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  1. Have had great service from Northcliff Cycles, they are one of very few bike shops that will try and get your problem resolved even if they are fully booked. Before last years 94.7 they were working until late in the evening just to get everybody's bike done. Alex even delivered my bike when he didn't have a part in stock instead of me having to come back (I lived 15km away). Regarding pricing, you need to shop around. However I must say when I replaced my Record chain they were the cheapest and that was when I started using them. if you have a gripe speak to Alex and I'm sure he will sort it out for you.
  2. Thanks! Guess its murphy's that my left would go and break at the Argus. I replaced it with a 9 speed Giant chain. So I guess it should be good until at least the next important race.
  3. I was wondering what the average life of a tandem chain is? My left chain broke on the 1st hill at Argus and almost ruined my 11th consecutive Argus. Walked back to the start and bought 2 chains before I could get back on the road. I probably would have expected that since the right chain moves around that it would be the most likely to go. But come to think of it the left chain must take a lot of pressure. I'm really enjoying the tandem, just think that I need to be travelling with an entire spares shop just in case. I'm sure there are some of you that have experience that can answer this.
  4. My tandem's tyre spec say that I should use a 700x28 tube. Every bike shop I've been to does not stock thw 700x28 , most only have 700x25C tubes and tell me that this should work and will be safe. I have used this tube, but would like to know if anybody has advice on whether there is any safety issue with doing this?
  5. As usual racetec is as efficient as they were when they were called winningtime! 18:30 and still no results!
  6. Does Anybody know what the actual distance was? My speedo had it at 107Km, which is about 10km longer than advertised
  7. Thanks, someone must have fixed the site as it no longer asks me for a userid and password.
  8. Just tried to get onto racetec.co.za and you need a userid and password. Does anybody have a contact number? a friend want to buy a chip.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good bike rack for a suv with a tire on the back?
  10. Titanio

    Argus X2

    Last year there a crowd who did the Argus a second time for Charity. Anyone have details on whether this is happening again in 2008?
  11. Now for most of the detectives out there! He says he was in Mexico, some prick (maybe not if he is right) thinks he saw him in Italy. PASSPORT!!!!! Surely there is some concrete proof that he went to Mexico. Must have got on a flight and had to show somebody a passport. Surely this is a simple way to verify his whereabouts. I believe there is doping in cycling, but also think that these guys are persecuted on flimsy evidence and never have a leg to stand on once they have been accused.
  12. I was on the Col De Colombiere on Saturday. Hunter looked pretty comfortable when he came past us with less that 15Km to go. Don't be surprised if he ends up in the Green jersey!
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