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  1. @Sam81 Really looking forward to the last chapter. Hope all is well.
  2. Washed the bikes on Sunday and after cleaning the chains decided to do a quick wear check. To my surprise my GX chain was sitting at .5 after only 1750 km's. Wifes GX chain still good, but she has done about 1000km's. (12 speed groupsets) Replaced with an XX1 Black chain and did some hard uphill pedaling in the most worn gears, no slippage so cassette is still good it seems.
  3. Apologies for the wrong advice. In my case everyone advised mine to be the 104bcd, turned out to be the FC-M782 XT crank which needed the 96BCD.
  4. @Quagga that looks like a symmetrical 96BCD. Went through the same last year when converting my wifes bike to 1x12. Could not find a chainring at all, only asymmetrical 96BCD was available. I went and bought a new bottom bracket and crankset+chainring from Lyne.
  5. Another useful feature would be a 'back to top' button as on some forums. When scrolling some threads with long posts it is quite tedious scrolling back to the top. Dark mode would be great as well.
  6. Last time I rode at Tarako was 24 April 2021, the river section was included in the Green and Red route if I am not mistaken. First time I got to ride this section, was not blocked off at all and boards directed us straight into it.
  7. Any chance for a dark mode on the site?
  8. Dup08

    947 Ride Joburg

    Thanks Shahilj, not too worried about myself, just a couple of my mates which only has interest in riding road or non-technical routes. Will get them up to scratch by then, I think the Buffel route at Buffelsdrift should be a good measuring stick.
  9. Dup08

    947 Ride Joburg

    Anyone who can advise how technical the 50km MTB route is? I have some friends who would like to join, but are worried about their technical abilities.
  10. Yeah that will teach me to not check the OP date. Lekker stupid.
  11. Nicholas from Wheelbuilder. Based in George now. Builds some awesome wheels. Give him a follow on Instagram/Facebook. http://www.wheelbuilder.co.za/
  12. Hi all, We are heading to San Lameer in January and I was wondering of there are any worthwhile trails in the area? According to San Lameer website they do have a MTB trail in the grounds of about 10km, but I do not want to pack the bikes if this will be the only riding to do. Your suggestions is appreciated.
  13. Apologies, did some research, not Casspirs which are abandoned, but actually Nyala. See below pic which I took this weekend as well.
  14. Just adding here as I did not think this warranted a new thread. I rode at Rosemary Hill this weekend again, and for the first time decided to take the rock garden turn off close to the end of the trail. Saw a crazy amount of safes standing around. Some cut open, some blown open and some seemingly still in perfect working condition. Does anyone know the story behind these safes and why they go there to die? Also saw one security guard watching over these safes. There are also quite a few abandoned SAPS Caspers and older police vans which can be seen from the trails as well. Interesting place.
  15. Was in the same dilemma, could not source one at any local bike shops. I then had someone 3d print one for me. See below print file. Free to use, just supply to someone with a 3d printer. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3010476
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