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  1. Sunday evening i checked out the Lost City mtb results on Championchip, all the results were according to the prize-giving. Yesterday I checked out cyclingnews.co.za, and they had the results all wrong. Overall results were messed up, juniors as well. The results were featured in the Pretoria news too, also messed up. How can they make such a big balls up of the results, if they only have to go to the Championchip website where the results are clear as daylight? Some of the riders rely on exposure like this( getting their name in the newspaper, on a cycling website), and then their name doesnt even appear where it should have??
  2. Okay thanx a lot IanJ!!
  3. I saw some guys on route taking pics, anyone know where you can buy/view these photos?
  4. How did you guys do? I did a 2:38 with the wind in my face almost the whole race
  5. I think where you take of the 100g is the important thing. Taking weight off the wheels and tyres will make a much bigger differenc than taking it off of the handlebar,stem,seatpost etc
  6. I'm racing, but by the look of things there is going to be a lot of wind
  7. Damn was riding on Bothalaan today and was nearly blown off of my bike
  8. I think Rasmussen is clean, even though he didnt show up for the tests. He is just a loner and a free spirit. Obviously his team believes in him, which other team would let one of their riders train all by himself and only pitch up for races??
  9. Why all the pessimistic views Irish9 ??
  10. The sprinters actually generate more power by throwing the bike around like that
  11. Go to www.trainingpeaks.com . there you can check out live heartrate, power, cadence and speed of selected riders. Very very cool
  12. My school was exactly the same as yours amdretard... I even heard they brought in jukskei as a sport (dont know what the hell that is, something to do with throwing bats at sticks, i think). But still no cycling, not even recognition. This has lead to most of the performing cyclists in the school leave and go to another more cycling-friendly school
  13. Jimmy

    Mcewen OUT

    So I see Robbie Mcewen did not make the cut-off today. What a shame, my money was on him for the green jersey... Now it is on Zabel
  14. Check out the Silverback range, I think they have one for about 10grand with full xt groupset
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