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  1. Unless the weather is absolutely terrible, I'll ride - not driving that far to not ride At least, with that amount of climbing in the first half, there shouldn't be big groups going back. But I should probably put on new tires, just in case.
  2. And something like 70% chance of rain. Really hope that changes a smidge lower as we get closer to the weekend
  3. Oddly, we've found that the strawberry flavour Futurelife doesn't work for my wife, but the chocolate flavour is fine. Not sure what ingredient(s) it is that makes the difference for her
  4. I wonder what the instruction was to the volunteers at the chutes. I specifically rode up to the omie at 1A, he asked if I was 1A, I said yes. But he didn't seem super concerned about checking the number on my bike, my back or that my chip was on, unlike normal years. And I was on my own. There is no way those few people could possibly have checked the next mob's numbers.
  5. Sheesh 1A started fast... I was aware I was less fit than last year, but to be off the back before Hospital Bend was interesting. The upside was that Hospital Bend was far less stressful.
  6. 😂 I was near the front of some group, but not the one I started in (nor the two that followed)
  7. My legs started warning me before little chappies, so figured I might as well stop and take a photo
  8. Had a few seasons on our ride to Melkbosstrand this morning as well. Rain and rain, then sunny while having coffee, then rain again. Now to clean the sand off my bike. Whooo...
  9. Looks like you should be OK, for a while at least, if you have been able to download it already
  10. I could connect to the site with my phone, but not from my laptop, wife or parents' phones. So we used mine to download all of our cards. The functionality to check the validity via the QR code isn't in place either, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Start a new plan using Plan Builder in TR, for whenever your event is next year? I've been following a low volume Trainer Road plan the last few months, ending with the Amashova. After that, I am probably going to add another plan ending at next year's CTCT or possibly Double 90 in April. Will just swop out some rides for outside group rides, especially in Dec.
  12. Thanks, need to remember this for the drive down
  13. About 36.34km/h, to make it with 3 seconds to spare.
  14. Surely a bit of an exaggeration? The CTCT 2015 route was changed 5 days before the event, cancelled with some already started and riders waiting to start in 2019, and the event hasn't died. This was communicated a month before the event. For those who booked accommodation in PMB I can understand being frustrated. For us it is over 600km each way, and the stay at the Suncoast, for an 80km fun ride - I'd still rather do this than be in hospital again this year. Aren't you in Durban?
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