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  1. We do alot of riding up the West Coast doing route recce's for the Weskus Fatbike Adventure. Normal or + size tyres are fine for riding shallow slope beaches like Blouberg, Melkbos, Muizenberg etc at low tide. For anything else you will need a fatbike with at least 3.8" tyres. As a general rule try avoid riding in the water, however that said if you have a decent quality alloy fatbike with Deore upwards components you need do very little extra in terms of maintainance/preparation. We make sure thru axles are greased and run chains with as little lube as possible as sand sticks to anything you put on a chain. Best results so far have been using a light machine oil with all excess wiped off. We also treat our bikes with Namgear Bike Polish which leaves a protective coat on the bikes and can even be sprayed on disc brakes without negatively affecting braking. Post ride: Remove wheels and wash thoroughly with bike wash/Pink Stuff/Clean Green and hose down. Dry and apply Namgear Bike Polish. If you don't want to use the bike polish lightly spray some WD40 on all moving parts and wipe down. After 18 months of regular beach rides bikes are still running smooth and no signs of corrosion. Exploring the coastline on a fatbike is a truly amazing experience and would reccomend every cyclist try it!
  2. Tip from an insider..... When submitting a proposal always bear in mind that sponsorship is about the sponsor not the team, athlete, event etc being sponsored. That should help you get the tone & content of your proposal right. Good luck
  3. Event Name: Weskus Phat Trek When: 3 October 2015 - 4 October 2015 Where: Silverstroom, Western Cape Category: MTB Concept • 2 day adventure, overnight camp • Year 1 will only have 50 entries • The Route is challenging, but not demanding • No racing/timing • Refuse bags will be supplied by Tuffy, we would love you to collect some rubbish while on the ride. http://www.dhbdistribution.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Site_imageStrips3.jpg Route Day 1 – Silverstroom Resort to Ganzekraal Resort approx 32km Day 2 – Ganzekraal Resort to Yzerfontein approx 40km Experience DAY 1 • A late start will see riders leaving Silverstroom and riding a loop around Springfontein farm, Dropping onto the beach the route will take riders along untouched beaches all the way to the Ganzekraal resort. • Rider camp centered around Ganzekraal Resort, the main camp site will be open to family camping. • Bike wash by Namgear and bike tech support will be available. • Lunch, Spit Braai dinner and breakfast all included for entrants http://www.dhbdistribution.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Site_imageStrips2.jpg DAY 2 Leaving Ganzekraal day 2 will be a slightly harder ride with the longest beach section to be ridden. Lots of sand and old jeep tracks will take riders to Grotto Bay, from Grotto some technical sections will lead off to the longest beach section that ends at Yzerfontein Main beach. Go to Event Page
  4. What would you like me to say? We sat down with the guys from Darkhorse wheels and sorted things out. No hard feelings.
  5. Neither have agents in SA at the moment, although I believe Clif are talking to a local distribuor..... You can buy Torq direct and has the benefit of 0 duty thanks to Euro trade relations.
  6. Didn't realise I was out of line calling people on the Hub "Hubbers" I unreservedly apologise to anyone offended by the use of this term.
  7. There's no problem, just clarifying that as Dark Horse Brands we are not affiliated to Dark Horse Wheels just as we are not affiliated to Dark Horse Comics, Investments, Finance, Distributors etc. Not sure why some hubbers have got there panties in a knot about the fact that we're just trying to clarify who sells what.
  8. We only found out about Dark Horse Wheels after we had registered our company and started communicating to IBD's. As a Limited company we are registered on a different system to Dark Horse Wheels as a Closed Corporation, hence their name did not come up and Dark Horse whatever is by no means original. There are about 20 other Dark Horse Companies registered in SA, we chose the name as it resonates with where we feel our brands are in the market place. Can you please explain what bully BS are you referring to? Surely stating that we are not involved with Dark Horse Wheels is merely stating a fact to clarify any confusion?
  9. Our initial focus is on re establishing product supply to the market and building a dealer network worthy of the Trek brand. A bit vague I know, but you really don't want to know all the nuts & bolts, suffice it to say that our goal is to set the benchmark for service levels in the industry. WRT warranty claims consumers can contact us directly to start the claim process, but it will need to be finalised through a cycle dealer in the Trek network. At this stage we will continue to support the riders that are currently riding on Trek. Anything else?
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