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  1. Please man! https://www.easybike.co.za/garmin-fenix-5-slate-grey-with-black-band.html Card at the ready!
  2. Will racetec be there on the morning of the race? Need to collect my chip
  3. Emailed ASG the other day regarding on the day number collections - they reckon it's fine? Will give them a call tomorrow to confirm.
  4. Do you have back problems off the bike? If not, then I'd think that something on the bike is causing problems
  5. When you have an oval chainring on, are you still supposed to try pedal in a circular motion as with round chain rings, or do you just apply force on the downstroke?
  6. 21 March is a Monday? Surely that can't be right
  7. Considering doing it, will be my first road race. And yes will do it on a MTB! Just unsure whether to put slicks on or not...
  8. Sweet, thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely get in touch with them, should be heading through to CT this week
  9. Ok cool, thanks for the help! Will take it in for a service, hopefully the damage isn't too extensive. Any idea how much it will come to?? I know the service will be between R600 - R800 but I have no idea how much the replacement parts will cost... Don't want to be in for a shock.
  10. Evening everyone, I recently noticed some damage to one of the stanchions on my Rockshox Recon fork, and need some advice on the extent of the damage and my options. I've had the bike for just over a year (my first mtb which I bought 2nd hand) and it has had a minor and major service but not a fork service (until recently I thought a major service would include sorting out the fork as well.. noob!). I've attached a picture of the stanchion in question, the wear is just above the seal. Its barely visible and doesn't leak oil, but it does feel a bit rough when I run my finger across it. ​​ So how severe is the damage? Will a service now sort it out or should I cut my losses and start browsing the classifieds for a new one? Thanks for the help! ​
  11. Yea make him an offer and see what happens. If it falls through, just keep an eye on the classifieds. Good deals are always popping up
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