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  1. Both days' events ran pretty smoothly last year, if you exclude one marshal on the 85km being a bit late to their post. Seems like the road event is back this year, so I've entered for day 1's 85km MTB and day 2's 100km road.
  2. My wife used it to track me and my dad, it just used the timing mats along the route, no predictive magic. I think it occasionally missed a mat, but not too bad. The app hasn't worked properly in a few years though.
  3. They are in %, starting at 6:05 in Fish Hoek, and the u/17 boys at 6:00 from there as well.
  4. Yes, @ seems to be just age, as I'm "lucky" enough to start there, and I don't hold a racing license. At the weekend's Herald, I rode in the Open Seeded, instead of the racing vet batches.
  5. It is quite funny how many riders in the second 1A group (because they also missed the split on Smits and refuse to work at all to help me close a 30m gap) suddenly turn into Nacer Bouhani at about 107km, for that all important 652nd place and barely scraping under 3h, or worse causing a huge pileup within sight of the line. My fastest CTCTs have all been from 1B to 1D, and least enjoyable were in 1A and @ ChrisF's "start later" suggestion sounds tempting, though for some strange reason my dad doesn't seem that keen on me falling back to his group (usually around 2A) and helping him to a good time 🤦‍♂️🤣
  6. I'm hoping we can drive down on Thursday, then I can go for a short ride on Friday morning before going to the Expo, ideally with a friend that lives nearby-ish. The people we stay with every year have moved, so going to have to check for safe routes.
  7. Done with the Versus 500, at least unofficially. We'll see if the trainer rides count. I'm definitely looking forward to more normal weeks 🤣
  8. I'm not sure either, but I saw this morning that the FAQ doesn't specify virtual activities. "For cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, and e-biking all count." I will keep adding the "Versus Back to Base" text. Still counts for fitness, if not free* socks 😁
  9. I think I didn't read the Versus challenge description properly, and my virtual rides probably don't count... I will probably get around half way with outdoor rides.
  10. 185km left, by far most done on the trainer. Should get a good chunk of the remainder on the MTB tomorrow and Friday, but the weather for the weekend looks wet, so TrainerRoad and Indievelo will have to do.
  11. What a pity! I quite enjoyed not watching Marriott and Cecil Nurse ads at the worst possible times...
  12. HdB


    I tried Indievelo this morning, just a quick ride with a bot group. It seems quite good so far, should be interesting to see how events etc work, for the inevitable bad weather days where I don't feel like yet another VO2 workout on Trainerroad.
  13. Mine is similar, and we are three people using it. With the new pricing structure, it would nearly triple the yearly cost, so I am not touching anything on the subscription screen until I have no choice.
  14. Maybe they don't feel like maintaining the app anymore. Try the web app? https://www.cyclingsa-events.co.za/app_v2
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