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  1. Didn't read through everything but what works well for me is to fit the chain, then just spray wd40 on a rag and run chain through it till you feel that sticky drag goes away. the wd40 does not ad more "lube", it cleans the tacky lube off the outside
  2. a nice one is to stop at Tokara, go across and go over bothmaskop corkscrew and traverse ,then work your way to Bethlehem sky traverse. lots of very good bits in between. have a look on trailforks. you can plot a ride there and even load it onto a garmin device. you wil definitely enjoy it!
  3. Hoogies. Did the faircape extension for a change and legs are still jelly
  4. yes for sure,in my mtb gear and motorbike kit...but, it has been the case with other brands as well
  5. the level was not bad at all and coming back up stream had me huffing in some of the narrow bits but good fun
  6. Bulshoek dam resort. I'd say 30km of the 55km was sand and or corrugated road, so not the most enjoyable ride.so i chose a different activity to get the endorphins pumping.
  7. i would not go ardent up front it has a bit of a transition spot where it loses grip then bites again. i don't think you will like it compared to the ground control i love maxxis tyres but haven't found a great one for the front. it's either to little grip and then jumps to heavy and slow rolling of course pressure and terrain makes a big difference and bike setup and riding stile and and... not a fan of mixing brands but my favorite combo in Onza ibex front and ardent race or ikon rear. i must also mention i have not tried the rekon and might give it a go sometime good luck,sometimes asking for help makes it even more difficult
  8. Watch a few video's and you should be fine. Pretty straight forward
  9. Someone should break that in so long
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