earlier this year). Based on the feedback over the week, the general consensus was that 700x40c was the sweet spot for the Klein Karoo gravel providing just enough volume to give comfort while still a fast rolling tyre. Tyres: Clement X’Plor MSO 60TPI 700x40c Folding Bead (Tubeless) IF Bikes Custom Titanium gravel / touring bike To a casual observe Kenny Scheepers' understated bike might not garner a second look, but one look at the head badge and you realise it's no ordinary machine. This is a fully custom Titanium Independent Fabrication frame hand built in the US. Kenny opted for 38c Challenge Gravel Grinder tyres and as the only rider with tubes was also the only rider to puncture over the five days. All the punctures were a snake bite and all happened at speed as we headed downhill. In order to run the tyre pressures that we found to be ideal for comfort on these roads (2 - 2.5 bar) a tubeless setup is mandatory to avoid snakebites. Tyres: Challenge Gravel Grinder Race Series 700x38c, 120TPI (Tubes) To find out more about the Tour de Braai visit the website: http://braai.com/braaitour/tour-de-braai/The next tour takes place in May 2018.
  22. Juliana are a sister company to Santa Cruz, and make bicycles for women. Proper grown-up mountain bikes, designed to be ridden. No cheap sports bikes, painted pink here. They use the same frame geometry and suspension design as Santa Cruz, but the major difference lies in the suspension tune, based on research showing that women are on average 30 pounds (approximately thirteen kilograms) lighter than a male counterpart. The contact points: grips and saddle have also been developed with women in mind. The Furtado is a 130 mm travel, 650b trail bike, equivalent to the Santa Cruz 5010. It makes use of the latest generation of the renown Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension system design, with boost rear axle spacing for maximum stiffness, meaning it is bang up to date with industry trends. A 67-degree head angle and short 425 millimetre chainstays mean the Furtado has been designed with fun in mind, and I am expecting agile handling, and some serious attitude when pointed downhill. Our build comes kitted with a SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain, a Fox 34 Float Factory fork, and Fox Float Performance Elite shock. Easton Arc 24 wheels wrapped in Maxxi's rubber, SRAM Guide RSC brakes, and a 150 mm RockShox Reverb dropper post complete the package. At this point, there is nothing on the setup that I would want to change.This will be the first time I have had more than a few weeks to play with a bike this capable, and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Time to throw my comfort zone out the window, and make the most of the hard work put in by the Santa Cruz and Juliana engineers. See you on the trails! Specifications: FrameJuliana Furtado Carbon CCRear ShockFox Float Performance Elite 130ForkFox 34 Float Factory 130HeadsetCane Creek 40 series tapered, cartridge bearingStemRaceface Turbine Basic 35mm clampHandlebarSanta Cruz Carbon; 760mm; 35mm clampGripsJuliana single sided lock-on SaddleJuliana Primeiro SaddleSeatpostRock Shox Reverb Stealth; 150mmBrakesSRAM Guide RSC; Avid Centerline Rotors; 180mmShifterSRAM X01 EagleRear DerailleurSRAM X01 EagleCassetteSRAM XG1295; 10-50tChainSRAM X01 Eagle PowerlockCranksetSRAM X1 Eagle Carbon; 32tRimsEaston ARC 24Front HubDT Swiss 350 110x15Rear HubDT Swiss 350 148x12Front TyreMaxxis Minion DHF EXO TR; 27.5x2.3Rear TyreMaxxis Ardent Race EXO; 27.5x2.35Retail PriceR122 995 Geometry: Find out more: To learn more about the Juliana Furtado and other Santa Cruz or Juliana bikes, check out the Juliana Bicycles website or contact Rush Sports.You can also follow the latest news from Juliana Bicycles on the following channels: Facebook - Juliana Bicycles Twitter - @julianabicycles Instagram - @julianabicycles
  23. Dirt or asphalt, mountain or urban, geared or singlespeed—the moniker Chameleon has never rang more true than on this updated-for-2017 Santa Cruz classic. Upsized to either 29-inch or 27.5+ wheels, the Chameleon shifts from trail rally sled to bikepacker to winter slayer with simple, elegant aplomb. The wheel change is accomplished via interchangeable dropouts, and there's a singlespeed version for each wheel size—geared dropouts are 148mm-spaced, and singlespeed are 142mm. Click here to view the article
  24. The Santa Cruz Chameleon R1+. The DetailsAluminium frame 120mm fork travel 29 or 27.5+ wheel options 67.5-degree head tube angle Ships with gears, but singlespeed dropouts are available Internal dropper post routing and two water bottle mounts Interchangeable dropouts for gears (with 148mm x 12mm axle) or single speed (with 142mm x 12mm axle) Threaded bottom bracket Build kit options: There are two build options for each wheelsize. The D and D+ are the entry builds and the R1 and R1+ models sport a few upgraded components. The D and D+ build kit features a RockShox Recon Silver RL fork, SRAM NX drivetrain with Race Face Aeffect cranks and SRAM Level brakes. The R1 and R1+ models get a Fox Rhythm fork, SRAM NX drivetrain with a wider GX cassette, Race Face Aeffect AL cranks and SRAM Level T brakes. Geometry:
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