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  1. The late entry fee is sommer nog 'n entry fee. So, they punish you severely for wanting to do their event.
  2. Thanks for the info. I wonder if there is a contact person for this?
  3. Every year this time, you can go onto CSA's calendar and you will find KZN and some of the other provinces' events (specifically xco) on there. With all the changes happening within the Gauteng region it is hard to know where to look for the calendar for next year, which one presumes have been published long ago already, as I assume would be the normal thing to do as the current year draws to a close. But Gauteng never seems to get this sorted. Politics often gets into the way of those who try to make things happen and you always hear the same names trying to benefit themselves - and this comes to the cost of developing our riders, especially the youngsters. It would be so helpful to get the calendar sorted out long in advance for all the obvious reasons. Or am I missing something, am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. Very good Justin. In defence for Polar, I think that they are actually one of the easiest to work with. And you just proved it also.
  5. We have stopped doing the Trailseeker series a loooong time ago. It's always bottlenecks, or poor marking, or knowledgeable locals taking short cuts, or messed up results. It is probably fun for 2,400 fun riders, but there is just too much probability for things to work against your hard work. Last year at Cullinan my son got a sponsored entry and we decided to give it another shot. So he raced his head off and finished in the top 3 (40km). Then they get some 25k riders in the mix with the 40k results. So we point it out to the officials. Then they fix it, but soon others get in through the same problem. Point it out again, but they don't fix it. Eventually the prize giving became the next problem as he gets his category position, but not the overall position prize money. So, no prize there. But, I tell my 15 year old boy to chin up. By Monday the results were an even bigger mess. There is a place on the results page with "results queries" which I politely filled in and pointed out my concerns in a gentle manner. No reply or response. Totally lost interest in the series. I still think it is a great ride for fun and more series fun riders and for the first few 70k riders. From there on things becomes a blur.
  6. There will be a North West xco Championship race on the 13th of July in Harties. Check in at Trinity Cycles for more info.
  7. It is important to keep a strong immune system going. I work in the humanitarian aid and development world, which is in rural areas. We fly tons of fortified food to these rural areas and 1 product in particular - called ePap. You can get it at Dischem as well and it is way cheaper than any of the smartly branded stuff. It comes in a bright yellow packet. Drink it with milk, otherwise it tastes a bit rough :-) Patients in rural areas who are co-infected with HIV/AIDS and TB can take their ARV treatment even when on a low CD count once they start taking ePap. I use it every day and have not had a cold or flu or any infection for the last 2 years. Same with my kids who also train hard and whose immune system is constantly taxed through it. Obviously I also try to be sensible and follow the advise given in the posts above (except for the dopping :-) ). LifeGain is something else that we take a few times a week.
  8. The RS400 can only give you time and heart rate information. Nothing else. Still a good product though.
  9. No law means anything if it is not enforced. That's our problem. R.I.P. fellow cyclists.
  10. This is INCREDIBLY, INCREDIBLY sad. Shocking beyond words.
  11. It happened on the road between Melodie and Schoemansville. Up at the northern end of Schubert Street.
  12. I have 2 Trek 69ers and I am busy building a third one (dual susser). My one is a single speed with a carbon rigid fork and the other has a Fox 29er. I ride competitively in xco races and truly believe that it is a great concept. You have a 29er wheel for obstacles and it rolls well, with a 26er at the back - and a smaller wheel will always accelerate faster than a bigger wheel. The Trek 69er frame was designed with the correct geometry for this setup, so the head angles, etc have been optimised for excellent handling - and the handling is superb on that frame. I have checked with the SA mtb commissionaire about the different wheel sizes to ride in xco on a National level and they approved it, apparently the rule about different wheel sizes is more pertaining to track cycling.
  13. Hi guys, As a team working for an NGO, we will be riding the Momentum Health 94.7 Cycle Challenge again this year. Our NGO (Flying for Life) is registered with the Cycle Challenge under their Ride for a Purpose initiative. Our regular flights into far away, isolated and forgotten corners of our country brings comprehensive services to very poor and vulnerable people, mostly women and children. The proceeds from the funds we raise will be used to get doctors and other necessary medical professionals and services to rural clinics. You can either decide to join us in the fun and ride with us, or you can sponsor one of us for a rate per kilometer (we assume that all our riders will complete the race, however some members of the team still don't even have a bike yet ). Either way, your involvement will make a real difference in desperate communities - while we are having fun on the bikes. And we are going to have fun. For more info on how to get involved, please email maxine@flyingforlife.co.za or leon@flyingforlife.co.za Also check us out on www.flyingforlife.co.za, or www.mafsa.co.za http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flying-for-Life/199500920127677 or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mission-Aviation-Fellowship-South-Africa/145777885462738
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