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  1. Part 7 Tankwa Padstal - Ceres Munga Part 7.docx
  2. My apologies for the very long delay. Lets just say it's been really busy on my side with no further excuses Pretty sure I will post the final chapter and maybe an extra one still this week. (Pinky promise as my son would say)
  3. Part 6 - Sutherland to Tankwa Padstal.... Munga Part 6.docx
  4. Part 5 Loxton to Sutherland...... Thank you for all the nice comments!!! Munga Part 5.docx
  5. Just a quick story on how we met each other. In 2018 after the prize giving he asked me to take a photo for him under the finish banner for his sponsors. Well for some reason my son Ruben wanted to be in the photo as well and Masango told me it will be great to have him in the photo. So that photo got posted everywhere. In 2019 the same happened and in 2020 at the start again. When we speak over the phone he will always ask how his little friend is doing. Over the weekend one of my cycling friends from Bloemfontein phoned me and told me that Ruben and myself are in the Masango Munga story video. Musango never told me they were making a video but I must say, I am really honored to be in it and part of it because he is really a remarkable person.
  6. Hi All, I really appreciate all the comments and I will do my best on Part 5 and 6. Work had me occupied so I haven’t started on them as of yet. But I promise I will have something over the weekend.... Take care and happy training👋😴
  7. Here we go....Part 4 and it is a long one. Really busy with work this week but will do my best to get Part 5 started..... Munga Part 4.docx
  8. Thank you so much for all the comments. I will be posting Part 4 tomorrow.
  9. PART 3 - Vanderkloofdam to Britstown Munga Part 3.docx
  10. As promised.... PART 2 - Bloemfontein to Vanderkloofdam Munga Part 2.docx
  11. If I can motivate just 1 person through my poor writing. It will be all worth it. Will do my best to post Part 2 tomorrow. But for now, sleep is priority. ✌️😴
  12. Hi All, I've receive a couple of requests, questions and comments regarding my 3rd place position in 2020. Will do my best to add as much detail as possible to what I can remember and try to give you the feeling of what we went through on the road. Please don't give much attention to my grammar or spelling mistakes :) I can't even promise that it will be a good read....maybe I should have posted more pictures in Part 1 to avoid some of the pain some of you will endure for reading this. I really would like to put some time aside for writing this but can't promise how fast I will be posting Part 2. Munga Part 1.docx
  13. Hey Carlo, Congrats with the race and awesome ride report. I started my report but I'm not as good with words like you. Not sure how to put the awesome experience into pictures. As I was reading your report and relived the waterpoints, the RV's, the moerse holes in the night, the diarrhea we got on the Friday due to stupidity, the pain, the awesome end. I told my wife I'm going back for round two. She gave me one look and told me. You can do it all over again to us, but your not using our money for the entry fee. That was the end of our conversation. So any suggestion of getting a entry without using my own money, please ping me Awesome to be part of the crazy family called Mungrils.
  14. Well, I do not have a photo now with everything on. What I can say is that I weigh-in at 67kg and with my bike it's 91.7kg. That is a 24.7kg bike fully loaded with water spares etc. And no I'm not taking the freezer with...
  15. One week to go boys and girls. Whoop whoop. Can't wait...... #lifechangingexperience Ek # tag sommer iets wat ek nog nooit gedoen het nie. Dit behoort als te verduidelik van hoe opgewonde ek is.
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