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  1. The Velocity Fusion rim on my tandem rear wheel has worn thin on the brake track and is now bulging out at 2 points when the tires are pumped up to pressure. I'm looking for a new 32 hole rim to replace it. This is a Matrix carbon road tandem that gets raced by 2 light (65kg), but fairly strong ???? male riders. Please recommend a replacement rim that can withstand the rigors of tandem racing. I'm keen to stick to the existing 32 hole Shimano XT rear hub. I would prefer it if the rim is available locally. Thanks!
  2. Hemel en Aarde, Hermanus http://www.mtbroutes.co.za/hemel-en-aarde-mtb-trails-closest-citytown-hermanus That web site seems to answer the original question pretty well. http://mtbroutes.co.za *Edit: Sorry, I see that Hemel en Aarde was already mentioned under Overberg in the original post.
  3. Here is the Lejeune 653, ridden by me in the 1990 Argus.
  4. Some thoughts on the 025 steel frames from the 80's and 90's. 025 doesn't seem to tell one much about what tubes were used to build the frame. When I searched for 025 steel bicycle frame online, I mainly found links to South African du Toit frames. It was possibly a marketing strategy to suggest that the tubes were part of the Reynolds range, which they were not. You will not see Reynolds anywhere on the decal below, although the intention was clearly to make people think that it was part of the Reynolds range, judging by the size, fonts and colouring of the decal. Ishiwata did have 025 in their tube range. It was a heavy tube set, suitable for touring and city biking. http://www.os2.dhs.org/~john/ishi-chart.jpg Despite the exotic, French-sounding "Francois du Toit" name, my opinion is that the entire range of du Toit bikes (Lejeune, Peter Allen, du Toit, Diamante, etc...) were not particularly good. I think their popularity was mainly due to the very limited options that we had in South Africa when it came to bikes that were a step up from supermarket bikes and still vaguely affordable. When I eventually replaced my flexy-as-a-noodle Lejeune 653 with a Bottecchia SLX in the mid 1990s, the difference was huge. It felt like all effort was being transferred into forward motion by the Bottecchia. The front derailleur no longer scraped the chain when pedaling hard in the big ring (on both sides / both pedal strokes), like it did on the Lejeune.
  5. What's your favourite weekend (3hr) ride in Cape Town when the South Easter is blowing?
  6. Preheat oven to 200C, bake the pads (on a tray) for 20min. Clean rotors with spirits. Try that before anything more drastic (like sanding).
  7. It is actually on the list at drugfreesport.org.za. Typo when you checked, maybe? ZERANOL Category: PROHIBITED in-and-out of competition Last Upated: Thu, 27 Dec 2018 Information Prohibited substance: ZERANOL - refer to section S1 (Anabolic agents) of the WADA 2019 Prohibited List.
  8. It looks like 25 width tires should fit, according to this link: http://forums.roadbikereview.com/wheels-tires/anyone-using-700x25s-caad4-frame-74958.html
  9. Price? If, by "upgrade over time", you mean "buy another bike later", then OK. I wouldn't upgrade bits and pieces of that bike, though. The only way to get it on par with modern road bikes would be to replace everything. Most important is that it fits you, so do some online fit calculators if you're not sure. I notice that the handlebar stem is quite long - probably good if you are 183cm, but you might struggle to find replacements to change the length if you need to because it is a very old style quill stem for 1 inch head tubes. The handlebars have deep drops - very much out of fashion for a long time now, unless you are very flexible and can cope with the drops so low. They will be very low for you, since you will need the saddle quite high on a 56cm bike. Also be aware that Cannondales from this time period (late 1990's, early 2000's) were known to be harsh rides, with the stiff frame transmitting all the bumps into your body. Connondale fixed this later by adding carbon forks and curves to the seat stays, but the model in your picture seems to be from before they did that. You probably won't be able to reduce the bumps by putting on wider tires, because their wasn't much space for tires between the thick chain stays, if I remember correctly. If the price is low (I think <R2000), it would be OK, but the harsh ride might put you off road riding. If the size and other measurements are not a good fit for you, definitely not, no matter how cheap. If it was me, I think I would look around some more for one of the aluminium bikes from the mid 2000's. They all had carbon forks and some had carbon stays too, as well as curves to reduce vertical stiffness. I still ride a Litespeed Antares from 2004 with 25mm tires, and it is a comfortable ride.
  10. Maybe related to this: https://www.discovery.co.za/portal/individual/devices-troubleshooting Strava Some members are getting an error message when trying to link their device. Please let us know via email fitnessdevices@discovery.co.za if you get this message so that we can de-link you from our system to allow you to re-link. Thank you for your patience. 2016-01-29
  11. Good idea, but unfortunately not working. At the moment, clicking on the green "Link my Strava" button on the web site via a PC browser does nothing for me. It seems to be linked to the same page one is one when clicking the button. I did phone Discovery yesterday and the consultant just said that they were having technical problems and wasn't able to help me get it linked.
  12. I've been trying to link my Strava account to the Discovery app on my iPhone for the past week and it always crashes out. Anyone else having similar problems? The discovery app is up to date. I'm using email address and password to log on to Strava. The app gets further on some attempts than others, but never successfully links my Strava account. The furtherest I get is to enter my email address and password for Strava and then it pauses a while before giving a general error message or just going back to the "Devices and apps" screen without an error message.
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