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  1. Strong mens field -normally the Euros are in their winter season but many train in sunnier climates. 1. Michael Raelert 2. Balasz Csoke (he is always lurking in the SA races) 3. The Captain
  2. Being a local its good to see you are starting at 9am-heaven forbid the Parkrunners/Walkers, so hopefully you will not be to inconvenienced with them hopefully and we wont be treated to their rants about cyclists on the local FB Forums-but please just watch out for them they are quite testy. Dont know if you guys are going to use the Jozi trails section from the school side down to the spruit but if you are then you wont want to stop and 6 hours wont be enough for all the fun. Rode it a couple of weeks ago just to get dialed in for Cross Tri champs and had a rip. Oh yes and its raining nicely here since 2pm as we speak so you will get muddy.
  3. The Fall Out on FB was big-people were in a toestand and of course then IM is **** and the world has gone down the tubes..But I guess they are penny pinching-you just have to do a search of similar priced bags etc to realise that bag costs no more than 100 Randelas and the medal no more than R50-And compared to International events the medals and shirts are average. Best was Merrel who cocked it up in 2012IMBC but then made some nice shirts after that.And can they stop with the bags now...My Malawain gardener refused the last 70.3 Bag and only wants IM Bags-he says it helps his streetcred.
  4. Scott CM, Now I am so Jelly....man what a thing for the Don to DNF and then come back to be part of the race-nowhere in the world do Pros do this. Tim Don is now my official man-crush...I would just do my nut if he encouraged me like that....Stuff the red carpet and the medal,,,,Tim Don spoke to you Scott ....dude...you were touched by an Angel!
  5. Congratulations to all the finishers on a tough day out-looks like the wind picked up and just kept on going.We patiently await race reports. Sad to hear about the deaths of two competitors-same thing happened a couple of years back at IMBC. Puts our lives in perspective and hope the families find comfort in this time. The Hoff did it and a decent one and two except for the doper in 3rd. Feel very strongly about this so there is always that little voice that asks if he is clean. The girls was so great to see -think that Anja and Lucy won a lot of hearts with the way they conducted themselves. The run by Guru was amazing to see. Enjoy the rest time guys and well done again!
  6. That Spez with the postbox in the back was a real winner at 70.3 World Champs-just ask any of the Spaz Pro's -some had it taped down, some lost their whole picnic, some had the lid flapping in the wind...siestog.
  7. Prediction Time: 1. Hoffman: He will be out for revenge after last year-a class act and think he has the most to prove. 2. The Don: Cause he is the Don, think the bike course might not suit him but he is my man- crush, and he is such a cool guy. 3. The Captain: I would think coming from a win on a tough Wales course he will definitely be in there. The Girls: 1. Lucy Charles 2 and 3-honestly dont know enough about the field to hazard a guess, maybe Anna Watkinson in the mix' with Naeth. Not a big field.
  8. No, we need more details about the bum chafe.
  9. Good Luck Everyone and enjoy the day-you have worked hard for it -just go there and execute. It will get shi**y but just know the darkness will come and it does for everyone -embrace it and think of that feeling as you dogleg right onto the light and the red carpet. The only FOMO I have is missing out on my man-crush-meet-an-greet with Tim Don. Detailed race reports due on Monday morning when we logon. Not going to wish you guys luck -you don't need it-you've go this.
  10. Come on tell us. Here's my highlights reel of Cray-Cray out there. Names have been changed to protect me more than anyone else: T-Rex: Read my earlier post in the thread-I still have the scar on my inner thigh The Dog Lover: The first thing she told me was she loved her dog more than anybody and that it is the best boyfriend she ever had. Well I thought it wasnt going to much competition if her idea of a boyfriend was a hairy drooling mess that didnt use eating utensils. I was wrong. Miss Selfie: Okay this one was a bit better although every morning her FB Profile would be a new selfie. Also helped that and she did cycle which was a huge tick in the positive column. So we were cycling along and I dropped back behind her as a gentlemen would as it was a narrow shoulder. She asked me if I was looking at her bum, I said Yes. She said well you aint getting any of that until 90 days, wth? No matter what. So much for spontaneity. The deal breaker was when one night I went over to her place around dinner time to DIY. She didnt feed me, and fell asleep on the couch while watching TV and ignoring me. Clocked out on that one. The parents also had a pig that lived in the house and the pig scared me-think Hannibal movie Active Annie with a Boss-Crush: One of my colleagues set me up with this one -had a great chat on the phone-she cycles and runs. So first date we go to ride and run. We start running and this chick starts jawing within kms I knew her whole family history from the name of her grade 1 teacher to the second cousin. In that time she got my name wrong 3 times. Then she starts telling me how great her Boss is, that carries on till the end of the run. Now we go Mountainbiking and I get us lost a bit -only 2kms longer that what the route says and I get it in the neck and she says: My boss never gets lost. Anna Wintour: No I didnt date the one they made the Devil Wears Prada movie of. But she was exactly like her. Took me four attempts to get a date because she was always working, going to work, at work or still at work. Arrives an hour late for the first date-no excuse-I should just be gratefull to bask in her presence -she sits there taking calls and shouting at her underlings. Thinking back I should have just walked out but I was curious like when you were small and knew not to put your fingers in the wall socket but you did anyway. One evening after work I popped in at her office and there was one her staff giving her a manicure and when she was done she did the dismissive.: that's all carry on. That was the sticking the finger in the plug moment. The cool buddy: We all have that one girl that is a friend and hangs out with the guys -trains with us and is just a great girl-the type you know wont give you crap even if you are late for the movie she will buy the tickets and have the popcorn ready. Has the same sense of humour as the guys. Has a knockout body but got slight smack with the ugly stick. But there is no spark not even a match in sight. She will be a great wife and not give you **** about anything which is why it wont work because these girls are just to good. Ms Right: That was my little Unicorn. She talked just enough, was just active enough (even though she Marelized a boom gate entering the reserve on the Mtb's while we were on our second date. Terrible sense of homour -thinks she is funny. But she is just right with just enough crazy, enough buddy and enough pets to work. We are together now for 6 years.
  11. Had the same experience as you Gemmerbal . The story that comes to mind is one that said to me;"You dont mind a bit of biting" and I thought I am game for that -how bad can it be ... a bit of nibbling etc. No.. this one went T-Rex on me , I had to get a Tetanus shot.
  12. Got the Compressport Headband as a gift and thought-Bleh. Then started using it on the IDT and on my runs and very happy with it, better for me than the Halo as the material is lighter and somehow just absorbs sweat.
  13. I moved to sleeves and I cook in it-but then in sleeveless if mommy/sherpa doesnt lather you up with enough sunscreen those little tender areas that are exposed boil nicely in the sun. What I also have is the l loose cooling sleeves that are like cycling arm warmers/coolers and that really helps the cooling down and if you keep it wet it really is the bomb. In short I would recommend a very breathable/cool sleeve top -I have a SPORTFUL R&D cycling top that is very breathable as I find the Tri brands tend to not be as breathable and that keeps me from overheating
  14. Also have no anklebiters and its like they say you dont know what you miss if you never had it in the first place. But I can understand the joy they bring, man I still have my now 20year old niece's drawing she made for my when she was 6 with: Coolest uncle in the world. Means more to me than words can say. The fact that when they use to visit I fed them whatever they wanted, they went to bed whenever, climb on the roof etc and she got whatever she asked for probably got me that acknowledgement. But then based on this I guess the universe knew I would be a bad parent.
  15. Duanelr Durban was pancake flat since it moved to Ushaka side. Previously not so much. So you will be fine.
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